Customize the Novum Customer Portal Theme

HulkApps brings unmatched skills to help clients discover the Recharge subscribers portal - the Theme Engine in an all-new look and feel through the eyes of Novum.

Transform the post-purchase experience for your subscribers.

Get out-of-the-box support to recreate your brand voice right into the Recharge Theme Engine architecture. Think out-of-the-box with all great customization tools CSS, JavaScript, and HTML, and add your favorite widgets paramount to enhance your subscribers experience.

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Maximize the scalability of the architecture. We make it look great and refreshing to match your store.

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Achieve more with Novum’s mobile-first design. Just a swipe of a button creates all the magic.

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Every subscription is too irresistible to miss for your subscribers. Thanks to easy navigation.

Re-imagine the subscribers portal with theme modification capability.

Lack of technical expertise should not slow you down. Our team of experts would serve as an extension of your internal team to optimize your success in the subscription ecosystem.

We allow your subscribers to take 'Order Now' functionality to their advantage. Right within Novum, the big 'Order Now' button makes the next order a breeze, increasing your revenue.

Let's take your Recharge subscription to the next level with bulk subscription management built within Novum. Go easy with multiple subscriptions as one.

Quick Adds! Any idea about how you can bring it to use for subscriptions? Our experts can help merchants use Quick Adds next to the subscription management, making the whole process hassle-free and rapid.

Got multiple stores to manage Recharge subscription on Shopify? Backed by HulkApps design expertise, you can download and import more than one theme.

Subscribers retention stories with built-in-revenue protection.

HulkApps offers a compelling and hassle-free experience with the Novum theme design built for revenue protection as well as increased revenues. Here's how all merchant types can make a big difference with Novum.

Capture real trends

Your marketing automation is ineffective unless you track subscribers' subscription transactional emails. Get subscribers notifications through your SendGrid account. Track every email activity and build your marketing efforts.

Allow skip and reduce churn

Reduce churn by allowing your subscribers to skip their subscriptions. Novum shows a clear and bold Skip Next Shipping button. We let you send win-back cancellations and give you better opportunities to protect revenues.

Create efficient marketing efforts

HulkApps has industry-leading analytics capabilities to help you build great promotional efforts by collecting data via UTM parameters. Track subscribers' activities and know their demographics for a better understanding of your next conversion strategy.

We believe Subscriptions do better for businesses.

We've been making efforts to create upsell & cross-sell with subscriptions & put up cancellation restraint, loyalty, win-back, and much more to turn your business into a pleasant profit-making eCommerce engine.

Recharge your customer's experience

Recharge your customer's experience.

HulkApps offers a compelling and rich subscriber experience on the dashboard that could recharge your customer. We've covered everything for our clients, right from the simple upsell to one-click reorder.

Helping you acquire more subscribers

Helping you acquire more subscribers.

We are with you every step of the way. HulkApps enables you to build a thriving subscription business by providing extensive support that assists you in retaining new subscribers or developing exciting relationships with new customers.

Behind the scenes subscriptions automation

Behind the scenes of subscription automation!

Our Recharge Recipes are designed to help you build a successful recurring business whether your subscription model is new or existing. Right from the Shopify-Recharge sync to custom order sequencing, we reduce the need for support and extra effort.


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