Shopify ADA Compliance and Web Accessibility

Providing site audits, planning, design, and development services to ensure your site is in compliance with the golden accessibility standards.

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We're thrilled to have the ADA Site Compliance Shield on our website, thanks to HulkApps' ADA experts. Our website traffic has increased since we implemented our accessibility measures, and our community has become more welcoming, diverse, and inclusive.

John Roman

Chief Marketing Officer, BattleBox

Your Shopify store is at risk to be sued for web accessibility

This appears to imply that you may be violating web accessibility guidelines where people with disabilities such as vision issues may not be able to use your website, according to web accessibility lawsuits.

How does it matter?

  • There are probabilities you get sued for violating the web accessibility lawsuit.
  • Allows you to reach a far larger pool of potential customers, including a loyal, elderly consumer base that is more susceptible to developing disabilities.

Areas of impairments with ADA

Shopify ADA Compliance


People who are blind or have vision problems find it difficult to see the screen.

Shopify ADA Compliance


This, like vision, extends to people who are completely deaf. It also includes people with hearing impairments who find it difficult to listen to audio.

Shopify ADA Compliance


For those who can navigate with a keyboard rather than a mouse.

Shopify ADA Compliance


ADA Projects

Shopify ADA Compliance


Shopify ADA Experts at Work

Shopify ADA Compliance


Accessibility Coordinators

There aren't automatic or instant magic fixes

If your site isn't ADA-compliant, it will be less accessible to visitors with disabilities and may expose you to legal action. The aim is to ensure that everyone, including those with visual or mobility impairments, has equal access to your website.

Automatic widgets will not stand up to legal scrutiny under the ADA because they don’t provide meaningful access or effective communication.

What Can Be Done

Shopify ADA Compliance

Get ahead of things - start by making higher traffic pages accessible and work from there.

Shopify ADA Compliance

Write an accessibility policy & share it on your site.

Shopify ADA Compliance

Get in touch with an accessibility expert to help the process go more smoothly.

ADA Compliant

We're the accessibility experts you always wanted

We make sure your Shopify site is ADA compliant.

Shopify ADA Compliance
Improved user experience
Shopify ADA Compliance
No Legal risk
Shopify ADA Compliance
Increased market reach
Shopify ADA Compliance
Right thing to do!

Accessibility Audits

A systematic assessment conducted by a web accessibility expert who manually reviews and checks a website against the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 AA or 2.1 AA.

Strive to Create a Visually Accessible Site

We adjust the contrast, increase the font size, make sure the content is correctly spaced, and remove superfluous pop-ups to make the site accessible to those with visual impairments or severe learning disabilities. We also make certain that the site is accessible to people who use screen readers. more

Take Hearing Impairment Users Into Account

We make sure that all audio aspects on your online store are accessible to such people. Writing transcripts of every audio, for example, will guarantee that everyone has access to the information they require.more

Ensure easy navigation through keyboard control

We ensure that visitors may go from one page to another without hassle, in addition to making it easy for them to acquire information. Keyboard navigation is an alternative to mouse control that allows the visually impaired and others with weak motor abilities to navigate your online store using their keyboards.more

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