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As part of their main offering, Shopify and Shopify Plus do not entertain recurring charges. But how do you make the store work with a subscription business model? You might be using the Shopify ReCharge payment app.

Shopify Recurring billing sounds like a dull topic, before you realise it's extremely lucrative as well. For Shopify shops, ReCharge makes it possible to put an insanely lucrative concept into their business model. They have built quite a few features focused around optimising the usefulness of adding subscriptions to the stores.

HulkApps is aware that everything you need to run a whole Shopify store out of the box can not be given by ReCharge. Shopify subscription apps work with other Shopify-approved apps to build deep and high-functioning integrations when merchants choose to incorporate features in other areas.

We help you set up the entire subscription processes of the ReCharge Payments app or any Shopify subscription app. This includes:

  • Setting up the products offered for subscription
  • Setup the frequency of customer billing
  • Setup the frequency of product shipment
  • Setup discounts offered for subscribing
  • Set an expiration
  • Create prepaid gift subscriptions
  • And much more...

With HulkApps Shopify ReCharge Payment services, changing your customer portal to match the look and feel of your brand, adding or removing functionality to give customers the same experience across your store has never been so easy. From Shopify Recharge app integration to customizations to changing the look and feel of your customer portal, HulkApps has got you covered.

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