Bring customers back with automatic restock notifications. Back in stock emails — triggered and sent various different ways — are a simple, yet effective way to capitalize on purchase opportunities at scale. Back in stock alerts are key buying signals that have high purchase intent. Create Back in stock alerts with the app & leverage stock alerts as a marketing tactic to drive sales, both online and in-store.

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Hulk Restock & Terug in voorraad

Key Features of the Shopify Restock & Back in Stock App

Bring customers back to your store faster with the Restock & Back in Stock App.


Targeted Slack Notifications

Notify customers immediately via email when their desired product is back in stock.

Shopify - Basic text field

Popup Customization

Easily customize every aspect of your restock popup window for the desktop and mobile experience.

Shopify - Create Order Email Notifications

Reports Configuration

Receive regular email updates on restocks with the app's flexible report settings.

Shopify - Display click counts

SMS Customization

Create and send customized restock SMS notifications, enhanced with Liquid variables for a unique touch.

Shopify - Multiple templates

Klaviyo & MailChimp Integration

Streamline your marketing campaigns effortlessly by connecting with Klaviyo or MailChimp.

Shopify - Bulk Metafields/Global (PRO+ plan)

Email Customization

Create personalized back-in-stock emails with ease, using a user-friendly drag-and-drop builder or diving deeper with HTML/CSS and Liquid variables.

Shopify - Bulk Metafields/Global (PRO+ plan)

Custom Email Domain for Email Notifications

Improve customer communication with the ability to send back-in-stock email notifications from a custom domain.

Shopify - Bulk Metafields/Global (PRO+ plan)

Google Sheets Integration

Automatically export subscriber data to a Google Sheet, providing Shopify store owners with a live overview of customer engagements.

About the Hulk Restock & Terug in voorraad App

Bring customers back to your store faster with the Restock & Back in Stock App

Boost conversions by 70% with back-in-stock alerts. It's a common occurrence for products to run out of stock, and statistics reveal a staggering $600 billion loss in retail due to inventory issues. Inventory shortages can lead to significant revenue loss, but with Hulk Restock & Back in Stock App, you can reclaim those missed sales opportunities.

Why Choose Our Restock & Back In Stock App?

Hulk Restock & Back in Stock App lets you tap into sales potential for back-in-stock products. Send customized email alerts and automate follow-ups through Klaviyo or Mailchimp. Use insightful reports to target customers effectively and enhance AOV, and manage inventory smartly by tracking customer sign-ups for notifications. Enhance your email notifications with a custom domain, boosting brand authenticity and ensuring better deliverability. Plus, streamline data management with Google Sheets integration, offering insights for improved inventory control and customer engagement.

Newly introduced features:
  • Custom Domain for Email Notifications: Now, send back-in-stock alerts from your own verified domain. This not only enhances brand authenticity but also improves email deliverability, ensuring that crucial restock emails reach your customers' inbox.
  • Google Sheets Integration: Real-time data management is now a breeze. Automatically sync all your back-in-stock subscriber data to a Google Sheet, providing you with real-time insights for better inventory management and customer engagement.

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Maximize the Potential of the Shopify Restock & Back in Stock App

Bring Back Lost Customers

After effective product promotion, keeping customers loyal becomes easier. Offer them the assurance of notifications when their preferred items are restocked.

Boost CLV of Existing Customers

Prioritize customer satisfaction by updating them on product availability. Returning customers are more likely to repurchase. By recognizing high-contributing customers through CLV, you can customize offerings to boost their loyalty and happiness.

Email Automation

Create personalized Back in Stock notifications. Utilize Klaviyo or Mailchimp for automated reminders, fine-tuning engagement over time to entice purchases.

Data-Driven Inventory Management

Utilize data-driven insights to optimize stock levels. This approach enhances customer service, categorizes inventory items, forecasts demand accurately, and monitors stock efficiently.

Stay Updated with Auto-Notifications

Keep customers in the loop with automated alerts about events and product launches. This boosts user engagement, keeps them informed about updates, and enhances conversion rates.



Perfect for start-ups


  • tick mark iconAny development store can use this app for free until they upgrade their account to a paid Shopify plan


Perfect for growing businesses


  • tick mark iconUnlimited Restock Email Notifications / SMS Alerts
  • tick mark iconConnect to Mailchimp & Klaviyo
  • tick mark iconSubscribe Based on Product Variant
  • tick mark iconTheme Integration
  • tick mark iconEmail/SMS Template Customizations
  • tick mark iconSubscribe Form Customization
  • tick mark iconHassle-free Export
  • tick mark iconCustomer Notification Dashboard

*Introducing our Annual Plan - Upgrade your account to the Annual Plan and get 2 months free of charge!

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Hulk Restock & Terug in voorraad

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