Browse Abandoned Flow From Klaviyo in Shopify

Let’s say, with your marketing strategies in play, every customer lands on your site and browses your products but doesn’t add it to their cart or purchase. What's your next move? Send them a browse abandonment email? Well, to go into depths about the customer behavior with your store and then sending out an email would be time-consuming. Fortunately for you, Klaviyo browse abandoned cart Shopify helps you turn the visitors into buyers. HulkApps Shopify Klaviyo experts help you leverage the traffic to convert more data into revenue.

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Create an extra nudge to make a purchase

Driving traffic to your store to transform your business and generate a significant uplift in sales isn't easy as it sounds. In fact, according to Cision, 92% of the people who first-time visit websites aren’t there to purchase. Don’t let that number scare you off. You can utilize several practices to help you bring those browsers back to make a purchase. One of those being - browse abandonment Klaviyo email templates for Shopify, which allows you to build data-driven email marketing strategies. Looking over 1000 browse abandonment emails sent to over 1M people, there are:

  • 52.79% average open rate,
  • 10.87% average click-through rate, and
  • $1.35 is the average revenue per recipient.

Optimize your sales funnel

The granular detail collected by Klaviyo from Shopify helps you gain a deeper understanding of your website visitors so you can fine-tune your browse abandoned flow efforts at all levels.

Send at the perfect timing

In terms of timing, Klaviyo's browse abandonment email feature gives you the option of setting up triggers and conditions concerning the right timing of emails. So they neither overwhelm nor miss the window of interest for your audience.

Filter out the abandonment cart email from Klaviyo in Shopify

To configure a browse abandonment Klaviyo email templates for Shopify, you need to add a filter such as, “has Placed Order zero times since starting this flow AND has Checkout Started zero times since starting this flow," to ensure the emails are only sent to visitors who have viewed a product but never started or completed the purchase. The filter “has Checkout Started zero times since starting this flow” helps differentiate this flow from your Abandoned Cart series.

Create email flows that lift your brand

Step 1

Connect your store

HulkApps offer 50+ Klaviyo services that you can integrate into your Shopify Store.

Step 2

Choose what to send

Select the HulkApps Shopify Klaviyo services to keep your customers in the loop.

Step 3

Stay on brand

Start with our service, then add some brand personality.

Step 4

Update shoppers

Once you turn on the Klaviyo Shopify flows, your customers will receive email updates, and you can increase store engagement.

Start keeping your customers in the know

In addition to everything above, we’re offering a Shopify subscription, Google Analytics, theme customization, and other services that will build up your store-level high. And, of course, we’ll be making sure best practices are being implemented end to end.

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