Performance like never before! True to the statement, Shopify set records once again with nearly $6.3 billion sales on Black Friday/Cyber Monday from independent and direct-to-consumer businesses globally. From the start of Black Friday in New Zealand through the end of Cyber Monday in California, this year's BFCM weekend was up by 23% in comparison to last year.

Black Friday/ Cyber Monday Statistics Year Over Year

  • Collectively, merchants on Shopify generated peak sales of nearly $3.1 million aiper minute at 12:02 PM EST, 
  • Merchants crossed $1 billion in sales by 4:00 AM EST, four hours earlier than Black Friday in 2020.
  • The Average cart price: USD 101.20 is up by an average of USD 90.70 from Black Friday 2021. 
  • Cross-border sales were about 15% of all orders placed with Shopify stores, up by 40% compared to 2020. 
  • About 72% of sales were made via Mobile during Black Friday, increasing Mobile Shopping compared to 2020 BFCM. 
  • The top-selling countries - the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada and 
  • The top-selling cities on Black Friday 2021 are London, New York, and Los Angeles. 
  • About 60,000 tonnes of carbon removal is funded to offset all carbon emissions from the fulfillment of each order placed on the Shopify platform on Black Friday. 
  • From long-distance trips to short hops across borders, the most popular Black Friday 2021 cross-border routes are United States-Canada, Canada-United States, and the United Kingdom-United States.
  • This weekend, apparel and accessories sales reigned supreme across Shopify-powered stores globally in Germany, Italy, and Japan. 

How Shopify Online Store 2.0 transformed online shopping:

Whether it's Black Friday, Singles' Day, or Cyber Monday, Shopify Online Store 2.0 introduction will help you positively turn the tables, making commerce better and creative. From unlimited customizations on every page to easy integration of Shopify Apps to flexibility in handling meta details, Shopify Online Store 2.0 allows you to offer the best customer experience with effortless actions. 

"Create high-quality experiences without depending on the developers."

HulkApps - 2021 Black Friday/Cyber Monday Season for Shopify Merchants:

With around 73.84 M requests on Black Friday, up by 16.66 M from the previous period, HulkApps supports every Shopify-powered merchant to go beyond. The race did not finish with the clock hitting midnight and Black Friday officially ending. HulkApps severed about 268.42M requests and the stats below during the entire BFCM 2021 period, 

  • 1.38 TB Data  
  • 10.24M Page Views 
  • 10.17M Page Visits 
  • 50.12M API Requests
BFCM 2021 Graph

With 10.17M page visits during the Black Friday/Cyber Monday week, the total visits grew by 40%, in comparison to 7. 24M visits recorded in Black Friday /Cyber Monday 2020. This year, Black Friday alone got 77.89+ million traffic requests. Speaking of which:

  1. The Black Friday sale raised the page requests, data transfer, API requests graph by 29% from the previous day.
  2. We got around 15.8M unique visitors on Black Friday 2021.
  3. Alongside, we saw about an 8 - 12 % spike in page visits, views, and data transfer on Cyber Monday, compared to BFCM Saturday and Sunday.
Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2021 peak visitor

Amidst 127.7 M requests, the United States is the top-selling country during the BFCM 2021, followed by the United Kingdom. As the number of Indian consumers purchasing from Shopify grew since last year, India stands as the 5th selling country, behind Canada and Australia. Amplifying store owner growth on Shopify, cross-border shopping also increased with 15% of BFCM 2021 shipping done from one country to another.

The trends we saw during Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2021

Engagement is more important than selling

With the new shopping way, brands are becoming more visible. And, with the rising trend for increased levels of engagement within the retail and consumer industry, you need to build better engagement strategies.

We have improved our Shopify Apps to help Shopify merchants quickly capitalize on interest while preserving margins, i.e., the improved features of the Shopify Apps will deliver sustained outcomes even during the holiday shopping season.

The data captured during BFCM 2021 reveals the same with HulkApps Shopify Form Builder hosting about 61.76 M data, followed by Free Product Reviews App saw a growing consumer affinity.

HulkApps top performing Apps

Mobile Shopping is clearly accelerating.

With more consumers using video and messaging apps and social media, online shopping encourages experimentation and coaxes consumers to explore different ways to access products.

The HulkApps BFCM, 2021 Shopify data urges store owners to utilize Hulk Shopify Mobile App Builder to design and build a mobile app for your store to provide great experiences like options to create subscriptions, quick checkout, and others. A mobile app for your store will further drive better results during the holiday season.

Mobile vs. Desktop shoppers

Top-selling categories:

The pandemic hasn't dampened consumers' spending outlook, especially with the Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2021 top shopping trending categories are across apparel and accessories.

Top-selling categories

Peak shopping hours

While it might seem logical to keep your promotions open as many hours as possible, the truth is there is a diminishing return on the investment. With YoY growth in searches for the "Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sale," it is important to know the peak shopping hours of your consumers to plan your support and other strategies.

Analyzing the traffic data of our Shopify BFCM 2021, it is noted that the surge hours where your customers interact with your store is around night, from 21:00 to 23.30 hours on both Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Peak shopping hours

Top referring brands:

With global coverage of more than 268.42M requests and 2 TB data served during Black Friday/Cyber Monday, here's the referrer data, i.e., the page requests coming for:

HulkApps powered brands

HulkApps Shopify Apps BFCM campaign story:

To help merchants on Shopify sell more this Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2021, we at HulkApps started to offer BFCM deals - Up to 40% off on our prominent Shopify Apps from November 9th - November 29th.

With many merchants starting to promote Black Friday deals weeks ahead, we saw a spike in the installation even before BFCM 2021 began,

HulkApps Shopify Apps BFCM campaign story

With 689 installs, Hulk Shopify Product Options is the top-performing BFCM 2021 Shopify App of our App store, followed by Form Builder Shopify App and Badge Master Shopify App with installs around 500. The data clearly indicates that most of the merchants are focusing on building better engagement and credibility.

High performing Shopify Apps that you should check out

Top revenue-generating Shopify Apps:

The most liked and supporting plans:

Streamlining operations with these popular Shopify services

While Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales statistics clearly indicate the power of entrepreneurship, there’s still time to make an impact. Whether you are a merchant with large or small inventory or a drop shipper, get started with our Shopify Apps and services to capture holiday traffic and drive sales.

The top services we supported during Shopify BFCM 2021

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Wrapping up:

Despite shoppers spreading out their dollars on other days rather than squeezing their shopping into "BFCM Week," Shopify-powered independent and direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands made a record-breaking $6.3 Billion in sales. And, HulkApps supported 15 Million unique visitors on Black Friday alone.

The above results are incredible on their own, even more so when we understand that by leveraging our Shopify Apps and Services, store owners on Shopify - small or big, were able to enhance their store performance for a successful BFCM 2021.

With the breakdown of top-performing and revenue-generating Shopify Apps and the preferred shopping channel, creating better shopping experiences for your customers is much easier, especially with Christmas and New year on the list.

At HulkApps, we help Shopify-powered merchants build store experiences that win customers for life—making it easy for brands to add more personalization and engagement. Connect with our Shopify experts and crush your 2022 goals easily.