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What is the Sales channel?

A sales channel is a means of selling to customers. This differs from a distribution channel that includes a means of delivering your obligations to a customer. In other words, a sales channel is about closing sales.

In simple terms, it is a pathway by the way of which the services or the products go from the manufacturer to the customers or to the end-users.

The flow of services or products is usually unidirectional that's from manufacturer to the customers only. In certain cases, or in cases of product deficiency the floor may be the inverse. But the proportion of backward flow is exceptionally less as compared to the normal flow.

Hire us for Sales channel setup & optimization

Whether you’re looking at selling at Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, ShopClues, Snapdeal or any other Sales platform –from Sales Optimization to anything needed, our experts will handle & execute everything for you.

Snapdeal has over 1.5 lac sellers, Shopclues around 1.5 lac, eBay has 40K, Amazon has over 35K and Flipkart has over 30K dealers. So, for a new vendor, it has now gotten to be increasingly tough to get noticed in these marketplaces. But on the other hand, to offer a product in the market and to expose your product to millions of buyers over the globe who have the Internet or mobile connections, it is basic to list your product on these top sites.

We not only help you optimize your listing in your respective sales channel but also make your product visible to the audience in these competitive market places.

Our approach to Sales channel setup & optimization

  • Account Setup and Management
  • Image Editing, Clipping path and Clean Ups
  • Product Listing Services
  • Product Updating services

Why should you opt-in for Sales channel setup & optimization?

  • Reduced costs
  • A tighter focus on your core competencies
  • More efficient marketing
  • Wider customer reach
  • Logistic support
  • Easily available feedback
  • Faster growth
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