Did you ever think of using the TikTok shoppable feed on your Shopify store? If not, it is time to use TikTok to tap into great marketing opportunities now. 

Standing right at this point, nobody needs a definition of what TikTok is? TikTok is a social video app to create short video content, which you can also share on social channels. Its intuitive features feel so native you can use them to lip-sync to a song or dance to it. 

With a first-of-its-kind partnership between Shopify and TikTok, maximizing the TikTok experience is much easier for merchants now.  

Does It Add to Shopify growth? 

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, wherever you scroll, you see the dominance of videos. The apparent reason is that videos give auditory and visual pleasure that keep your users glued for at least a moment and send efficient messages immediately. But, an image or text can’t impressively express a business message. 

Interestingly, other than any social media channel, TikTok gives you the scalability to make your videos viral, drive engagement, and create more impressions. It clearly says something about TikTok Shopify integration that effortlessly unleashes the best benefits for merchants. 

How Does TikTok Give Shopify Merchants More Ways to Scale? 

TikTok for Business account syncs with the Shopify store, enabling merchants to create and use In-Feed shoppable video ads through its admin portal directly.  

With more than 100 million users across the US, TikTok is now making its presence available in North America, Europe, and Southeast Asia. For Shopify merchants in these regions, gaining regulatory benefits is no more a challenge too. 

TikTok Hot Stats:

  • 2 billion downloads through Google Play and App Store 
  • In the US, young users between 10 and 29 years old connect with this app 
  • 52 minutes of screen time daily
  • Available in 155 countries with more than 75 language support 
  • 689  million action users monthly 


There’s a lot of flexibility for you to tap into the scale of TikTok features. 

Hashtag Challenges 

Hashtag Challenges


You can make use of the Hashtag Challenge Ad format. Create an ad, connect with your audience and encourage them to reconnect with you by creating and sharing the Hashtag content. 

These Hashtag challenges are quite popular among audiences, which lead to massive virality for brands. For Shopify marketers, this is an incredible opportunity to connect with new users outside of the related niche. 

American brand Chipotle drew massive brand engagement using the hashtag challenges twice, namely #ChipotleLidFlip and #GuacDance. 

There are many such challenges that brands use to promote their products and increase conversions. Ralph Lauren, Kroger, Macy’s are a few big names that used TikTok #challenges. The seamless integration of TikTok Shoppable Feed makes shopping more enjoyable and engaging for users. 

  • In-Feed Video 

    In-Feed Video


    Users’ videos in TikTok accommodate short in-feed videos that are immersive and interactive. As a Shopify merchant, you can select your products that blend with video ads and feature on Shopify for checkout. That’s not all. There are pre-built templates available for merchants to use for video making. This opens up a new opportunity to increase traffic organically.

    • Brand Takeover

    First-time user? Brand Takeover enables you to present to your audiences a full-screen ad format. This short-form video plays when the app is launched for the first time. So, if you are running Hashtag Challenge or any other campaign, it is easier to draw users to your brand by adding the ad link and an interactive CTA. Its application is as easy as Instagram Stories. 

    • TopView
    It could be an alternative to Brand Takeover Ads. Unlike the latter ad format, TopView plays within 3 seconds after a user launches its app. It comes at the top of For You page. 
    • Branded Effects 

    Branded Effects


     Shopify merchants can play with many Augmented Reality filters and other high-gloss effects to put the right mix into ads. You can also gain more advantages from custom filters and create more captivating ads for your products. 

    Using any of these TikTok Ad formats can be super easy for Shopify merchants to draw new users to the website and script a new history of scalability, growth, and profitability in a much easier way.

    TikTok Shopify app integration with TikShop works better and optimizes social engagement with first-time users.  This strategy helps you make your products compelling to convert on your website. 

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    TikShop - Enhancing Tiktok Connectivity on Shopify 

    TikShop is a Shopify app to help you streamline your TikTok campaigns based on hashtags and accounts and bring them directly to the website. There’s no more extra effort you need to put into getting your products to generation Z and sell to them. You can create a dedicated TikTok Shoppable Feed Page right on your Shopify store, enhance your engagement with shoppers,  and increase your social proof. 

    How TikShop Works for your Shopify Store? 

    TikShop works as seamlessly as possible in tandem with your Shopify store.  TikShop Shopify integration emerges to be quite beneficial as it lessens the workload and works efficiently to elevate your brand exposure. 

  • Publish to TikTok
  • During your free time, you can schedule your TikTok ads. You can use hashtags, mentions, and interactive captions to make them live. 

  • Shoppable Feed that sells
  • Your TikTok shoppable feed in your store features the product ads live on the social video platform. It can be easy shopping for your followers as they click on the products and are directed to your website or allowed for in-app purchases. 

  • Integrate UGC into your website 
  • Not only can you add TikTok shoppable feed right into your website, but you can also use UGC on your website. It creates unbelievable social proof, a priceless medium to increase user trust and confidence in your brand.

    Above the cut, there is a secret advantage of using a TikTok Shopify plugin or extension. If you think the integration isn’t going to do you any good, the following facts are for you.

  • Help keep up website speed 
  • We all know that website speed can make or break your growth. You can use TikTok videos directly to your website. But, it is not working for you as too much resources of the video can eat up your website space and slow down your site. Using TikShop shoppable feed on your website, you can optimize your server space and maintain the bandwidth. 

  • Improve UX and SEO
  • TikTok Shoppable feed ads in your store are captivating and engaging to users. They are powerful enough to keep your audience engaged as long as possible, which is best for SEO perspectives. Hence, you can quickly improve bounce rate and convert your visitors into customers. 

    Take Advantage of This Fast-Growing Platform

    If you're exhausted from using other platforms and the fierce competition, or if you want to diversify your ad budget and target a completely new audience that converts, TikTok ads Shopify are worth a go.

    TikTok traffic not only has a high conversion rate but also has a high value. It is apparent that Shopify TikTok customers are not only watching funny videos on the website, but they are also discovering new favorite companies on TikTok.

    Pro tip: Update your TikTok ads Shopify content at least once a week. Because your Shopify TikTok ads are most effective the first time, they have been seen. So, to make the best use of your marketing money, create new TikTok Shopify ad content regularly.

    What's also cool is that you can quickly build high-converting TikTok ads right from the Shopify app. You can enter product photographs into the Video Generator feature, and the software will generate various high-quality films for you to choose from in minutes.

    Furthermore, the best part about getting started with TikTok ads Shopify is that you can do it through the new TikTok Shopify app. And, with the holiday season approaching, don't put off starting TikTok ads for your Shopify business! Got any queries regarding the Shopify TikTok integration or want to learn more about TikTok ad best practices? Please contact the HulkApps Shopify support team.


    TikShop is a perfect platform to build up a fast audience and grow faster with TikTok popularity alongside Shopify. We encourage you to integrate this TikTok Shopify app into your website if you want to save time and enjoy more flexibility with efficient Shopify ad campaigns. 

    Need assistance? Ask HulkApps- your Shopify partner, to help you with TikShop integration and building a scalable business.