Shopify Partner Town Hall is a holy grail for Shopify agencies or partners. And it is no secret why? At HulkApps, we keep our eyes hooked to the latest releases on the Shopify platform, technology innovation, and engineering. So, we can educate ourselves, keep ourselves updated with all the latest changes to the platform and help our merchants overcome issues - whether big or small- in a flexible way. 

Lately, Shopify Partner Town Hall's product or platform updates have been quite phenomenal as we believe they are powerful to transform merchant experience and help them thrive. Especially in the times of COVID-19, as businesses move from brick-and-mortar space to the online marketplace, these updates can be dynamic to enable flexible, fast, and user-friendly functionalities in your stores. 

As a HulkApps Shopify agency, here's how we can make use of these updates and power up your store. 

New pricing tools for international buyers 

What makes for the essential aspect of selling to international buyers? Your customers need to know what could be the rate of taxes, shipping costs, and product prices in their based on the product’s various options, country, or region in real-time. 

If a lot of calculations your customers do, chances are they move to and fro between your store and apps, which makes the user experience even nastier. Conversion can take a sharp hit. 

To make it easy, enable your international customers to pay in their local currencies in line with automatic conversion using a foreign exchange (FX) rate. In addition to selling globally, the Infinite Product Options App is a vital tool to make the customer experience more engaged and loyal. By integrating this app with your store, you can enable your global customers' to-

  • add any number of items or bulk orders they want
  • choose specific color or design
  • view accurate amount in checkout 

Know More:

Adjust Price and Create Unlimited Options with Product Options App

When Infinite product options by HulkApps align with the automatic international pricing, it gives you more control over pricing functionality. 


  • Your Shopify store must utilize Shopify Payments.
  • The exact amount on checkout depends on international shipping locations.
  • To localize customer experience, you can use the international domain.
  • Geolocation is mandatory to enable your shoppers to view their local currency value pricing.
  • Forget not to disable Buy Now if you use Google Pay or Apple Pay.
  • Allow your customers to view details in their native language to build engaged UX. 

TIP: If you need any support in achieving this goal, HulkApps Shopify partners can make it easier for you.  

Build omnichannel experience with pickup availability 

Build omnichannel experience with pickup availability


Merchants those faced business closures due to COVID-19 opted to move to online stores. Being one of the leading Shopify partners, HulkApps helped merchants develop and scale online stores.  

Here is one thing to take note of. Fewer in-person sales at their stores resulted in excessive rents and maintenance costs. We enabled Shopify Point of Sale to make fulfillment easy through in-store pickup and more customers than worrying about in-person sales. 

Now, our work seems even more effortless with the new pickup availability feature on out-of-the-box on the Shopify Default theme. We can offer merchants a significant level of flexibility while helping users have their products at the earliest. Here’s how we can help merchants build this unique experience -  

  • We can embed the pickup availability feature in the default Shopify theme. 
  • If merchants want, it will be easier for us to customize Shopify themes to enable pickup availability on the product page and help customers know the nearest pickup location without waiting until the checkout page shows up information. 
  • To make this feature even more workable for customers, we can embed buyers’ IP addresses, city, or zip codes to help sort locations by kilometers and miles.  

Buying online and pickup in-store is much more convenient for customers and profitable for merchants- this is how omnichannel commerce is becoming easy to launch for merchants. 

Flexibility and performance with Polaris v6.0.0

Shopify Partner Town Hall 2021: Accelerate Your Next Big eCommerce Initiatives


Shopify worked through the Polaris limitations and brought out Polaris v6.0.0. It now has an updated color palette, icons, and more. Shopify partners like HulkApps can utilize this new version to build an all-new exciting experience using its elegant codes, new and clean assets.

Interestingly, this reduces bundle size. Therefore, building applications or any user experience will be fast and accessible in the backend and quicker in the frontend for users. Using Polaris, from Form Builder HulkApps or any other apps you choose, we ensure they load faster and increase your performance across any device for any vertical.

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More payments providers for Shopify digital wallet

Shopify Partner Town Hall 2021: Accelerate Your Next Big eCommerce Initiatives

Today, mobile payments take customers by sweep as a means of flexible and convenient payment options that help with faster conversion rates without any friction. Shopify makes digital payments even more flexible for its merchants by enabling them to integrate ShopPay and PayPal into its payment systems. 

Besides, Braintree and PayPal Pro also support merchants as reliable payment gateways.  

Regardless of what you need to scale - be it a subscription or a regular payment, our developers or engineers at HulkApps can help merchants embed payment gateways or digital wallets in their stores while maintaining the perfect look and feel of the stores. 

Summing up 

HulkApps values the Shopify Partner Town Hall updates for developers and partners. We always look forward to the latest updates to build captivating user experiences that help merchants grow and scale. Some more significant announcements on product updates are likely in the upcoming Shopify Unite 2021 - a yearly summit that invites Shopify developers and partners from around the world to connect and interact over the future of commerce. We believe - with the latest updates and trends from Shopify Unite 2021, we can help merchants build a scalable and profitable business on the fastest-growing platform in the world. 

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