Do you want to launch a new online store or update the current one you right now have on Shopify?

You have 2 options – Do it yourself or hire someone.

Whichever option you select, here’s a list of resources you'll be able to utilize to help you get the work done. These assets will assist you to set up a store, introduce a theme, design a theme, install apps and close to anything with respect to Shopify.

Want to Do It Yourself?

  1. Find the Right Theme for Your Shopify Store and install it yourself (see how to install a theme)
  2. Shopify offers lots of Free Tools to help you set up and manage your online store.
  3. Want more tools? Check out the Shopify App Store.
  4. You can contact Shopify Support, but help will be limited or get access to Shopify Help Center.
  5. You can ask a question in the Shopify Discussion Forums. The community can help you.
  6. Join Facebook Groups – Shopify Entrepreneurs and Shopify Strategy and Shopify Brand Academy
  7. Listen to Shopify Podcasts

Want to Hire Someone?

Rather than knocking multiple doors for multiple-doors for a small, individual Shopify task, it’s better to knock a single door of a Shopify expert who can help you with almost anything in respect to Shopify.

HulkApps is a specialized e-commerce consultancy for brands and entrepreneurs looking to strengthen their businesses in the online world and reach the next level. Their vision is to help brands and entrepreneurs who are new to e-commerce, to successfully establish their online retail setups. Seeing that most entrepreneurs who are not from IT backgrounds tend to be skeptical of moving into e-commerce without the correct consultancy, investment or technical advice, HulkApps’ Shopify experts set out to deliver this much-needed service.

We know that Shopify merchants today faces 4 Key challenges:

Minimizing downtime

Businesses are under relentless pressure to launch their store on time and minimize downtime, often without any room for issues. When any kind of interruptions occurs, merchants need a faster time to resolution.

Post-deployment maintenance

Keeping up with the store’s evolving demands, optimizing complex codes and resolving bugs can present a challenge to merchants. Even freelancers don’t provide continuous support.

Multiple vendors

Rarely do merchants come across agencies that know-it-all! And repeatedly communicating their unique requests to multiple agencies can be painful!

Relevant technical skills

Startups are usually limited by budget, to spend money on hiring external help from unreliable sources, and allowing them to work on stores might be risky for the smooth running of a business.

HulkApps Packages can be the supplement to your Shopify store

We are dedicated to delivering superior project management services to ensure you have the expertise, support, and resources you need for your websites to reach their full potential.

Not only do we offer world-class support for our Shopify Apps, but we have also customized offerings that let you decide what kind of support you need, and when you need it.

By offering periodic support services as an additional, yet affordable luxury- taking advantage of the wealth of knowledge we have developed, HulkApps helps you to create a better, faster, more optimized eCommerce site while maintaining a long-term relationship.

We’ve packages built for any size business

Custom Packages

Keeping up with small to heavy customization needs for businesses, with plans that are made-to-order, at a fraction of a cost.

Shopify Plus Scripts Package Pay one low monthly fee, and we'll build unique scripts that allow you to create promotions right at your time.

Development Support Packages Opportunity for businesses to get dedicated resources for growing business with ongoing support.

HulkApps packages are a natural evolution of our offerings. Have you checked out? Here’s a route to the HulkApps Packages, if you’ve not already.