With websites like Shopify making it simple for people to begin with their own e-commerce store, you might have recently thought of starting up one of your own.

After all, setting up an e-commerce store can often be an incredible way to get started if you need to make money online.

However, if you want to boost your sales, sitting relaxed after setting up a store is not enough.

You need to know how to incentivize your customers so that sales actually occur. Here’s where our VolumeBoost  App comes in!

In this post, we’re going to take a look at a few things that you can do with our VolumeBoost  App in order to generate sales for your Shopify store.

By the end of the blog, you’ll be able to take your fledgling store and turn it into a powerhouse that creates sales day and night.

Let’s go!

How VolumeBoost  App can help you generate more sales?

The VolumeBoost  App by HulkApps is one of the most effortless ways to set up discounted pricing campaigns over your whole item catalog.

This app helps you to offer tiered discounts on the extent of quantities of the products that encourage your customers to shop items in bulk. It inevitably helps you in generating more revenue by offering discounts on the purchase of more amounts of the products.

The App gives you the flexibility to set up tiered pricing one by one through simple to use GUI interface as well as in bulk through CSV file upload.

Here’s How it works

Buy 5 or more of X product & get 10% off

Buy 10 or more of X product & get 15% off

Buy 20 or more of X product & get 20% off, and so on...


You can also set the offer discount on a fixed quantity of the products. For eg:

Buy 4  of X products at $50

Buy 5 of X products at $20, and so on…

Let’s see what VolumeBoost lets you do for FREE,

  • Add Unlimited Discount Levels

    • Apply different discount levels to particular items, collections, or the whole store.
  • Boost Sales with %,$ off

    • Execute more prominent flexibility by offering "%" / "$" Based Discounts.
  • Enhance Discount Table Looks

    • Alter any components of the VolumeBoost table by changing grid display settings, textual style size, colors, and more.
  • Extra Sales Through Discounts

    • 50% off sitewide
    • Save $10 if you buy 4 or more products
    • 30% off if you buy 6 or more of certain product

That’s it! Further, in our next blog, we’ll help you build a perfect tiered pricing deal for your Shopify store using our VolumeBoost App.

Till then if you're still left to install our app, here’s a quick link -> Install VolumeBoost. 

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