Getting reviews from clients can appear like pulling teeth.

You’ve gone the additional mile making precise product descriptions. You carefully bundle and dispatch each order.

Small feedback would be pleasant, right?

Of course, you need to know in case your clients are happy. But product reviews can moreover help increase sales and search engine traffic.

Why do you need reviews on your store?

As an online retailer, to maintain in this quickly evolving business landscape, it’s time to think of incorporating client reviews as a core marketing strategy for your online store. 

Let’s have a look at a few of the benefits of customer reviews.

  • Boosted Trust
  • Improved SEO
  • Provides information your visitors are looking for
  • Free advertising

All after this, have you ever came across a situation where the reviews remain in the approval queue for days and days without getting them published?

It hurts the most when it's a 5-star review 😢

Well, We’ve got you something. 

Here, we’ve jotted down an incredibly effective way that you can adopt to collect reviews on autopilot with PRODUCT REVIEWS APP : 


The Auto-Publish feature will be soon available with the upcoming update of the app. It allows for the reviews to be posted immediately without any action on your part. 

Here’s how you do it using the Product Reviews App :

Step: 1

Go to the app > Help > Settings

Product Reviews Guide

Step: 2 

Settings > General > Auto Publish

Collect Reviews

Now, select an appropriate value from the drop-down list. The list consists of below options:- 

Collect Reviews On AutoPilot With Product Reviews App

This value specifies a condition. 

  • Never -> No reviews will be published prior to approval.
  • 1 > Auto publish the review if the review contains 1 star 
  • 2 > Auto publish the review if the review contains 2 star 
  • 3 > Auto publish the review if the review contains 3 star 
  • 4 > Auto publish the review if the review contains 4 star 
  • 5 > Auto publish the review if the review contains 5 star 

Step: 3

Select appropriate rating conditions based on your requirement and hit the “Save” button to get started with the autopilot mode.

Have questions? Bring it on

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