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Redefine subscriptions with Shopify Recharge Integration

Unleash the best efforts in a way that makes your subscription model intuitive, scalable, and growth-driven for predictable recurring revenues. Launch and scale with unmatched Recharge Shopify partner strategic support by HulkApps.

  • Captivating UX with customization extensibility
  • Growth driven by granular-level data analytics
  • Multiple ways to manage recurring orders
  • Rapid onboarding with our Recharge Shopify expertise
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Recharge Shopify Integration benefits

Build an excellent subscriber experience

With Recharge and HulkApps, brands can leverage the Shopify expertise to increase subscriptions with flexible dashboards, upsells for non-subscription products, implement advanced tracking via custom funnel development, and many more…

  • Simple & customer-first

Top-level user-centricity that builds engaging interactions

  • Excellent interface behavior

Rich interface with elegant designs and navigation flexibility

  • LTV & conversions

Engage and influence a one-time buyer into a lifetime buyer

  • Anytime & everywhere

Mobile-optimized design to create enhanced engagement and recurring revenue flows

Hire Recharge Shopify Experts

Why Recharge

Recurring billing by Recharge Shopify 一 putting you ahead of the curve 

Discount customization

  • Custom codes for discount customization
  • Applicable to each recurring order
  • Enablement during checkout or renewal
  • Incompatible with Bold and PayWhirl

Prepaid subscription flow

  • Suitable for multiple orders
  • Upfront payments with active delivery
  • Predictable revenue growth 
  • Available with a few apps except Bold

Distinct notification capabilities

  • Order management with SMS notifications
  • Credit card expiry, order skipped owner notifications
  • ‘Variant not found’ notifications for owners
  • Incompatible with Bold, PayWhirl, Seal Subscription

Boost customer LTV with Shopify Recharge + HulkApps

Minimizing downtime

Minimizing downtime

With a focus on customer retention strategies, HulkApps configures the best functionality for order processing and fast checkout with no room for downtime.

Setting up a custom dashboard

Resolving unique challenges with a custom dashboard for recurring billing by the Recharge Shopify app, our experts provide constant support for growth.

Setting up a custom dashboard
Managing subscription flexibility

Managing subscription flexibility

We have a better approach to reducing merchant requests in response to cancellation and updating functionalities using our deep-level Recharge Shopify integration expertise.

ReCharge Shopify Subscription Solution

ReCharge Shopify Subscription Solution

Merchants of all kinds are taking note that Shopify Recharge e-commerce subscriptions or direct-to-consumer product offerings are gaining massive traction. Lay a foundation to create excellent recurring revenue streams with HulkApps.

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HulkApps delivers a complete personalized experience 

Using Recharge API, we give your customers extended access to subscription control.

  • Enable swap a product
  • Create custom offers
  • Skip the next order
  • Update current orders
Shopify Recharge customizations

Exceptional Shopify Recharge customizations 一  at the right price

Boost revenue

Create multiple cross-sell and upsell opportunities. Lure with free shipping, exclusive member offers, seasonal boxes to increase cart value.

Reduce churn

For the upcoming recurring purchases, intrigue subscribers with fantastic rewards on recurring orders and even bundles.

What we do

Get onboard with HulkApps Shopify Recharge support

With the ability to tap into the highest potential of subscription app Recharge Shopify, we give you everything to launch and scale faster.

Recharge Shopify implementation

  • Recharge Shopify checkout integration
  • Theme Engine, Novum, Recharge Pro customization
  • UI/UX design and development
  • Backend setting configuration
  • Usability testing & launch
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Recharge integration with Shopify Plus

  • Enhanced analytics integration
  • Avalara Pro integration
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Workflow automation in Recharge dashboard 

  • Customized offerings based on user history
  • Offer curation through free trials
  • Enhanced user engagement
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Recharge Shopify checkout integration support

  • Integration with Google Analytics
  • Automation integration
  • Email/SMS marketing integration
  • Customer support integration
  • Loyalty programs integration
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Quick Action Klaviyo flow

  • Transaction email setup flow in Klaviyo
  • Quick Action setup inside Klaviyo
  • Subscriber activity management
Quick Action Klaviyo Support

Recharge migration support

  • Shopify Recharge migration
  • Migration to Shopify Checkout Integration
  • Backend configuration
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Why HulkApps for

Recharge Shopify subscription management?

  • Subscription lifecycle management strategy
  • Best-in-class Recharge integration
  • Top-notch Recharge Shopify skills
  • Recharge Shopify A/B testing support
  • Subscriber retention support
Let's work together

Case Study


Survival gear boxes for adventure-avid individuals.


Net Sales (Total)

Up from 89% to 92%

Recurring Sales

What's included

  • Allotted Hours Per Month
  • Shopify Developers
  • Ruby/PHP Developer
  • Project Managers
  • Technology stack consultations
  • Dedicated Graphic/Web Designer
  • Post-launch support
  • Monthly Scheduled Performance Analysis
  • Planning Sessions on Improving Retention

Have a project in mind?

Let’s work together to build a better subscription model on Recharge Shopify!

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Recharge Shopify Unknown FAQs

Recharge does not sync billing with Shopify. The updated billing info can be tracked only in the Shopify dashboard.

You can have a unified checkout experience, but Shopify may behave differently with SKUs and cart attributes. To manage your subscription properly, you may get assistance from HulkApps Shopify Recharge experts.

Yes, you do need the Shopify Recharge app to manage high-level subscription management functionalities.  The unified checkout experience reduces the friction of payments, but holistic recurring order control needs robust subscription support from apps like Recharge Payments.

 If you sell on the Recharge checkout on Shopify, you cannot get the flexibility of unified checkout for one-time products and recurring orders. This is possible with the migration to Shopify Checkout Integration. It is a complex process and our Recharge team at HulkApps can help you.

Being a Shopify Plus merchant does not allow you to sell subscriptions if you have a custom checkout. Upgrade your checkout to customized checkout files and install Recharge to sell recurring products.

This is not a regular issue with Recharge Payments. One-time products appear as subscription widgets when Recharge extracts the metadata of duplicate products. By adding a Subscription Rule, you can troubleshoot this. If you need help, ask for Shopify Recharge support from HulkApps.


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