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Google Search Console (GSC) provides a meticulously view of your Shopify store traffic via Google search - daily. The big view of data enables us to customise your store, improve traffic and conversions.

Don't you have a Google Search Console account for your Shopify store? We'll install and set it up no worries.

Why Google Search Console for Shopify?

Yes, you have Shopify's default metric monitoring, but that's surface-level. The configuration of the Google Search Console sheds light on click-through-rates, glaring challenges, and even the average ranking you currently rank for queries. You avoid Google fines, improperly optimised duplication, long loading times, and just about everything else that impacts your ranking negatively by setting this up.

What Happens If You Don’t Set It Up?

Failure to set up a Google Search Console opens up a world of errors for you. To make better optimization choices, you won't have the main details needed.

Google would also have a difficult time crawling, since if you want the proper edition of the site to be indexed and accounted for, you have to apply the sitemap.

So, If you're feeling too busy these days, no worries, all we need is your Shopify login. Setting up the Search Engine Console takes a day at most, and requires 24 hours before any notifications are sent from Google letting us know if there are any issues with your website in need of immediate repair.

Check out the custom curated service and if you don’t find your’s just drop us a line at and we’ll get it done for you.

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