When you take your business to eCommerce, your website will be your voice as it is one of the primary places that a customer will interact with your brand. It is no longer satisfactory to have a simple site with a checkout system in place. Your theme and layout act as visual communication of your brand and everything you and your product(s) stand.

By understanding the importance of the theme, you need to select a theme that suits your brand. It is not just about the storefront; you need to focus on the theme functionalities as it matters for your business development.

One of the allied leading causes of conversion issues for eCommerce stores is a poorly designed and constructed website. Approximately 24% of customers are known to have opted out of shopping with eCommerce retailers citing reasons.

Data being big, Shopify turns your eCommerce building into more simplified with the introduction of Shopify Online Store 2.0 architecture, which allows Shopify merchants to express fresh, exciting, enthusiastic views and experiences for customers.

If you are a merchant with a large store inventory and want something elegant, classy, and functional for your store, the Shopify Expanse theme is the best suitable theme. Whether you are into dropshipping electronics, selling food and drink products, health and beauty products, the Shopify theme layout and functionalities will suit your business.

Shopify Expanse Theme Overview:

Launched on Apr 26, 2021, the eCommerce builder Shopify Expanse theme is built by Archetype Themes. Describing itself as a clean and flexible theme, it offers three different presets.

Shopify 2.0 Expanse theme - Presets

Shopify Expanse theme - Classic - eCommerce website template:

  • The mega menu option will ease your categorization if you are a store with a large inventory.
  • Also, the UI of the store is improved with lookbook style so as you can deliver an exceptional store experience.
  • In the list of better experiences for extra sales, the High-resolution images with Promo pop-ups will help you turn a customer into a loyal brand consumer.

Shopify Expanse theme - Modern - eCommerce website template:

  • The Promo tiles above the slideshow will entice your customers to scroll through your products.
  • Although the slideshow option might not lead to conversions, you can highlight your promos.
  • The tags option in the blog section will improvise your customer's experience in finding their answer with your blogs.

Shopify Expanse theme - Contemporary - eCommerce website template: 

  • Upgraded to support Shopify 2.0 features, you can enjoy the image banner section to highlight your store content. Read more about Shopify Online store 2.0 features in our blog. 
  • With the top searched products options in the search bar, you can do more promotions.
  • The in-menu promo functionality will allow you to promote your featured product easily.

About the Shopify Highlight theme developer:

Shopify theme developers, Archetype Themes build Shopify Expanse theme. One of the main reasons why Shopify Expanse theme is reliable fast is that the theme developers believe that the store performance of Shopify Expanse theme is an essential criterion in driving sales to the store.

What are the features of the eCommerce website template Shopify Expanse theme?

Tailored for large inventories, the eCommerce builder Shopify Expanse theme is continuously improved for the better. Apart from just fixing bugs, with the launch of Shopify Online Store 2.0, the Shopify theme released its new version v2.0.0 - Online Store 2.0 - "Sections Everywhere" on Aug 18, 2021.

To get things rolling, if you aren't on the latest version of the theme and looking for a Shopify partner that can help you migrate to Shopify Expanse Theme 2.0, you can check our upgrade to Shopify Online store 2.0 service offering.

With a wide array of choices, the eCommerce website template Shopify Expanse theme has many cutting-edge, functional, and fast-loading content components that will help launch your online store and reflect your brand identity. For this Shopify BFCM 2021, you can do more than last time by learning more about Shopify 2.0 BFCM impacts.

The main features of the Shopify Expanse theme: 

The key to the Shopify Expanse theme is giving you creative control, especially within promo banners, image rollover, slide-out cart features; you can unlock a range of options for your customers.

Shopify 2.0 Expanse theme - features

Cross-selling at every point: 

From the in menu promos to checkout promos, you can build opportunities that will increase an average order value of a customer.

Shopify 2.0 Expanse theme - features

Built for in-store business:

The eCommerce website template Shopify Expanse theme is built to support even your physical store. You can easily mark your physical store location and accommodate more sales.

Shopify 2.0 Expanse theme - features 

Improved mega menu: 

The Shopify Expanse theme mega menu will classify your products and collections of large inventory into an aesthetically pleasing store.

Other functionalities that will make the Shopify Expanse eCommerce website template special is: 

Shopify 2.0 theme customization Expanse

Quick Buy:
Let your Shopify store customers purchase the products they want faster and easier without having to go through multiple steps to purchase the product.

Shopify 2.0 theme customization Expanse

Adjustable product images: 
The flexibility of the theme to resize the images after you upload product pictures of varying dimensions will ease your work.

Shopify 2.0 theme customization Expanse

Stock counter: 
Create a FOMO or urge the customer to purchase with the stock counter option.

Shopify 2.0 theme customization Expanse

Sticky header: 
Deliver the best possible user experience with the Shopify Expanse theme sticky header functionality. 

Shopify 2.0 theme customization Expanse

Customizable contact form: 
Increase the customer's average order value by sounding more human with a customizable contact form.

Shopify 2.0 theme customization Expanse

Custom filters and tags: 
If you want to extend your eCommerce website template Shopify Expanse theme, you can with the option of custom filters and tags. 

Shopify 2.0 theme customization Expanse

Slick yet subtle animations: 
Allow your customers to engage better with your store with slick yet subtle animations—Shopify theme features. 

Shopify 2.0 theme customization Expanse

Plus, fast performance and loading: 
With more than 40% of people abandoning a page due to page speed, Shopify Expanse theme is optimized to perform better.

Why do you need Shopify Expanse theme customizations?

From the split sideshow on the homepage to the sticky product image portion, the Shopify Expanse website template with 97% positive reviews is built with some incredibly useful features.

To us, this is monumental and sets the theme apart from all the other offerings. The merchant's theme reviews using the theme are useful because they indicate you can easily build your business without restricting yourself to basics.

Suppose the eCommerce website template Shopify Expanse theme is customized and configured correctly; apart from enjoying the well-crafted, beautifully shopping theme, you can also increase engagement rates, repeat visitors, and conversion rates.

We are excited to offer our Shopify merchants the option of tailoring the eCommerce website template Shopify Expanse theme, from the appropriate theme set up to custom code functionalities.

Expanse Shopify 2.0 theme customization

Hire us for effortless existing Shopify theme customization 

Working with top brand in Shopify theme customization, we understand the Shopify theme architecture and its new updates on Shopify OS 2.0. Based on the requirement, our eCommerce website template customization experts can modify your existing theme architecture and take care of the needed integration and configurations.

Customize Shopify Expanse theme

Our approach to Shopify theme customization:

  • Consultation
  • Configurations & setup
  • Extended Review
  • Deliverable

Why should you opt-in for HulkApps Shopify Expanse theme customization service?

  • Experienced Shopify developers
  • Flexible pricing
  • Dedicated support
  • Committed to giving results with paramount quality

We specialize in creating reliable Shopify theme customizations and integrations that connect your Shopify to various growth opportunities as Shopify experts. From customizing payment gateways to shipping providers, and other third-party applications, we work with brands to deliver enhanced functionalities while ensuring that it still performs seamlessly. With that said, connect with HulkApps Shopify Expanse theme customization experts to maximize your advantages.

Final verdict about the Shopify Expanse theme:

Despite being a new theme, the Shopify Expanse theme is loaded with many features and styles that let you effortlessly express your business vision to your customers.

If you want some quick customization, you can reach out to HulkApps as we have full in-house Shopify theme customization experts who will quickly work on your requests and get things rolling.

Optimize your store with these Shopify Apps and services:

While you enjoy building your business with Shopify Expanse theme customization, you might enhance your customer flow with some of our most popular tools like the Advanced Wishlist app, VolumeBoost, and GDPR/CCPA compliance Apps.

Expanse Shopify 2.0 theme customization

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