Aanpassen van een domein op Shopify

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In case you already possess a domain from a third-party provider, such as GoDaddy or Bluehost, you'll be able to utilize it for your Shopify online store so people who type your URL into their browsers end up on your website.

You'll be able to use your third-party domain for your Shopify store by transferring it to Shopify or by connecting it to Shopify:

Shopify permits 2 ways to do this:

  • By transferring your domain to Shopify
    • Most domains can be transferred to Shopify. Once you transfer a domain, management of the domain moves to Shopify, meaning you adjust your domain settings, pay for it, and renew your domain straightforwardly from your Shopify admin.
  • By connecting your domain to Shopify
    • Connecting your third-party domain to Shopify focuses on your domain name at your Shopify store. You still utilize the third-party domain to manage your domain settings, pay for your domain, and renew it.

Whatever may be the scenario, HulkApps is at your disposal. Our experts will help you configure the third-party domain setup at minimal cost!

Hire us for effortless third-party domain setup

HulkApps is a certified Shopify expert who can help do wonders for your business. We are able to help you set up a third-party domain for your online store.

Our approach to third-party domain setup

  • Check your domain provider's transfer policy
  • Prepare your domain for transfer
  • Transfer your domain
  • Email forwarding
  • IP address migration

Why should you opt-in for third-party domain setup service?

  • Your last minute friend
  • We also extend impressive support and maintenance services to keep your store updated and running consistently all the time.
  • Lets you stay relevant
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