The Prestige Shopify Theme is a feature-filled theme available in different styles. It's got clean and uncluttered pages, airy fonts, and a well-organized menu.


Image hotspot linking, improve the micro-data schema, and showcase high-quality product images.


What's this about?

Being an eCommerce merchant, you want to showcase your wares on a website that looks stunning yet requires minimal efforts to execute. Choosing the perfect theme for your store from the Shopify platform is just one step behind before setting up your eCommerce store. 

Speaking of which, 

Themes - It is a uber important thing for your sales; Being the face of your brand, it is directly proportional to your sales process as they are responsible for the user experience(UX) of your customers when shopping on your site. 

Research shows that 70% of people don’t trust poorly designed websites.

Shopify Prestige Theme review

 It is simple – A web template with messy menus and illegible fonts probably won’t make you leap for your wallet. A gorgeous, shiny intro page with beautiful imagery and a captivating aesthetic? That’s a whole another story. 

The design which is an integral part of the user experience has the power to increase:

  • CTR or Click-Through Rate 
  • Conversion Rates 
  • As well as decreasing bounce rates 

    The Shopify Prestige theme's clam, yet the sophisticated look, will reassure the quality of your brand. Its simple, minimalist fonts give out a reliable impression. In its exquisite blog layout, it's possible to share knowledge about a product, industry, or general information related to the domain to capture your customer's attention and retain them for a longer period. This theme’s spirit is all about simplicity, spaciousness, and elegance.


    Shopify Prestige Theme

    Shopify Prestige Theme


    A prestige theme that accentuates the design of the products and optimizes to organize the catalog quickly with three unique styles.


    1. Allure, 
    2. Couture, 
    3. Vogue. 

    The Allure Style:


    Shopify Prestige theme review 2020 (Free theme upload)

    • A whole image occupies the full width of the screen. Such that the Prestige Shopify theme merchants can place 2 buttons for the shoppers to click. This banner can work as the main slider, and you can add up to max three sliders.
    • The prestige theme purchasers aren't restricted to just adding 2 buttons in the main slider; the option of adding buttons in each slider is possible. Overall, you are free to put 3 sliders and 6 collection buttons. 

    Shopify Prestige theme review 2020 (Free theme upload)

    • As you can see, the menu is in the top-left as per the Maestrooo design principle for the prestige Shopify theme. Depending on the categories of your store lists, the menu buttons can expand. 
    • To attract your shoppers and upsell products, the theme lets you add immediately a row of "best-sellers". Each item box can display 2 photos, and the photo changes if there is a mouse-over action on the product. This gives an insight into the product, which aids in building trust among the customers.


    Shopify Prestige theme review 2020 (Free theme upload)

    Shopify Prestige theme review 2020 (Free theme upload)


    • Another slide of "New collections" products is possible, and also you can repeat this sometimes on your landing page.
    • Besides, you can add multiple sections with up to 5 links. Each link will show different photos and text on that particular section. 
    • The allure style of prestige Shopify theme gives you the option to display featured products on your home page and allow your store customers to have a quick sneak into the photos, description, variants.
    • The option to show the "Add-to-Cart" button is possible, and at the very bottom, you can add the footer section, blogroll, and email subscription box. 

    The Couture Style:

    The couture prestige Shopify theme

    • The couture prestige Shopify theme inherits some similarities from the Allure prestige Shopify theme.  
    • This style lets you upload 4 images in sliders and occupies the full -width of the screen. 
    • Add 2 call-to-action buttons inside sliders.
    • The menu is designed to be in the top middle of the screen, unlike in allure [Top-Left].
    •  Right below the slider, you can add a series of four images in one section.
    • Every slider contains a special space for the product name and the price.
    • Furthermore, the contour prestige Shopify theme purchases can create a section of collections, a product section with the price information and Add-to-cart button, a video section, a blogroll, and a footer menu with email subscription boxes.

    Shopify Prestige Theme review

    The Vogue style:

    • The Vogue Prestige Shopify theme is different from the other 2 prestige Shopify themes. 
    • The slider on the top works the same as the menu's background.
    • The menu is designed to be placed at Top middle. 
    • Empowered to use only 3 slider images.
    • It is also possible to move the buttons inside the slider to the middle of the bottom left.
    • The rest of the Vogue prestige Shopify theme capabilities for Vogue are the same as the other two prestige Shopify theme styles.

    Shopify Prestige Theme review

    Shopify Prestige Theme Main Features

    Image Hotspot Linking

    Have you ever uploaded a group picture that required you to tag your friends, colleagues? If yes, then you experienced image hotspot linking. It's not a complex term when you understand its functionality. 

    After uploading and tagging your friend, if a person views the photo, some texts will appear if you tap on their face, and that is Image hotspot linking. 

    Shopify Prestige Theme review

    In your eCommerce site, you can tag parts of a product for each product. Let's say you are selling fashion and lifestyle products, the text hotspots are such as "Jackets", "Shoes", "Tunic-Tops". 

    A simple mouse-over action on the necessary accessory will give information about the product. This unique feature of the Prestige Shopify theme reduces multiple page navigation for a customer for a product. It makes the product discovery easy, and you can put those highlights on each product in this Shopify theme. 

    Display high-resolution pictures

    In eCommerce, customers always determine or make a purchase based on the photos. If the photos are blurry and low quality, there is a high chance of an abandoned cart. Therein, always remember to provide the best product pictures. 

    High-Quality pictures = Better Sales

    Shopify Prestige Theme review

    In the genric, photos get pixelated in many themes increasing the bounce rate. Prestige Shopify Theme let's upload a high-resolution picture. The product pictures will be crisp and clear. This will increase sales rates. 

    Home page menu lists

    The creation of n-number of categories in the menu bar eases the navigation. Prestige Shopify theme lets its Shopify merchants create a menu bar and subcategories as per their store requirements. The menu is designed to be drop-down. 

    A home page menu, as flexible as this can give your shoppers a more satisfying navigation experience. It enhances the product search easily. 

    Most themes offer a different approach where the customer has to navigate to multiple pages for a collection and again come to the home screen for different collection categories. This, however, is time-consuming. 

    Flexible Home page Menu = Reduce Navigation time

    Shopify Prestige Theme review

    Search Engine Optimization

    If you are beginning an eCommerce business or enhancing your eCommerce business store, the importance of SEO should always be a high priority. 

    If your store's theme does not let you make changes in certain areas, especially concerning SEO, it is not worth a look. 

    Prestige Shopify theme empowers you to change 

    • Product title
    • Meta description or excerpt
    • Product details or content
    • Name of some product variants

    This will make sure your post is SEO friendly. Not all of the themes are being built to have this.

    Shopify Prestige Theme review

     Want to do-it-yourself:

    Prestige Theme Pros and Cons 



    Besides impressive functionality and appealing aesthetics, Maestroo offers support in resolving any troubleshooting or queries concerning the theme. It doesn't support setting up the store.  

    Note: Any queries to set up your store with Prestige Shopify Theme can be discussed with HulkApps

    The Shopify Prestige theme developed by Maestroo does not provide its user with refunds.

    No worries!

    You can customize the options to align with your thoughts with service providers like HulkApps.

    The Prestige theme helps save your money in marketing. You no longer need to install the Instagram app, social media app, or other apps that cost. Although the theme costs $180, it's a one-time payment. Once installed, the Shopify merchants (you) don't need to buy the following :

    • Email subscription
    • Page editors like FAQ apps
    • Add to cart editors
    • Upsell apps
    • Social media

    The theme does not feature currency converter support, and the third-party currency converter apps will not support the theme also.

    Well maintained codebase, so that any developer can integrate the functions well. The design, along with component options, makes it easy to build up a modern site without a cookie-cutter look.

    Additionally, if you want to create and custom functionalities, you can avail the external service provides.  

    One of the most unpleasant things about the theme is it loads slowly. This is inevitable since the theme is designed to carry high-quality photos, and there remain two ways to fix this. The first way is to improve the hosting bandwidth, and the second way is to reduce the photo size.

    The page speed of the Prestige Shopify theme is 0.66 in mobile device and 0.96 in websites. These scores are from Google Lighthouse. 

    Why is HulkApps? 

    HulkApps caters to all of the eCommerce needs. This permits them to supply one-stop specific solutions for each business, and each budget. The working process is straightforward, and the prices are reasonable. 

    The services provided for Shopify Prestige Theme are:

    1. Setup your store with Prestige Shopify Theme
    2. Create Advanced Functionality In Prestige Shopify Theme
    3. Customize Prestige Shopify Theme

      The planning, structuring, and pricing are discussed in the Prestige Shopify Theme- Free consultation. Want a solution for your query? You can create a support ticket on our support page. We will definitely reach out to you within 4-8 working days. 

      The sky's the limit for HulkApps, and the reasons can be well understood when you have a quick read in the development strategies involved.

      Shopify Prestige Theme review


      No theme is perfect. 

      Even the Shopify Prestige theme is not perfect, the best part about this theme is its updates are free, which means if the bugs are fixed, then purchasers can avail of the enhanced feature without any extra costs. 

      It is a bundle of great features to boost your marketing-which includes Instagram, social media apps, email subscriptions, and others to get your product associated.

      Shopify Prestige Theme review