Online shoppers always look forward to availing best offers while purchasing any online product. As a Shopify vendor, creating extraordinary offers and discounts can be baffling for you.

Shopify’s discount functionality is extremely restricted, with most apps only supporting one or two types of promotions. Managing a long list of discount codes and paying for multiple app memberships can get chaotic and costly very rapidly.

Enter VolumeBoost PRO, the newest expansion to our Shopify app catalog. VolumeBoost PRO is Shopify’s all-in-one sales solution, allowing you to run possibly all sorts of discounted sales.

Here's what VolumeBoost Lets You Do For FREE:

  • Quantity-Based Discount
  • Multiple Discount Types
  • Fixed Discount Offer
  • Pause Offers
  • Apply Bulk Discounts

VolumeBoost by HulkApps been available in the Shopify store for a while. But HulkApps team recently took over the management of the app and have made a few energizing changes. Last week, we've done a bunch of work behind the scenes to make it more valuable for the Shopify merchants & ensure higher sales during the busiest time of year.

One major change is that only Pro members will have Flexible discount options for their bulk discount offers. Pro users can apply different discount levels to particular products, collections, or the entire store, not at all like free app users, who can only permit discounts on the purchase of a quantity of the same product.

With VolumeBoost  Pro, you'll be able to do things you've never done before:

Flexible Discount Offers

  • Discounts Based On Product Quantity
  • Vendor Discounts [for specific vendors only]
  • Collection-Based Discounts
  • Variant Pricing Discount
  • Product Type Discount

Schedule Sales

  • Pro Merchants of our quantity breaks app is now able to schedule the offers using available discount tiers prior to the sale.
  • Fixed Price Discount
    • With our tiered discount app, we’re now allowing the merchants to choose “Fixed Price” Discount over the other two options.

Status [Offer Status]

  • With the status toggle, merchants can update the status of the offer they’ve created from enabling to disable & vice versa.

Display Offer Grid / Banners

    • Banners
      • We know how it feels when you spend pennies on graphic designers each time when you’re up to with an offer or discount. Well, we have something for you. Yes, it’s a fully personalized Banner!  It comes with all sorts of visual configurations like Font size, Background color, text and many more.
    • Grid
      • While you’re a pro user of VolumeBoost , you have two options available for the Grid.

        • Basic Grid [FREE]

        • Detailed Grid [PRO]

    • Customer Tags
      • Merchants can make efficient use of this newly added feature when they create a Vendor based discount.
      • Badge Indicator
        • With this, merchants have all the rights to locate the badges over their products on sale.
      • Import/Export rule set
        • This gives vendors the flexibility to upload or download the offers he created or wants to create.
      • Cart saving message
        • This can be a great feature to make use of. The vendor can set up a customized message for the shopper while he’s almost near to avail of the offer. 

      Digging in

      VolumeBoost PRO,

      • Increases revenue
        • By boosting order value and sales for your store by incentivizing visitors to add more items to their cart.
      • Allows multiple discount types
        • Discount products by a fixed price, a certain percentage, or a dollar amount.
      • Offers industry-leading support
        • You’ll appreciate personalized, hassle-free help from our friendly team of experts, and for free!

      Before you can work with discount-tiers, you need to update your liquid files. Here is the liquid installation guide if you are comfortable working with codes. If not, we are more than happy to help you with it at no extra charge. You can contact us for installation help!

      Start rolling out the sales!

      Now that you’re up to speed on all the incredible benefits of VolumeBoost Pro, try it in your store and see which type of offer works best for you.

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