An In-depth Shopify page speed optimization guide that shows you how important it is to have a good website. Suggestions and tricks to improve load times.

To be honest, in the beginning, we all are excited to launch our web store with the Shopify platform, and everything works great. The pages load fast, and the page transitions are smooth. But as your business grows, you add more products, images, apps, ‘good looking’ themes, and others. This ultimately consumes all your resources and results in low or poor Shopify page speed.

Improve Your Shopify Site Performance

The focal point of any site is to optimize its website performance as it is the primary factor in delivering success and bring good business. After all, slow website performance kills a businesses’ bottom line as it frustrates visitors into seeking alternatives – impatience is a digital virtue!

Fast page load speed amplifies visitor engagement, retention, and boosts sales. The immediate website response to the query leads to higher conversion rates, and studies show that a site’s bounce rate gets worse for every second it takes a page to load. Page speed affects every business key performing metric you consider. It can either win massive sales or quickly turn visitors away. 

Why is a Shopify Page speed optimization important?

User experience

The faster any website gets with informative content, the more user engagement it attracts. This proportionally increases your conversation rate and generates more revenue. Shopify page optimization services do exactly that for premium user experience.


Optimization helps you exclude unnecessary data from your Shopify store, giving space to load the site fastly. Shopify page optimization helps you garner high google rankings effortlessly.

Shopify store speed optimization


When there is a 7% reduction in conversions and an 11% loss of page views if there is even a 1-second delay. Imagine if you optimize your page. A change of just 2 seconds optimization in loading speed brings a 3% increase in revenue.

Conversion Rate

When a good user experience is provided, there is a high chance of a massive conversion rate. A fast loading page usually translates into a lower bounce rate, higher customer engagement, and quicker cart checkout for increased user conversion rates.


With good user experience + conversion rates + page optimization, you will have a good amount of traffic. These factors are the most crucial point that invites more page views per visit and an inherently increased organic traffic for your store.

More customers 

A good-looking website + faster loading speed + more traffic + more engagement is a perfect equation to attract more customers and more profits.

Boost Shopify Site Performance and Speed

How do you get your users to reach out to your site for their requirements? In simple words, optimize the page rank. Optimizing your Shopify store speed is not only what your site visitors want, but even Google also requires. There’s a connection between SEO and page speed, and it’s exactly why your pages need to load quickly.

Google's main intention is to serve the best search result that fits consumer queries. It's not only about serving pages with quality content but provides the best user experience, and you guessed it right, page speed is part of a great user experience. Based on these performance metrics, the google search algorithm crawls and ranks pages.

Shopify Page speed optimization constitutes an important ranking factor in Google’s algorithm and also plays a crucial role in user experience. Pages that take time to load can lower the average session duration and increase the bounce rate, resulting in fewer interactions and decreased conversions.

Shopify Page speed optimization

If users consistently bounce from your site, the search engine algorithm will start noting, and you will see a drop in rankings. It is because Google sees a correlation between a high bounce rate and a bad user experience, so they subsequently drop you in the rankings.

Even if users don’t stay on your website long enough to browse through the content, Google automatically presumes that it must not be a very good website. Despite being the best websites with the best content out there, but your slow load time kept them from experiencing your website. 

This makes Shopify page speed optimization even more compelling. Page speed can keep users from entering your site in the first place, which means they won’t learn about your business, see your products and services, or read your beneficial information. Most of all, they won’t convert. That’s why it’s very important to identify what is causing pages on your site to load slowly and optimize Shopify store speed. Is your site fast enough to make users stay around? 

Before you avail of any service, know that there is a crucial difference between site speed and page speed. It can be a deciding factor in your organic rank and bounce rate.

So what is that difference?

Site speed, a large landscape score to determine your site's performance. The figure is determined by considering the average performance rate of a sample of load times of a few pages on your site, and therefore not a very in-depth way of determining your site’s true performance. Shopify Site Speed Optimization Service - Advanced Plan service encompasses all the technical and marketing techniques utilized to obtain traffic, engage visitors and after that convert them into prospects or buyers using a clearly defined strategy that meets several pre-defined objectives.

Page speed, an in-depth performance analysis, it considers the loading time of a specific page on your website, or how long your content and images take to show up. Testing for each page, or particularly for your most important pages, can reveal your site’s performance. To simplify your actions, you can rely on our Page Speed Optimization for SEO service. In this package, we are going put in all the hard work to induce your site speed to a worthy level, so you’re well ahead of the pack in terms of client experience. We consider Google Page Speed Insights and Lighthouse tool's score to be the leading measure of the page speed improvement.

If you want to optimize Shopify store speed and decrease page load time, HulkApps Shopify page speed optimization services can help you. We offer 3+ separate page speed optimization service plans that can help your website load at top speeds. The major effects you’ll see after implementing our services include extended time-on-page and decreased bounce rate. Additionally, over time, you’ll also see an increase in conversions and revenue.


HulkApps has all-in-one Speed Optimization services for Shopify to help store owners, just like you. You can even check your App Evaluation for Speed & Performance Optimization. Recently, Google has modified its search rank algorithm to include even mobile speed as a key performance metric in the ranking, because of this, both your desktop and mobile rankings can change due to site speed.

Whether you are a single product store or multi-product store, it's definite you will have lots of product, collection, homepage, and blog images within your Shopify store. If the images are high-resolution and unoptimized, your Shopify store load speed will reduce. This will hinder your efforts in getting visitors to browse your store and the conversion rates. Proper Shopify Image Optimization leads to faster page load, lower bounce rate, higher conversions, and good Google position. Shopify Image Optimization and Compression for SEO service is a set of actions performed by Hulkapps experts with image size management and SEO fields in an image file. At each of the phases of a conversion funnel, our experts will identify a correlation between quality product photography and sales stats and enhance.

On a similar note, HulkApps offers optimization services for your Lazy Loading Images & Videos on the Shopify store.

Some important factors to consider where the Shopify page speed optimization can be targeted. 

Image optimization:- 

Good compression reduces the size of your image files with no noticeable difference in quality or color. Image compression strips unnecessary metadata, HulkApps uses algorithms to combine data and similar patterns, and can reduce the total amount of colors needed. 

Lazy loading:-

The images that load as the user scrolls down the page. HulkApps lazy loading performance optimization technique helps you optimize the images for better performance. 

Defer parsing of Javascript:-

Some of your scripts might be deprecated and slow down your website performance. In such cases, a complete audit report of website performance gives an idea to remove or move the code that is not required to load the page. 

Note: Even small change can impact majorly, therein load it asynchronously, to display the key elements of the page faster to the user.

Defer parsing of Javascript

Reduce server requests:-

To make your Shopify page load faster, you can opt-in to reduce the number of files loaded on the page. There are two key factors here for Shopify sites: 

  1. App issues,
  2. Lazy loading.

Fix server errors 

Uninstalling an app from your Shopify store doesn’t always remove all the app code from your theme. These broken code or old app code usually impact the page loading speed. A regular monitor of the codebase helps you optimize the page speed performance of your store. 

Browser cache:-

Shopify Page speed optimization with browser caching is an important factor for high Google rank, and HulkApps uses a technique that notifies browsers about files to change patterns(every month, every week). This avoids unnecessary browser caching and hence fasten up your Shopify website.

Browser cache

Removal of unused code:-

Scrapping out unwanted codes saves space on the server and minimizes the bandwidth used on every page load for optimum and error-free functioning.

How much does Shopify page speed optimization cost? 

Every agency will likely charge something a little different for their Shopify page speed optimization services. However, at HulkApps, our prices range between $49- $600, based on the service you pick. 

HulkApps is a full-service Shopify Expert that knows page speed optimization

We’re full-service Shopify experts, which means we provide much more than just SEO. Take a look at all the services we offer below! 

Though page speed assuredly affects your search engine ranking, strategies like upselling, product options, product reviews can also drive in more visitors to your store and increase your Google ranking.