The Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) account for a large portion of the data used to make decisions such as "did we do what we intended?" and "what should we do next?" (KPIs). KPIs are supposed to provide data that can be analyzed, reviewed, and acted upon to improve business operations.

As you may be aware, KPIs have been around for a long time—what began as relatively simple transactional benchmarks have evolved into complex behavioral patterns and performance measures.

Shopify stores like yours should start using analysis techniques to predict results ("predictive analytics") and recommend actions ("prescriptive analytics") to drive better decision-making. It isn't a new phenomenon. Forecasting and deciding which path to take are fundamental functions of any organization.

What's changed is -

  1. You are on the Shopify platform. 
  2. Shopify Apps and services are making your work easier by allowing you to implement the technology that supports these kinds of analyses.
  3. HulkApps is there for you - making some aspects of integration more manageable, faster, and more comprehensive than ever.

So, what does the Shopify App store provide? If KPIs are to establish in a vacuum, what's the likelihood of them helping to reach the broad goal? 

That's where Shopify Seery App Integration - Seery App pitches in and helps you understand your store's consumer behavior. You can quickly know more and do more with predictive analytics results. 


Shopify Seery App Integration


Because it is being designed to reflect consumer experience, the automation and machine learning components of Seery App - Shopify product API deals with higher volumes of data while providing more nuance - showcasing what's important and relevant to the organization's strategy.

Seery Shopify App uses AI/Machine Learning methods that are both complicated and project-proven. With this Shopify API integration, you can keep track of the most critical KPIs and anticipate sales accurately for the future.

Shopify Seery App can easily spell out what should or could happen next if the inputs and the queries are correct.

Quick Note: The modeling required to predict outcomes accurately is constantly improving due to the increased availability and cost-effectiveness of AI tools and processing power.

Shopify Seery App Product Overview

  • Better data visualization without any chart junk.
  • Enhanced targeted marketing by using automated ML-based customer segments.
  • For a deeper understanding, robust cohort analysis with filters per customer segment.
  • Quickly get the hold on the essential KPIs information like 
    •  AOV - Average Order Value, 
    • ARPU - Average Revenue per User, 
    • ANO - Average No of Orders.
  • Helps to block the leakage of sales opportunity by providing the information for groups or every single customer, information like: 
    • Repeat customers
    • Churn Rate 
    • CLV - Customer lifetime value
  • Effortlessly forecast your revenue generation by utilizing Seery machine learning algorithms, historical data, weekly and yearly seasonality, holiday effects, and anomalies detection.
  • The Shopify Seery App will help you predict how often EACH repeat customer purchases.
  • Apart from this, the Seery app lets you know your customer purchase pattern with historical trends. 

Install Shopify Seery App

Shopify App Benefits

  • Plan your business growth opportunities with an accurate sales forecast in hand.
  • Automated ML-based customer segments, move your business analysis towards more targeted marketing.
  • Know the exact pain points and benefits with the collected KPI's data.
  • Believing that every customer impacts, proper installation of the Seery app let you build understandable data concerning repeat customers, churn rate, and Customer Lifetime Value for groups or every customer. 
  • With HulkApps in support, you can implement robust Cohort Analysis with filters per customer segment.

How to install Shopify Seery App?

Build on the Shopify platform, and you have got the Shopify App Store, where you can easily find apps for your business growth. To find the Shopify Seery app, type in the "Seery" keyword, and you must click onto Add app, type your store URL, and the Shopify Seery App will get installed upon confirmation.

Other services for your store:

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How to uninstall Seery App?

To uninstall the app, navigate to, locate the Seery: Predictive Analytics app, and click the garbage can to remove it. 

Suppose you have trouble with Seery App Integration: Predictive Analytics app or want advanced customization. In that case, the HulkApps Shopify support team will be happy to assist you/ help you set up for your success in no time.

We'll assist you in Seery App Integration and configuring the Shopify Seery App you want from scratch to a fully functional structure ready for use. 

We Support: 

  • Safely install/uninstall Shopify Seery App: Predictive Analytics app
  • Integrate the app with any Shopify theme. 
  • Configuration and installation.
  • Troubleshoot and resolve issues.


Outbound marketing by brute force is not the best way to acquire new customers or retain existing ones in today's customer-driven business environment. In both inbound and outbound channels, customer engagement must be personalized.

Seery: Predictive Analytics app, installed by HulkApps Shopify experts extracts relevant analytics to maximize cross-sell, up-sell, deep-sell, and retention opportunities. 

So, Integrate Seery Shopify App in your store with Shopify experts to employ predictive models to determine customer interest and provide reusable marketing strategies.