Aumente la transparencia con pagos efectivos e insignias de confianza. Consiga que los clientes confíen en usted con señales visuales que les aseguren que la tienda en particular se considera legítima, segura y digna de confianza. Combine el diseño de su tienda con insignias de confianza diseñadas profesionalmente e insignias de confianza funcionales en la página de inicio .

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Insignias de confianza Hulk gratis

Key Features of the Master Badge App

Features that will help your customers feel safe while shopping.

Shopify - Full-Customizations

Badge Customization

Customize your trust badges with tooltips and clickable links in just a few simple steps.


Fully Customizable

Add your own message and choose fonts, colors, and sizes to make the trust badges fit your brand's look.

Shopify - Basic text field

Custom Badge Upload

Easily add your custom-designed trust or payment badges to our app for seamless integration.

Shopify - Create Order Email Notifications

Mobile/Desktop View

Customize how trust and payment badges look on mobile and desktop devices for optimal viewing.

Shopify - Display click counts

125+ Trust Badge Templates

Pick the perfect trust badges for your store from our extensive, free-to-use collection.

Shopify - Multiple templates

Reduce Bounce Rate

Use visible trust badges to make visitors feel secure, encouraging them to stay longer on your site.

Shopify - Bulk Metafields/Global (PRO+ plan)

150+ Payment Badge Templates

Select from a wide range of free payment badges to easily add to your store from our ready-to-use library.

Shopify - Bulk Metafields/Global (PRO+ plan)

Boost Trust and Sales

Ease customer concerns with various trust and payment badges, encouraging more purchases.

About the Insignias de confianza Hulk gratis App

In the fast-paced digital world, customers quickly gauge the trustworthiness of online stores. Within mere seconds, they decide if your store feels secure enough for a purchase. Recognizing this, our Trust Badge Master App aims to bolster confidence and minimize cart abandonment.

Showcase diverse trust and payment badges to alleviate concerns and assure customers of your store's credibility. From promises like Fast Shipping and Money-back Guarantees to displaying renowned payment methods such as Visa and PayPal, our badges are crafted to inspire trust.

Why Choose Shopify Trust Badges

For those unfamiliar with trust badges, our app provides intuitive visual indicators, optimized for various pages like Checkout and Product. They're designed to blend seamlessly with all Shopify themes, even the newest Shopify 2.0. For best results, use premium seals at key sales junctures, place them thoughtfully, and keep your site clutter-free.

Developers, take note: you can test our app for free before opting for a Shopify plan. With Trust Badge Master, elevate your store's credibility and conversion rates.

Here are a few considerations for boosting conversions with trust & payment badges:
  • Use a good-quality trust seal at the Checkout page in your sales funnel to reduce abandoned carts
  • Don’t overcrowd your site with badges
  • Place the security seals in areas where people may question your security

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Full description

Maximize the Potential of the Trust Badge Master App

Security Badge

Trust badges are essential tools to enhance the credibility of your online store. While traditionally placed during the checkout process, many businesses now feature them prominently on their homepage. Our Safe and Secure badge assures customers that their credit card details are encrypted and protected. By showcasing this, you not only foster trust but also potentially increase sales. Payment badges, displaying logos like Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and PayPal, further instill confidence in your payment process. Additionally, the Money-Back-Guarantee badge alleviates purchasing hesitations by assuring customers of their best interests, even if it doesn't address technical issues directly. With HulkApps Trust Badge App, show your customers they're in safe hands.

Shipping Badges

The Free Shipping badge stands as a pivotal trust marker for online shoppers. It assures customers that they can both receive and return products without incurring any additional costs, including shipping. By clearly communicating this, you alleviate potential concerns, fostering a sense of trust and security. Highlighting the absence of hidden fees reduces perceived risks associated with online purchases. While this trust badge can be displayed throughout your site, featuring it on the checkout page can be particularly impactful, reassuring customers right before they finalize their purchase. With the HulkApps Trust Badge App, ensure your customers shop with confidence.

Theme Badges

Third-party endorsements, such as those from Google and Amazon, serve as powerful testimonials to your business's credibility. Earning these badges, often after rigorous application and review processes, underscores your business's legitimacy and reliability. Deal of the Day badges spotlight ongoing promotions, guiding customers to the best offers and emphasizing the exclusivity of the deal for that specific day. Meanwhile, holiday and celebration-themed badges, like those for Black Friday, Christmas, Easter, or even occasions like birthdays and anniversaries, add a festive touch, aligning your products with special moments.

FOMO Badges

The HulkApps Trust Badge App taps into the powerful psychology of FOMO. By showcasing badges like Almost Gone or Low Inventory, you create a sense of urgency, nudging customers to purchase before stocks deplete. Limited Edition badges emphasize the exclusivity of items, suggesting that once they're gone, they won't return. Hard-to-Find badges highlight rare or unique products, while Exclusive badges indicate items only available at specific outlets. Moreover, the As-Seen-On badge leverages endorsements from celebrities and influencers, underscoring product popularity and trustworthiness. Through these badges, you can effectively motivate shoppers to act swiftly and confidently.

Miscellaneous Trust Badges

The HulkApps Trust Badge App offers a variety of badges to cater to diverse customer needs. Halal badges confirm products adhere to Islamic law. The Vegan trademark ensures no animal components are present. Pet-Friendly badges indicate products are safe for pets and cruelty-free. Available for Pre-Order badges generate anticipation for upcoming products, giving insights into potential demand. Lastly, Covid-Free Guarantee badges provide assurance of safe, uncontaminated products. Each badge is designed to instill trust and cater to specific customer concerns.



Free to install

  • tick mark icon50+ Trust seals
  • tick mark icon150+ Payment badges
  • tick mark iconRegularly updated library
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Frequently Asked Questions

Es una insignia que inspira confianza y que puede exhibir en su sitio web. Hay tipos de insignias de confianza y pago que puede usar en su sitio. Cada uno tiene su propio significado y aplicación. Puede elegir qué insignias de confianza colocar en su sitio en función de la impresión que desea lograr.

La aplicación tiene muchos sellos de confianza para usar, y sin duda encontrará el que desea. Además, la aplicación proporciona más de 150 distintivos de pago para agregar y mostrar en su tienda. Elija una insignia de la biblioteca de insignias listas para usar y agréguela a su escaparate.

Siga esta guía rápida para agregar insignias de confianza y pago a su escaparate.

En ese caso, puede usar nuestra aplicación Badge Master para cargar una insignia personalizada.

Puede agregar insignias de confianza o de pago a sus páginas de productos, página de carrito, página de pie de página y página de pago con la aplicación HulkApps Trust Badge Master.

En efecto. Cuando se preguntó a los visitantes qué factores les ayudan a decidir si confiar o no en un sitio web, un estudio reciente confirmó el poder de los sellos de confianza.

Aquí hay una lista de cada tipo de insignia de confianza que los propietarios de negocios de comercio electrónico pueden usar para aumentar la confianza:

  • Insignias de envío gratis

  • Insignias de pago

  • Insignias de garantía de devolución de dinero

  • Endosos de terceros, insignias y más.


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