According to a recent survey on consumers’ experience with personalization,

90% of the online shoppers find it appealing,
while 80% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase.

The data is claimed by Epsilon, the global leader in understanding the relationship between brands and people.

For obvious reasons, while the whole world has access to the same set of products you are more likely to have something that your neighbor already owns. At this, consumers will always look up to brands that offer more customized options for those products.

One way to make your online purchases exclusive is showing various options for a single product. You can provide a variety of options for your users to choose from like material, color combinations, and more. Consumers have the right to own items with a personal touch. Thus a vendor will build a loyal customer base who will notice them before reaching ready-made solutions.

A bicycle shop offers one such example where customers can select the combination of colors for their bicycles. Customers can select any color that will make their purchase special for the frame, the rims, and the grips. They may, above all, preview it live on the website before they own it.

Show product option

Needless to say, the feature will act as a magnet not only to attract new customers and keep them in the store longer but also to inspire them to make future repurchases. Any store may add product customization as a feature, particularly when the product is either a gift or a precious buy. It might thus vary from a pen to automobiles and everything a user would like to own.

Downsides to Shopify's Variant System

If you've worked with Shopify out of the box, you've probably noticed that their variant system isn't the best method for expanding your product's customization. While Shopify is one of the better eCommerce platforms available, there are many drawbacks to its variant system.

First of all, it is not very scalable or easy to manage. For each option added to your company's product on Shopify, the choices become exponential.

For example, pretend you are running a storefront to build computers and you allow the customization of three parts: the CPU, graphics card, and the motherboard. These will be your options, and each option will have its own variants. For simplification, we will only customize the brand of these parts. The CPU will have the variants AMD and Intel, the graphics card will have the variants ASUS, EVGA, and MSI, and the motherboard will have the variants GIGABYTE and ASRock.

By default, if you were to customize your product using Shopify's variant system, your product page would now have a dropdown of 12 available selections, one for each combination of variants, which is not the best layout for your user's online experience. This also makes managing your product via the admin panel a complete mess.

Of course, one could design the display of the variant system differently for the user, but the core issue of managing all of these different variants still persists on the administration side of things. Luckily, one can implement multiple product options without using the variant system rather easily, by using Infinite Product Options apps, by using HTML.

By using the Product Options app in Shopify, you are easily able to provide the user with multiple options for product customization. This is easily scalable to as many options as you desire.

I will walk through an app that is the most popular Product Options app in the Shopify - Infinite Product Options App.

About - Infinite Product Options App

The Product Options app in Shopify lets you quickly customize your product options with unlimited variations. Give your customers more options and sell more on your site. Product Options give you greater flexibility to customize your products, create upsell opportunities, and give a better shopping experience.

Product Options

Need a $5 gift wrapping surcharge? How about $15 for rush processing? Product Options makes this easy!

Product Options by HulkApps lets you:

  • Edit your option sets and Update in all products at once
  • Add Tool-tip or Help text to explain Options to customers
  • Assign a price to the option, or offer it for free
  • Set max character length

Not just that, it has more interesting features to offer.

Unlimited customization

Let your customers select unlimited customization and options right on the product page.

Bulk apply options

Bulk apply options to any number of products at one time with a single click, assigning option sets to a single product, or a custom-selected group like a collection, brand, or product type.

Price adjustment

Assign a price to an option (such as gift-wrapping or engraving) that don’t carry inventory, and show the customer how much they need to pay additional to the base product price.

Styling & Display Customization

The Custom Product Options app allows you to change the look of your product customizable to you.

Conditional Logic

Create rules that show or hide options based on your customer's previous selections. E.g. Hide the file upload option that asks for their logo unless they’ve selected Personalize shirt option in the previous step.

Inventory control

Every option can be attached to a specific product variant in your store. It will not only append the price of the product, but manage stock inventory for each product option as well.

Edit Options in Cart

Customers can edit the options they’ve previously selected, directly from the cart page without having to start over from scratch. Our exclusive edit options in cart feature display as a button on the cart page that pops-up with option details.

Bulk Import / Export Options

Import existing options to your store easily in just one click. Download options data in .XLXS file. You can fulfill orders easily as the options that customer picks, will appear in the order summary in your Shopify.

Final Words

With readily integrating apps like Shopify Product Options, you can make your customers experience online purchases like never before. That too, with a highly sorted back panel that makes your task much easier.