Hope you know, Black Friday Cyber Monday is a great chance you can't miss for your online Shopify site and it is directly at the corner. 

It's fruitful yet during this season it makes a ton of traffic on your site and ideally a ton of deals, so you should be ready for it prior. The day after Black Friday Cyber Monday (BFCM) falls from November 27th to November 30th this year. 

Throughout the range of these 4 days, online merchants of all niches hold an opportunity for the greatest sales performance of the year. Shopify merchants collectively made over $1.5 billion in deals over BFCM weekend a year ago. 

If you're preparing to go all out with your BFCM campaign this year, here's a collection of some of the best 10 Shopify apps to assist you with selling more this BFCM shopping season and beyond.

1. GDPR/CCPA Compliance Manager

Top 10 Shopify Apps that you Must have for the Upcoming BFCM Sale during this Pandemic


During these BFCM festive deals, your Shopify site massively relies on collecting data, running A/B tests, and serving users with targeted advertising and much more marketing strategies. 

Meantime, you may notice the design of the cookie consent notice is concerned with business demands and its goals. HulkApps GDPR Cookie Notice Bar App is an inclusive solution to comply with the European Cookie Law and GDPR. So, you can make your fully-featured GDPR compatible cookie consent bar, no programming skills required.

Highlight features 

  • Effortless - You can display your GDPR Cookie notice to European union visitors by complying with EU law.
  • Fully customizable - which means it will perfectly fit with the design of your Shopify site in terms of color, size, and fonts, etc
  • Geo-targeting - enables you to target only visitors from EU countries.

Why choose the GDPR/CCPA Compliance Manager app?

  • FREE Forever
  • Pre-built cookie notice bar
  • No short codes required
  • One-click consent statistics
  • Mobile-Responsive
  • Free support 24*7

Pricing Plan :  Free , $19.99/mo

Reviews and rating : 4.8/5

2. SMS Bump SMS + MMS Marketing

Top 10 Shopify Apps that you Must have for the Upcoming BFCM Sale during this Pandemic


It is the Shopify store owner’s  most loved sms marketing and automations by SMS Bump Ltd. Many Shopify merchants are developing their SMS promoting with the assistance of SMS bump Marketing App. It just takes a couple of moments to set this application. Create advanced SMS/MMS streams in this shopping season by this application and get great deals.

Highlight features 

  • Integrates with ReCart, ReCharge, Klaviyo, Yotpo, PushOwl, and Privy
  • Scheduling SMS - Share your messages based on your customer's local time zone.
  • Shopify POS - Collect subscribers in store.

Why choose the SMS Bump SMS + MMS Marketing app?

  • GIPHY and pixel integration
  • Country restriction (share the message only to selected countries).
  • In-depth Analytics of SMS Campaigns.
  • Build your Subscribers list.

Pricing Plan : Free | $19/mo | $59/mo |$199/mo | Custom pricing 

Reviews and rating : 4.8/5

3. Fast One‑Click Checkout

Top 10 Shopify Apps that you Must have for the Upcoming BFCM Sale during this Pandemic                     


Generally, the customers are likely to give up on making purchase orders due to the checkout complexity. Hence, directing the customers to checkout after they add desired products to their carts will reduce abandoned cart rates and increase your conversions rates.

The  Fast One‑Click Checkout app, will take your customers directly to the checkout page skipping the checkout page on clicking the "Buy now" button. Thus, it makes the customers place their orders in less time and makes each transaction faster, secure, and easier during this BFCM Sales season :)

Highlight features 

  • Display Popup cart instead of cart page.
  • Fully Customizable "Buy Now" button
  • Wiggling buttons
  • Adding a shaking effect on the "Buy Now" button. 

Why choose the Fast One‑Click Checkout app?

  • Comfortable and fast checkout.
  • Mobile-friendly.
  • Fast customer support.
  • Mobile responsive.

Pricing Plan : $12.95/mo , 10 days free- trial.

Reviews and rating : 5/5

4. Back in Stock Restock Alerts

Top 10 Shopify Apps that you Must have for the Upcoming BFCM Sale during this Pandemic

During the great BFCM sale, your Shopify store may face a high in-demand product, inventory sell-out is bound to happen! At the point with this Restock Master App, you can inform your clients through email and SMS when the product that they just missed up, is back in stock!

Also, Most customers may unusually buy on their first visit to your Shopify store. Helping them to catch up with where they left off the next time they visit your Shopify site by adding this Restock Master app will surely empower your clients to track and place the purchase orders successfully. Also, you can automatically notify them when those products are updated.

Highlight features 

  • Unlimited emails/SMS alerts
  • Split email delivery into groups
  • Data-driven inventory control
  • It integrates with all the Shopify themes robustly.
  • Manage your email activity via reports

Why choose the Back in Stock Restock Alerts app?

  • Easy to customize
  • Send automated restock alerts
  • Drive high traffic and sales 
  • It integrate with Mailchimp and Klaviyo

Pricing Plan : $9.99/month. 7-day free trial

Reviews and rating : 4.3/5

5. PushOwl Web Push Notification

Top 10 Shopify Apps that you Must have for the Upcoming BFCM Sale during this Pandemic

It is the most-integrated web push notifications app by PushOwl and it's certified by Shopify Plus. Must-have not only for BFCM sales but also for retention marketing and CRO.

Nowadays, the promotional email marketing strategy might become spammy, and most people rely on social media. You can consider this web push notification app (as it's the easiest way), personalized, and popups on the customer's browser and take them to the checkout page with just one click!

Highlight features

  • It integrates with Judge.me, Loox - Photo Reviews, Stamped.io, Flits Store Credits.
  • Smart Push marketing triggers such as back-in-stock alerts.
  • Automated notifications are conveyed for cart recovery, welcome, and many more!
  • Get unlimited subscribers and share 500 notifications per month! 

Why choose the PushOwl Web Push Notification app?

  • Dedicated Dashboard chat by customer support executives.
  • Free migration support from Firepush/Aimtell/Hextom/iZooto/OneSignal.
  • Send Retargeting push notifications on all devices.
  • Special Corona Offer plans available. (free for suitable merchants)
  • No email or other personal information is  required to opt-in

Pricing Plan : Free to install. Additional charges may apply.

Reviews and rating : 5/5

6. Klaviyo

Top 10 Shopify Apps that you Must have for the Upcoming BFCM Sale during this Pandemic

Klaviyo Email marketing is a Shopify application that fills in as marketing software and aids in the development of your BFCM sales. Klaviyo permits the business to make exceptional encounters over all the promoting channels, for example, messages, SMS, and many more. Hence, this is a Shopify merchant's great choice all the time :)

Highlight features 

  • It integrates with Facebook Advertising,Recharge,Swell Rewards, Zendesk.
  • Enables you to create centralized customer profile data that includes a view of your customer's actions and behaviors.
  • It provides you with predictive analytics such as churn risk, customer value and many other features.
  • In-depth analytics and reporting helps you to make a growth plan during BFCM.

Why choose the Klaviyo app?

  • Free up to 250 email contacts
  • Powerful Integrations
  • Responsive Customer Support
  • Recapture lost sales
  • It maximizes your ROI as much as possible during BFCM sale.

Pricing Plan :Free to install. Additional charges may apply.

Reviews and rating : 4.3/5

7. Reconvert Upsell & Cross-Sell

Top 10 Shopify Apps that you Must have for the Upcoming BFCM Sale during this Pandemic

During this BFCM sale season, your Shopify store will surely be getting new customers. But a good Shopify store needs to know how to turn their anonymous customers into regular customers as possible. 

Most Shopify merchants will try to re-engage their customers with Email, social media, and other tactics. However, as the times pass by, open & click rates are going downward.

ReConvert is an effortless yet powerful app for thank you page optimization. It allows you to create an exciting thank you page with pre-built widgets and also enables you to fully customize your thank you page with just a drag & drop interface.

Highlight features

  • Personalized Product recommendations (cross sell and up sell)
  • Enables you to make a Triggered thank you page for your Shopify store.
  • Can set the countdown timer with discount popups.
  • Can get the full page analytics (for your Thank You page).
  • Can send your customer a special wishes note on their birthday using SMS Bump.

Why choose the Reconvert Upsell & Cross-Sell app?

  • It works with PayPal, Stripe, AfterPay, Shopify Payments.
  • It integrates with SMS Bump, Klaviyo, 17 track and Mailchimp.
  • Most of all, it's 100% FREE till you touch 50 orders/month. Quite exciting!

Pricing Plan : Free | $7.99/mo | $14.99/mo | $29.99/mo. 30-day free trial

Reviews and rating : 5/5

8. Order status Tracker

Top 10 Shopify Apps that you Must have for the Upcoming BFCM Sale during this Pandemic

From the time when the order is placed, the customer needs to know each and every condition of their order. With HulkApps, Order Status tracker App the customers can essentially enter their order number and email address to see their most recent order status. 

Highlight features

  • Compatible with all Shopify themes.
  • Mobile-responsive design. 
  • Easy customization on the layouts by modifying the text and its colors, background patterns, etc. on the page.

Why choose the Order status Locator app?

  • Easy to install and use.
  • Easy Order status tracking.
  • Dedicated 24/7 Customer Support.
  • Free plan available.

Pricing Plan : Free | $24.99/mo | $74.99/mo | $199/mo. 

Reviews and rating : 4.4/5

9. Loox- Photo Reviews

Top 10 Shopify Apps that you Must have for the Upcoming BFCM Sale during this Pandemic

Photo Reviews is an ideal approach to acquire a visitor's trust. Loox Photo Reviews is utilized by numerous Shopify and Shopify Plus merchants to collect delightful reviews with photographs and aids in boosting their conversion with social verification that looks incredible. Accordingly, you can utilize this app to collect photo reviews, build solid trust, and increase your BFCM deals.

Highlight features 

  • Can import photos reviews of any source.
  • Customize your branding by widget colors, font, position, and much more.
  • Set your Discount codes for photo reviews.

Why choose the Loox- Photo Reviews app?

  • It integrates with Klaviyo, Pushowl, Google shopping and Recart.
  • It gives free access for development Shopify stores.
  • Best customer support.
  • Available in 15 languages.

Pricing Plan : Free | $9.99/mo | $29.99/mo | $59.99/mo | $99.99/mo. 14-day free trial

Reviews and rating : 4.8/5

10. Facebook & Instagram Shopping

Top 10 Shopify Apps that you Must have for the Upcoming BFCM Sale during this Pandemic

More than 1 out of 3 Shopify merchants in the US use this application every month as a profitable objective to find, purchase, and sell things. With this Facebook and Instagram Shopping application, you can share your product listing on the Facebook marketplace and Instagram so that your customers can place orders directly, and eventually, you can get high ROI.

Highlight features

  • Manage your Shopify store with a central dashboard.
  • List your entire products on Instagram with just a single click!
  • Save tons of time with its automatic bulk upload of listings from your Shopify store to  Instagram.
  • Get real-time notifications for stock-out and orders directly in the App.

Why choose the Facebook & Instagram Shopping  app?

  • It integrates with Facebook and Instagram.
  • A Dedicated Account Manager
  • High-end Synchronization
  • Easy to set-up.

Pricing Plan : Free  

Reviews and rating : 4.9/5

Wrapping up

Top 10 Shopify Apps that you Must have for the Upcoming BFCM Sale during this Pandemic


Are u ready to drive your BFCM deals! 

These applications are incredible throughout the entire year, however they're particularly amazing during high-traffic functions, for example, BFCM.

If you plan on taking an conversions in Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you should begin setting up your missions shortly such as,

  • What products will you decide to push?
  • Which marketing channels will you use to spread the message?
  • In what manner will you get as much an incentive as possible out of your endeavors? 

There are many factors to consider to make your BFCM sale season a success. 

Good Luck :)