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Marketing Reporting is the process of measuring progress, showing value, and identifying noteworthy steps to improve marketing performance and meet your goals.

Most marketers would rather not spend time building reports. It can be a monotonous process that takes your focus off doing other work. However, great reporting is essential for demonstrating your efforts are moving the needle.

Get the digital marketing reports your business has to make decisions faster – and with more certainty. Our digital marketing reports provide you key insights each month across SEO, SEM, display and more.

For instance, our marketing reports include below metrics

  • Summary
    • This section breaks down the key focuses, including successes, challenges, and goals for the next reporting period
  • Traffic metrics
    • Here you look at top of funnel acquisition numbers, often broken down by channel and device
  • Engagement metrics
    • This appears on-site activity and how interested somebody was when they visited your site — these include time on the website, bounce rate, and frequency of the visit to name just a few
  • Business impact metrics
    • This is often what it ultimately comes down to as these metrics demonstrate marketing success and include things like opportunities, pipeline generated, and revenue

And depending on what types of campaigns you’re running, you will want marketing reports for:

  • PPC
  • SEO
  • Social campaigns & engagement (paid & organic)
  • Content Marketing
  • Account-Based Marketing
  • Revenue reports
  • Channel-specific reports
  • Overall comparison reports

Hire us for effortless marketing reports

HulkApps helps you create custom marketing reports for every area of your marketing strategy – from SEO to social media to PPC ad campaigns.

Our approach to generating the right marketing reports

  • Thinking critically on each marketing platform you use
  • Maintaining a relentless focus on your marketing Return On Investment
  • Pursue a smart, measurable goal
  • Develop marketing analytics KPIs and report on them regularly
  • Create action-oriented reports

Why should you opt-in for marketing reports service?

  • Helps your businesses strengthen their position
  • Minimizes any investment risk
  • Identifies potential threats and opportunities
  • Helps you discover your’s and your competitor’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Facilitates strategic planning
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