If you need customers to make purchases on your site, you've got to make them trust you.

Trust could be a key component of your customers’ buying choice. They won’t send you their sensitive budgetary information in case they don’t trust that you’ll stand by your end of the deal (giving them something profitable in return and keeping their data safe).

Considering all the high-profile data breaches we’ve seen recently, trust is at an all-time low. Customers are more hesitant than ever to do business with small businesses online.

You can help your customers trust your brand by implementing trust badges all through your site.

Trust seals are images or graphics that help your site visitors feel more comfortable about your site and making a purchase. They raise your status, boost your credibility, and make your website appear genuine.

Trust & Payment badges are all over. You are likely to see them each time you surf the internet. Here are a few of the foremost common Trust Icons used by online store merchants to build trust among their customers :

  • Free Shipping 
  • Fast Shipping 
  • 100% Free Shipping
  • Free Delivery 
  • Easy Returns
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Premium Quality Top Brands

These Trust badges and seals aren’t just pretty. They have a noteworthy impact on your customers’ behavior.

Trust Badges for Driving More Sales

Executing the trust badges on your website has appeared to improve the conversion rates. In any case, it might prove challenging in using it. It is therefore vital to keep testing and tweaking in order to find out the proper balance for your website.

In a study, the research & development team at HulkApps came across a few trust icons adding which can drive more sales to your store. Here’s a list of Trust & Payment Badges that are more likely to be used in your online store in order to elevate your conversion rates.

Trust Badges To Drive More Sales | Free Trust Badges, Payment Badges App


Trust badges are exceptionally important for your website, the above examples of trust badges will have a positive effect on a site’s conversion rates and revenue. However, It is additionally pleasant to have actual security behind the badges.

Key Takeaway

Trust badges are important for every website, but they’re critical for sites that take payments, whether you have a full line of e-commerce products or you process simple transactions. They make your customers comfortable making a purchase, which ultimately leads to more sales.

That’s It 

That being said, Trust badges or trust seals are the best way to optimize your site for conversions. Wonder which badges creates more the most trust? Check out our next article & get yourself aware of it. 

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