Selecting a Shopify theme that allows you to creatively engage while helping with conversions is possible only with the Shopify Highlight theme. The theme is designed for small catalog stores to showcase the products and their features more effectively and engagingly.

As the theme release version 2.0.0, which is compatible with Shopify Online store 2.0, you can get to experience a fully customizable theme from the home page to product, collection, and cart pages.

The theme also offers standard features like image rollover, image zoom, product reviews, promo banners, and others to enhance user experience. And to help you drive more conversions, the theme also comes equipped with other powerful features like enhanced search options, stock counter, trust badges, and others that we're covering below. 

Working closely with the Highlight theme Shopify, we understand theme features thoroughly and how best to utilize these alongside customizations to generate growth and create advanced functionalities. We create this in-depth Shopify theme review to help you understand more about the theme and how it can suit your business. 

Topics covered in this Shopify Theme review: 

  • Overview of the theme in tabular format

  • About the Shopify theme developer

  • Shopify Highlight theme features 

  • Recommended customizations, 

  • Customer support options, 

  • Reviews, and finally, 

  • Our verdict about the theme. 

Overview of Shopify Highlight Theme:  

Overview of Shopify Highlight Theme

About the Shopify Highlight Theme developer:

The Shopify Highlight theme is built by Krown Themes, who are truly focused on building Shopify themes that help you bring out your creativity. The Shopify Highlight theme  - eCommerce website template developers have built two more Shopify themes to support medium and large catalog stores. You can benefit Krown themes Shopify themes via Shopify's theme marketplace.

Shopify Online Store 2.0 Highlight theme

  • Shopify Split Theme:

As the term suggests, the split-screen layout of the theme helps you create a better engaging user experience and subtle animations. The Smart Adaptive Grid ( SAG) functionality ensures that the theme is adaptable for large and small catalog stores. 

    • Three theme styles - Cuber, Looker, Jagger.
    • Two navigational styles - Sticky classic and Slide bar.
    • Two layout design for Collection - Half-page and regular grid layout.
  • Shopify Kingdom Theme: 

If you are a Shopify merchant with a large inventory and still want an image-focused theme, you must check Krown Themes - Kingdom. Designed to incorporate a stylish sidebar that enhances user experience, the Kingdom Shopify theme is 99 % faster on desktop. 

    • Allows purchases from the product page with "Drawer cart Ajax."
    • Allows you portrait scrollable content with the "Shop the Look" section.
    • Allows you to deliver a better customer experience with the "Dual menu sidebar" option. 

How much does it cost to publish the Shopify Highlight Theme? 

The Shopify Highlight theme is priced at USD 250 once you publish the theme. Until you publish, the Shopify theme gives you an unlimited free trial. 

Being compatible with Shopify Online Store 2.0, theme users will still get excellent value from the theme. Also, with the Shopify theme developers focused on bettering the e-commerce experience for all kinds of merchants, you will also be able to see the higher quality and improved functionality and usability of the theme. Learn more about Shopify Online store 2.0 introduction, in our blog. 

Shopify Highlight Theme reviews: 

As of October 2021, this Shopify theme review has received 11 reviews on the theme store with about 91% positive. Shopify merchants using the theme have indicated they are happy with the features and the quick support received when a question arises or during theme set up. 

Features of the Shopify Highlight Theme 

As discussed earlier, suitable for small catalog stores, the Shopify Highlight theme comes with many features that will help you drive engagement and sales. 

The core features of the Shopify Theme:

 The core features of the Shopify Theme

As indicated in the Shopify theme store, the features that set up the Shopify Highlight theme - eCommerce website template are :

  • Parallax Vertical Slider allows you to display your collections, products, brand details, or anything in a creative way. 

  • The Asymmetrical Product Grid option allows you to highlight the best-featured product to sell better.

  •  The Additional Product Features and Information functionality will enable you to deliver more conventional product descriptions. 

Other features of the Shopify Theme:

  • Three built-in style 

The Shopify Highlight theme offers you the following styles: Modern, Single, and Art. The presets are designed to help you resonate with your brand and build your Shopify store quickly. 
  • Shopify Online Store 2.0 compatible

With the announcement of Shopify, the Krown Themes developers adopted the new features into the Shopify theme so the merchants can leverage the benefits of Shopify Online Store 2.0. 

Suppose you need any help in migrating your store to Shopify Highlight theme 2.0.0 or want to incorporate Shopify Online store 2.0 features in your pre-existing theme. In that case, you can always connect with HulkApps Shopify Online Store 2.0 experts.

  • Built for small catalogs 

The theme elements and features are designed to help you creatively showcase your products, also at the same time, highlight the product. Tailored for maximum customizations - the theme is best for small inventory stores.

  • Animations along with parallax effect 

The Shopify theme allows the images and text to appear animatedly along with the parallax effects, so you can easily grab visitors' attention and increase engagement. 

  • Spice up with product grid
You can easily highlight your best-featured product using the asymmetrical product grid; if not also you can use the regular grid option to showcase your products.
  • Card for trust badges
The built trust badges option will allow you to assure your customer about their payment security and nudge them towards making more purchases from your Shopify store. 
  • Encourage sales with promotion tiles

The Shopify Highlight theme - eCommerce website template offers promo titles functionality to promote sales, discounts, and featured products and increase conversion rate. 

  • Stock counter option for impulse buys

Drive your customers to make a sale by creating a sense of urgency using the stock counter option of the theme. About 70% of shoppers agree that FOMO urges them to buy the product immediately. 

Other features of the Shopify Theme

Together with creating FOMO, integrate a Shopify volume and tiered discounts app to maximize your sales opportunity in Shopify BFCM 2021. HulkApps Shopify VolumeBoost (formerly known as Volume & Tiered Discounts) app helps increase AOV, reward your buyers and offer more pricing flexibility to your customers. Apart from these features, the Shopify app is compatible with Online Store 2.0 functionalities. 

  • Sticky cart

To drive more conversions, you can enable the sticky cart option to encourage the buyer to complete the purchase quickly and effectively, urging them to turn into loyal customers. 

  • Rich text section 

Grab in the customer moment with effective statements using the theme Rich text section option as there is nothing more than helping your customer remember your brand with a punchy line.

  • Optimized collection list

Adding the extra spice, the Shopify theme Highlight improved collection view feature will allow you to showcase your collection list or product categories minimally and compactly, convenient for both shoppers and Shopify merchants. 

  • Speed-tested

No matter how good the features are, you need a theme that helps you convince you to store visitors in a second. The Shopify Highlight theme gets a 99 % desktop and 80 % mobile score, implying that store speed plays a critical role. 

Shopify Online Store 2.0 Highlight theme

Suppose you are looking to optimize your store performance better than the indicated score or get proven CRO strategies that bring outstanding conversion results to your eCommerce websites or SEO management. Collaborate with Shopify conversion experts at HulkApps that help grow your organization.

  •  FAQ page

The Shopify Highlight theme improves the customer decision by setting up an FAQ page that answers all the queries regarding the product and reduces the return rate.  

  • Entice with large images
The theme lets you display high-resolution product images without impacting the page load time., making it easier for store visitors to know more about the product, leading to higher conversions from every visit you get. 
  • Multi-lingual support 

If you want to sell to multiple locations or expand your business, you're in luck. The Shopify Highlight theme - eCommerce website template supports multiple languages and currency conversion tools.

How to connect with the Shopify Theme customer service? 

Krown Themes offers customer service and support via email and social media. You can reach out to them at with your queries. 

Alternatively, you can connect with HulkApps Shopify Highlight theme customization support to get better assistance and faster. Usually, we respond to support queries within 24 hours (during workdays).

Documentation/Knowledge base

For those who like to know more about how the theme has improved since its launch, Krownthemes Shopify theme developers have created a set of documentation in their knowledge base. 

Shopify Highlight Theme customizations that you might need 

As the description goes for a product that is "One size fits all," it's not the same for your store design, although you might be selling the same products. 

Pushing to build a Shopify store creatively, Shopify Highlight theme - eCommerce website template offers a lot of flexibility so that you can customize the store to suit your brand voice. For the answer to how to customize? Which options to play around with while keeping the store's speed unimpacted? You can connect with HulkApps Shopify Theme Highlight customization experts. 

About HulkApps Shopify Highlight Theme customization package

Shopify store owners with traffic over 2,500 unique visits a month tend to work with us on theme customization projects. By making subtle changes with HulkApps, they experience significant clicks and organic traffic, increasing revenue. 

HulkApps Shopify Highlight Theme customization support

As a leading Shopify Expert, we at HulkApps frequently work with growing brands to customize their Highlight theme Shopify to increase engagement, sales, and others. HulkApps Highlight theme support helps you get and revenue as efficiently as possible. 

Reasons to opt-in for the HulkApps Shopify Highlight Theme customization support?

  • Dedicated Shopify Developer

  • Speed assurance

  • 2 round iteration & feedback

  • Expedient check-ups

  • Mobile compatible theme

  • No hidden charges

Customize Your Shopify Theme

We aren't just limited to customization; we have helped several 'Pre-Shopify' clients achieve significant sales growth through appropriate theme setup and the creation of advanced functionality. 

If you face any issues or need assistance while doing the Shopify Highlight theme setup, you can reach out to the HulkApps Shopify Highlight theme - eCommerce website template set up experts. Later, to upsell your products, build subscription options, you can avail yourself of extensions from HulkApps at reasonable rates. 

 Online Store 2.0 Shopify Highlight theme customization

About HulkApps Shopify Highlight advanced Theme customization service 

There's no doubt, you want to reach a new height than yesterday, and you might be looking at ways to maximize. Working closely with the Highlight theme Shopify, our advanced Shopify theme customization team will build options, custom apps, and other functionalities which will help you generate more sales with minimal effort.  

Final verdict about the Shopify Highlight Theme

As Shopify experts who have worked with Shopify theme Highlight, we think the Shopify theme is a great choice for stores that want to express their limited store products more creatively. The theme also provides a surplus of value for most brands, as noted from reviews. The theme's flexibility and design options make it easy to create tailored experiences. 

Suppose you are a store with a small inventory and want to express your brand creatively. In that case, you can benefit Shopify Highlight theme - eCommerce website template and play around freely as the theme provides an unlimited trial period. 

Optimize your store with these Shopify Apps and services:


  • Hulk Shopify Mobile App Builder: 

Hulk Shopify Mobile App Builder

Reach to people where they are active by converting your Shopify store into a mobile app with Hulk Shopify Mobile App Builder. Here are some of the core features to help your decision. 

    • With in-built Klaviyo and MailChimp integration, you can deliver personalized experiences.
    • The real-time store data of App revenue, top searches, and other reports will help you achieve goals with seasonal strategies.
    • And the best - regional push notifications will allow you to learn and grow your customer base quickly.
  • Shopify ADA Compliance and Web Accessibility

Shopify ADA Compliance and Web Accessibility

If you aim to reach global consumers, you need to think about achieving accessibility success. As the California Consumer Privacy Act highlights the compliance requirements with WCAG 2.1 Level AA, connect with HulkApps Shopify ADA Compliance and web accessibility experts to make your Shopify store ADA compliant. 

  • Shopify Order Status Tracker: 

Shopify Order Status Tracker

Your customers want to know the status of their products, once it is in transit. To provide them that information without any issues and to increase customer lifetime value, you can download HulkApps Shopify Order Status Tracker App. The core features of the app are: 

  • Integrates with 600+ carriers to provide visibility into the order status and location as it moves towards the customer.

  • The graphical view of the progress of the order gives more power to your store.

  • The options to customize the app allow you to maintain the same brand voice across any step. 

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