Your eCommerce aesthetics play a more significant role in enticing your visitors than intended. To begin, you might offer the best of unique products and offers, but your eCommerce growth depends on various elements. 

With Shopify 500+ free and premium themes to simplify your building, you need an eCommerce theme that helps you get that one extra sale no matter what hits up the road. 

With a huge list of themes available on Shopify, it is quite challenging to decide what theme best serves your online business. Two of our favorite themes to work with are Shopify Foodie and Shopify Spark themes, whose details and review will be shared below. 

Why are we reviewing these Shopify themes?

Due to its high configuration and eye-catching flexible design, the Shopify themes will appeal to your customers at first sight. The mentioned Shopify theme is optimized for both speed and mobile experience. Both the Shopify themes are free until you publish the theme to your store. Plus, its strength is the themes are quick and convenient to grow your online store. On the same point, the Shopify themes listed might have similar features, but it isn't built for the same niches. To know more, scroll down.

Foodie Shopify 2.0 Theme: 

Foodie Shopify 2.0 theme

Clean, modern, and foodservice theme, Foodie Shopify theme is the perfect theme for merchants with retail locations. With a highly adaptive responsive Shopify theme, menu-styled collections, and local pickup options, the Foodie Shopify theme is recommended for those in the food and drink industry. 

The restaurant and coffee shop-inspired Shopify theme derives a natural foodservice establishment eCommerce store feel with bright colors and simplified menu structuring. Offering product OS 2.0 filtering and local pickup options, Foodie is a go-to theme for the food and drink industry. The Shopify Foodie theme provides three different variants with different default layouts and pre-built designs for your store. 

The good thing about the Shopify theme is that you can see a demo of each theme and its appearance when set up. This is a nice way to see if that variant will be appropriate for your store, niche, product, and audience. Besides that, the Shopify Foodie theme collage-style layout and menu style collections will help you create collage-style grid content to show your food products in a traditional menu and creative way. 

When many things are considered, like the Shopify theme age checker popup, slide-out cart option, product filtering, the Foodie Shopify theme is the best choice for someone launching a product with fewer products. It is a great choice if you are a merchant with a small catalog.

Spark Shopify 2.0 theme: 

Spark Shopify 2.0 theme

As the name suggests, the Spark Shopify theme can bring sparks to your store and eCommerce presence with the theme's functionality and design. The Shopify theme offers three different styles of hat you can choose from when setting up your store. 

If you are starting, the revolving announcement bar allows you to advertise your product offering or announcements, hence making a name in the midst of many. The Shopify Spark theme's performance base makes it easy for you to work with customization. 

Perfect for merchants who want to align their store with elegant design cum effective motion, the Spark Shopify theme provides minimal page design. Plus, the featured product, collection, and collection row showcase your special collection of best-selling products in a way that your customers can quickly add products to their cart, and you can elevate that conversion rate.

The video hero section allows you to add videos and automatically play footage to the full width, creating a stunning product experience. Similarly, the customizable slideshow will help you light up the store experience for the customers. 

With many amazing features like transparent header, SEO optimization techniques, customization options, you can use this Shopify theme to create lots of space and room on the page to capture your visitors' attention.

Shopify theme optimization approaches:

Shopify 2.0 theme customization

It is quite simple to create a niche website for a restaurant or clothing and accessories, health and beauty, sports and recreation using the Shopify Foodie and Spark Shopify theme. But, if you aren't satisfied with the Shopify theme offers or don't have enough customization options to reflect your brand's uniqueness, creativeness, or any other, you don't need to switch to another theme or remain outdated. Instead, you can connect with HulkApps Shopify theme customization experts to get your store edits that will match your brand and store's needs.

With HulkApps Shopify theme customization service, you don't need to worry or stress on optimized code that does not affect your store speed, as we help create sleek, feature-rich custom pages or features for your store. You can check out the Shopify service buttons and easily begin the theme customization process at an affordable rate. 

 Spark Shopify Theme Customization  


Something about the new Shopify 2.0 theme architecture:

With the recent announcement of Shopify changes in its architecture to make it more flexible for merchants, the Shopify themes above-mentioned adopt the Shopify theme 2.0 architecture features. The Foodie Shopify theme and Shopify Spark theme allow merchants like you to leverage the benefits of Shopify Online Store 2.0. 

Best Premium Shopify 2.0 Themes for Small Catalog Stores

Suppose you need any help in migrating your store or customizing your store to Shopify theme 2.0 compatibility or want to incorporate Shopify Online store 2.0 features in your pre-existing theme. In that case, you can always connect with HulkApps Shopify Online Store 2.0 experts.

Final thoughts:

Building your eCommerce store/ presence can seem daunting if you haven't got a good theme. Instead of experimenting, which is time-consuming, we hope it doesn't seem so scary after looking through these Shopify themes.

This collection of Shopify themes is perfect for anyone looking to create a standout site with a small catalog. Even if you are a beginner trying to make an eCommerce presence, we think the Shopify themes can successfully handle and manage a store with user-friendly features.