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Build Custom Shopify Ruby Scripts for Promotions

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HulkApps writes and runs unique Ruby scripts customizations that empower you to create tailored user experience during a customer’s checkout journey.

  • Offer a gift with purchase
  • Apply free shipping when a customer spends over $100
  • Incentivise your VIP customers
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Build Personalized Shopify Promotions without boundaries

Our team is invested in your success. Let us build cutting-edge Shopify Ruby scripts without wasting your time in maintenance and support - especially during high traffic.

Shopify Scripts

Build powerful promotions

Capture more sales with automated offers. Take advantage of Shopify BOGO script, custom pricing, free shipping, and promotions.

Shopify Scripts

Seamless integration

We put you in position of power, where you dictate your needs, and we create innovative customizations that boost conversions.

Shopify Scripts

Access to 80+ scripts library

Our Library has ready-to-go Shopify Scripts, at a single place. We guarantee that our support will remain consistent, and of the highest quality.

This means you can rely on us to help you dive into writing code, and focus on delighting your clients without having to worry about emergency support and maintenance headaches.

Weave personalized customer service experiences

Whatever be the scenarios at the checkout that could discourage your customers一 we can custom code to write personalized customer service scripts to help you address customer challenges.

  • Avoid cart abandonment

    We produce customized Shopify Plus customer service scripts which are useful to recommend better options for out-of-stock inventory while helping customers complete their purchases.

  • Boost customer loyalty

    No matter if you do not serve your customers in a particular location. Craft a personalized checkout note to tell that you are improving your shipping services for a better customer experience.

  • Ensure transaction support

    Help your customers handle issues with the third-party checkout methods seamlessly. Boost their confidence by ensuring a smooth resolution to this situation with a more reliable and engaging Shopify Plus Scripts note at the checkout.

  • Lure to sell more

    Craft engaging upselling notes at the checkout with Shopify Ruby Scripts. We can show you ways to capture your users’ attention before they leave the checkout and make an upselling happen.

More ways to optimize checkout for conversions

Create more possibilities with HulkApps by creating script bundles in Shopify Plus. We ensure more engaging checkout customization on your Shopify Plus store that drives excellent results for conversions.

Shopify - Online Shopify store 2.0

Buy one, give one

Utilize Shopify BOGO Script to personalize your offerings based on customer purchasing history. You can use it to collect donations or give out discounts on products when bought together.

Shopify - Online Shopify store 2.0

Free gift or discount

Creating script bundles in Shopify Plus, we run the script to detect the number of cart items and offer eligible free gifts and discounts for your customers, helping you increase repeat purchases.

Shopify - Online Shopify store 2.0

Accurate shipping costs

Have the flexibility to pre-calculate the shipping costs based on the items added to the cart. Using Shopify Ruby scripts, we help you create dynamic shipping costs for your buyer.

Shopify - Online Shopify store 2.0

Offer welcome discount

Derive excellent opportunities with us to capture sales from new buyers or first-time subscribers. Using Shopify Plus scripts, we custom code that helps you drive sales and boost your conversion rates.

Looking for something more?

Scale faster or customize with specialized Shopify experts. Digital marketing, development support, or seamless migrations are just some of the ways that HulkApps make your ideas a reality.

Shopify Scripts

Need help with SEO?

For stunning stores that smash your sales records, HulkApps Marketing experts know how to build your business and brand.

Shopify Scripts

Need help with custom work?

Our ongoing support packages keep your business running seamlessly, and will ensure the results are to your satisfaction and delivered on time.

Shopify Plus Scripts Key FAQs

During a sales season, if you run sitewide sales with discounts, it is important to stop running discounts by the end of sales. With Shopify Ruby Scripts, we can create methods to disable discount codes. Get in touch with our Shopify Plus experts at HulkApps.

Shopify Ruby Scripts help you utilize tiered discount on spend thresholds. By customizing scripts, you can offer discounts by a huge percentage based on the amount they spend on a particular product.

With the Shopify Plus store, you are eligible to use Line Items Scripts. It is a useful way to capture the benefits of a tiered discount script by quantity. You can use sell products in specific item categories and improve profit margin.

Using Line Items Scripts, we can use Bundle Discount, helping your customers add a combination of items to form a bundle and benefit from exciting discounts.

Yes, it is possible only with the Shopify Plus store. We can design scripts to enable you to accept payments for a prepaid subscription order, allow payments for first-time delivery, and help process shipping with Shopify Payments.

No, it is not possible when you want to use Shopify Ruby Scripts with Recharge. But, you can use it with the default setting for the Shopify Plus store only.

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