With round-the-clock service and essentially boundless choice, the benefits of online shopping are endless. But there are two tremendous drawbacks that store owners need to confront. 

First, an e-commerce store’s stock isn’t instantly accessible to hand, so clients can’t physically handle the items until they’ve purchased them.

Second, customers need to enter personal data such as contact details when buying products online.

So it’s common for customers to be cautious when committing to unknown shops due to concerns about a shipment, quality, or security.

Thus, When an online shopper lands on the website a substantial amount of belief should be built in order to urge their sale.

With the number of websites available, it’s troublesome for them to know which ones are secure and whether entering their personal data seems to result in fraud.

A study conducted recently affirmed the power of trust seals when it asked members which factors help them to choose whether or not to trust the website.

This is where the Badge Master App comes in the picture. We have a huge collection of trust seals for our Shopify merchants. Few trust badges offered by Badge Master Apps are :

Trust Badges

When it comes right down to it, people need the most trust assurance when they are about to spend their money. There are plenty of ways to inspire trust in a checkout process & Trust badges are one amongst them. Badge Master App offers a wide range of trust badges, few of them are listed below :

  • Free Shipping Trust Badges
  • Premium Quality Top Brands Badges
  • Worldwide Shipping Badges
  • Shipping Fast Badges 
  • Secure Checkout Badges
  • Money Back Guarantee Badges
  • SSL Secure Badges
  • Free Delivery Badges
  • 100% Guaranteed Badges
  • Easy Returns Badges
  • Fast Delivery Badges
  • 24/7 Customer Support Badges
  • World Wide Shipping Badges
  • And many more...

Payment Badges

Give customers peace of mind as they travel through your checkout process by displaying a variety of payment badges from our library. Prioritize the placement of trust logos from the dominant payment service provider in your primary market. 

Here are a few payment badges offered by Badge Master App :

  • AmazonPay Badges
  • American Express Badges
  • ApplePay Badges
  • PayPal Badges
  • PayU Badges
  • Shopify Badges
  • Verified By Visa Badges
  • Visa Badges
  • Stripe Badges
  • Venmo Badges
  • Western Union Badges
  • GooglePay Badges
  • Mastercard Badges
  • Bank Transfer Badges
  • Bitcoin Badges
  • BitPay Badges
  • Click and Buy Badges
  • Diners Club Badges
  • GiroPay Badges
  • Hipercard Badges
  • JCB Badges
  • Mercado Page Badges
  • Pay Box Badges
  • Skrill Badges
  • Sodexo Badges
  • VeriSign Badges
  • Wirecard Badges
  • And many more...

All the badges offered by Badge Master comes with 5-way styling options. I.e Merchants can select the style of the badges from the library.

How Trust Badges creates a difference?

  • Trust badges give you a third-party approval of your site.
  • It helps you instill certainty in your customers.
  • Trust badges moreover offer assistance to improve conversion rates in your site.
  • It too increases sales and profit in your business.
  • Trust Badges can also help you illustrate your commitment to your clients.
  • It will also help you to prove to your visitors that you just are already set up and credible business.
  • Because of the believe you build, it'll help your business to stand out from other businesses and other competing for huge brands.
  • Trust Badges will help you collect and respond to genuine customer feedback.

Wrapping Up

Trust seals will not only improve your brand as an entire but also increases your conversions. Do all you can with trust & payment badges to keep them on the page. If they don’t trust you, they won’t buy from you.

In our next article, we’ll highlight the badges that drive sales to your store. Stay connected!