Did you ever believe that your Shopify About Us page could serve as a high-performing sales engine? 

Some factors although make you see this as a not-so-significant page for your Shopify business website. If we say, websites that sell groceries or fashion products often do not urge shoppers to look for an About Us page, we are not wrong.  

The reason is, shoppers are inspired by the popularity of the brand, or the quality and user experience. 

But, when you have a website rather than just an apparel store or grocery store and your brand is not as big as Amazon and Ikea, creating trust and credibility is imperative. 

An About Us page relieves your dilemma to start confidently and create a personal touch with audiences. When you are able to do this, you can incur profits through sales. 

If you wonder how does an About Us page contributes to sales and builds human connections, our simple blog on the effectiveness of the Shopify About Us page or template can help you unravel its importance. 

Let us not waste time and discover it. 

What is an About Us page?

It is simple to understand from the phrase ‘About Us Page’. About Me or About Us pages一 are always a part of a business website to let users know about the business profile. To focus more on its characteristics, we can describe it as a source of information, which tells audiences a lot of things about your business such as 

Your brand story 一 your targeted audience wants to know who they are interacting with and how this union can help them discover the deep connections with you. It is more of a human connection you can build with your people as you take account of an About Us Page for your Shopify website. 

Your mission and vision 一 tell your audience what drives you to brainstorm a particular business idea. Highlight your mission and vision and tell your visitors how they can derive values from your service. 

Your USP 一 Shopify About Us Page could be more precise and accurate about telling your audiences what you sell and what is special about your products or services. 

In a nutshell, your customers want to know about you, and getting to tell them about your story through well-designed and crafted Shopify About Us pages work for your business growth. 

Why is the ‘About Us’ page important?

A very simple answer to this question is ‘authenticity’. Yes, if a brand is authentic or not, it is clearly reflected through its About Us page. Consumers want to connect with the brand, which is true to its mission statement and serves its people to its core. 

Some statistics are sound enough to convince you about why you must get Shopify eCommerce About Us page template or get a page designed. 

HubSpot findings Nosto findings KoMarketing findings Nielsen Norman Group findings
  • 31% of surveyed shoppers believe About Us page is an important resource of a website.
  • 86% of consumers connect with authentic brands
  • 57% of consumers complaint authenticity issues with content
  • 52% respondents prefer checking About Us/company information.
  • Users want more than an average About Us page. A bespoke design and third-party recommendations also matter.

These figures can tell you why Shopify About Us page can be an important asset to incite and nudge customers to make an informed decision and purchase a product from your website. 

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About us page content sample for inspiration

When you know Shopify About Us page is worth giving all attention to, your next step would be finding appropriate samples for inspiration. Let’s begin with some fascinating and useful pieces of About Us pages.


Nothing could be as good as Shopify for inspiration to reflect on your About Us page for your store.


It is a precise page with every key element that leaves no room for audiences to complain. They amazingly tell their audiences about their mission, their story, their community, and their future objectives.

Shopify Community

Shopify also states why merchants, as well as people, would love to join forces with them. Their captivating video presentation gives out all the charisma that connects and builds with people.


This leading Shopify expert agency has a minimal yet descriptive approach to defining its story.


There is no jerk for audiences to understand what they do and how well they can craft great designs and development for Shopify merchants.

It is a great About Us Content sample which is neat and simple. Just with a few clear steps, they tell how they came into being, their goal, and their success story so far.

A glimpse of their team profile is a testimony of their credibility and trustworthiness in the Shopify domain.

meet the experts


It connects well with the audience when you sell something unique. Package Free is on a mission to make the world a better place to live without adding to the pile of landfills.


They have a simple About Us page to let the world know about their mission and how they have built a sustainable world by selling products package free.


Allbirds is referring to their About Us page as our story. It is a unique sample of the About Us page that takes advantage of a charismatic video related to how they use materials from nature to craft unique footwear.


They have introduced their brand story, the uniqueness of their recycled packaging, and their journey to their About us page.


Tofino Soap Company

Tofino Soap Company nurtures science and technology to bring the goodness of nature into all of their soap products.

This is what they want to showcase through their Shopify About Us page by spinning an interesting brand story for users, which attracts them to explore more and find an excuse to indulge in the supremacy of the powerful and magical natural products.

Tofino Soap Company

Their video at the top of the page is interactive to tell users about their journey and mission.

With some of the leading Shopify About Us pages as sample resources, you know which element can work better for your store. Going forward, it is a simple tactic to learn the steps to creating a bespoke About Us page.

How to write an About Us page?

Combining all of the best pieces into a Shopify About Us template can give a better understanding of what you should look to build in a proper way.

Here’s a glimpse of a Shopify About Us template 一

About Us Page Template [Basic]

Welcome to [Your Brand Name]

[Founder’s name] brainstormed [The Company’s Name] after [how you built your organization, and what challenges did you face while you are at this].

Describe your achievements, certifications. You can say (Our mission is to ……..)

Now include CTAs [Follow us on social channels, or learn more here]

If you find it difficult to craft an elegant About Us page, take advantage of the About Us page generator. But, be careful as you use this tool because the generated content may have some errors. Fine-tune it as per your business requirements.

How you can add the About Us page to your Shopify webstore?

Just follow a few steps to add your Shopify About us page.

Navigate to the Shopify Admin

  1. Login to the Shopify dashboard.
  2. Click → Online Store → Pages.
  3. Click Add page button.
  4. Click to add your page.
Navigate to the Shopify Admin

Edit your content

Using the Shopify editor, you can add your content. Fill in the following fields to add your content.

  • Title
  • Content
  • Meta details

Fill content and save it.

Fill content and save it

Set the navigation menu

Make sure your page is visible to your audience. Add it to the navigation menu.

  1. On the left panel, click on Navigation.

    click on Navigation
  2. Add it to the main menu.

    Add it to the main menu
  3. Name your About Us menu page.

    Name your About Us menu page
  4. Link your page using the Link field.

    Link your page using the Link field
  5. Choose an internal or external page to add a link.
  6. Click Add, and Save.

Now, your Shopify About Us page is visible.

How to write an About Us page? (Tips and suggestions)

  1. Give a brief intro 一 Tell about who you are, what you do.
  2. Tell about your business 一 what is your business up for? what problem your business solves? Craft your story and mission.
  3. Your USP 一 Tell what sets you apart from your competitors. state how do you contribute to sustainable development.
  4. Introduce your team 一 Give a real-time experience of your people, community, and locations to weave a personal connection with your audience. In this space, videos or images work amazing.
  5. Show up proof 一 Build trust, so you can future-proof your business. Customer reviews, testimonials, certificates are excellent ways to nudge your customers to increase purchasing scopes.
  6. Connect 一 Put up a CTA of contacts so your audience can connect with you.

Important Note:

  • Avoid brand-specific content to use for your About Us page. Tell more about how you can add value to your customer experience and how do you take care of them.
  • Don’t add too much text. Consumers love precise and contextual content that helps them make a buying decision.


A beautifully designed and written Shopify About Us page is critical to making an identity for your brand.

As we have combined here some of the greatest examples of Shopify eCommerce About Us page template 一 some are quite simple, while others contain a lot of information and fields. Well, that depends on how your business needs the About Us page to look.

A basic About Us page is simple to go. But, to attract your audiences’ attention and leave a mark in the eCommerce world, an engaging and visually appealing Shopify About Us page is indeed crucial.

If you need to create a stunning page, ask for help from HulkApps. We have dedicated Shopify developers and designers to create an About Us page that captures visitors’ attention and drives business results.

Our Shopify About Us page development service is the right destination for you that gives you exactly what you need for your business requirements. The custom solutions always work with the business persona and harbor excellent rewards for you.

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