Shopify Yotpo Integration

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Get started with Yotpo in no time - the smartest solution that easily generate reviews, ratings, questions & answers and more user-generated content for your Shopify Store

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Hulk’s deep integration with Yotpo allows brands to leverage customer reviews, visual marketing, loyalty programs, and referrals to build trust, drive traffic, and increase conversion using our experts' technical skills.

Together, brands have the ability to use their customer content to increase conversion rates, establish trust, and drive more traffic from social.

    Integration overview

    Yotpo is plug and plays with Shopify, which means you can install Yotpo onto your Shopify store simply with one click, and start generating reviews immediately.

    Yotpo gives you the fastest ability to pull in data from other platforms and build customer confidence by showcasing your existing reviews. Use your custom content to increase conversion rate, establish trust, and drive more traffic from social.

    Shopify Yotpo Integration

    Get up & running with Yotpo

    Installation of Yotpo app is complicated if you lack proper skills.

    To get the process go smooth, we encourage our merchants to opt-in for our Yotpo integration service. Setup your Yotpo reviews with our Shopify experts in just about minutes. 

    Yotpo review migration

    Showcase your reviews no matter how many they are in numbers. Feel product to get them across to your store always. 

    You can proudly present any and all reviews on your Shopify site with Hulk support. There are no limits to the number of reviews to be imported.

    Yotpo Review Migration

    Yotpo gallery setup

    Installing the Yotpo app is a slightly more complex process than installing the regular widget because it is up to you where to place it.

    To get the process go smooth, we encourage our merchants to opt-in for our Yotpo integration service. Our experts know how to get you up & running with Yotpo in no time!

      Question and answer setup

      Q&A in Yotpo allows customers to ask questions regarding a specific product. The customers who have purchased the products can have questions. 

      When it’s difficult to engage a new customer, and even harder to retain them - Turn to HulkApps. With HulkApps, You can take the stress out of setting up Q&A in Yotpo and leave everything on our experts!

      Question & Answer Setup

      What's included

      • Quick Turnaround Time
      • Yotpo to Shopify integration
      • Yotpo Gallery Setup & Configuration
      • Yotpo Q&A Setup & Configuration
      • Yotpo Integrations & configuration
      • Yotpo Review Migration

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