Obtener el consentimiento para el uso de cookies y datos personales. La Barra de consentimiento de cookies del RGPD es una excelente solución para cumplir con la Ley de cookies europea, la Ley de privacidad electrónica de California y la Ley de protección al cliente de Virginia. Haga que su información de cookies aparezca como ventana emergente o barra de consentimiento de cookies compatible con GDPR con todas las funciones.

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Barra de consentimiento de cookies GDPR de Hulk

Key Features of the Cookie Consent Bar App

Our app helps your store follow the latest ePrivacy compliance laws.


Works Great on Mobile

Adjust the cookie bar's place for phones, computers, or tablets.

Shopify - Basic text field

Easy Setup

Start using our app without any coding. It's quick to set up.

Shopify - Create Order Email Notifications

Choose Your Language

Localize the cookie bar to fit your store's language.

Shopify - Display click counts

Design It Your Way

Make the app look like your site. Pick colors, fonts, and sizes.

Shopify - Multiple templates

Show by Location

Choose who sees the bar: limit visibility to certain areas or display the bar to everyone.

Shopify - Bulk Metafields/Global (PRO+ plan)

See the Numbers

Track visits and cookie choices, monthly or overall.

Adjustable Colors

Pick Your Colors

Make the cookie banner match your site's look.

My Account Settings

Your Account Area

Users can sign up, see their orders, and check their details.

Cookie Statistics

Know Your Cookies

See reports on the cookies you use and their details.

Cookie Preference Management

Manage Cookie Choices

Let users know about cookie types and decide their preferences.

Handle Data Requests

Users can ask to see or remove their data from their accounts.

Update Cookie Types

Change the cookie options you show to users.

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About the Barra de consentimiento de cookies GDPR de Hulk App

Protect Your Shopify Store with the Hulk Cookie Consent Bar

Stay compliant with GDPR, CCPA/CPRA, VCDPA, CTDPA, CPA, UCPA, PIPEDA ePrivacy laws. If your store operates in the EU, Brazil, California, Virginia, Utah, Colorado, Connecticut, and Canada our app is essential. It ensures user consent, upholds privacy, and supports targeted marketing. Ecommerce sites often collect data for targeted marketing. Our app ensures compliance while enhancing user experience through checkboxes for consent.

Why Choose Our Cookie Consent Bar app?

Our app offers the most flexible way to present cookie information and comply with ePrivacy laws. Features like geo-targeting, color customization, and cookie stats are at your fingertips. The latest version of the app even gives users access to request management.

Benefits of the Cookie Consent Bar app:
  • Stay compliant with ePrivacy regulations.
  • Let users choose their cookie preferences.
  • Easily set up the Cookie Consent bar, no support needed.
  • Avoid penalties and utilize data for targeted marketing.

Quick Start Guide:
  1. Install our one-click Cookie Consent Bar App.
  2. Customize to your liking.
  3. Display the notice to specific regions.

Join our community of successful brands at HulkApps and get started today!

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Maximize the Potential of the GDPR Cookie Consent Bar App

Legal Assurance

ePrivacy laws set strict standards for handling customer information. Our app helps you meet these standards.

Flexible Compliance Options

Choose a cookie consent bar fitting for your business or customize it to the geolocation of your store.

Boost Customer Trust

Protect client data and assure them of a secure shopping environment.

Fully Responsive

Our app works seamlessly across devices, preventing potential fines up to $20 million.

Dodge Heavy Penalties

With our compliance banner, you're closer to full ePrivacy policy adherence, avoiding costly violations.



Perfect for start-ups


  • tick mark iconAny development store can use this app for free until they upgrade their account to a paid Shopify plan


Perfect for growing teams


  • tick mark iconGeo-Targeting
  • tick mark iconAdjustable Colors
  • tick mark iconCookie Statistics
  • tick mark iconNo Copyright Text
  • tick mark iconCCPA & GDPR/VCPA Compliant
  • tick mark iconMy Account Settings
  • tick mark iconExport/Delete GDPR Requests


Perfect for small businesses


  • tick mark iconAll Starter Plan Features
  • tick mark iconCookie Preference Management
  • tick mark iconScan Cookie
  • tick mark iconDefine New Cookie
  • tick mark iconEdit Current Cookie Categories

*Introducing our Annual Plan - Upgrade your account to the Annual Plan and get 2 months free of charge!

Aplicación de cumplimiento de GDPR/CCPA/VCPA en números


Sesiones Servidas


Consentimientos RGPD


Consentimientos CCPA



Frequently Asked Questions

En el panel de la aplicación, verá la pestaña de configuración en el menú de encabezado, desde donde puede personalizar la Barra de aviso de cookies (sección Mostrar). También encontrará un botón 'haga clic aquí' desde donde puede navegar a la personalización de la barra.

Sí, en la configuración de la aplicación, la primera opción que verá es habilitar/deshabilitar la aplicación desde la interfaz de su tienda.

Hay una casilla de verificación disponible en la página de configuración general, donde puede restringir el seguimiento a la región de la UE o restringir el seguimiento solo a los ciudadanos de California.

En la Configuración de la aplicación, en "Pantalla", está el "Menú de estilo y posición del tema", donde puede configurar la posición de la barra en la parte frontal de la tienda en dispositivos de escritorio y móviles.

En la Configuración de la aplicación, en "Pantalla", hay una opción de editor de HTML donde puede modificar el texto.

Hay una opción de selector de color disponible en Configuración en "Pantalla"> "Colores".


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