One of the many challenges the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has resulted in is with supply chains and changes in demand for the stock. As soon as the first outbreak started, there was a scale back production significantly. In some cases halting it entirely, this wreaked havoc on merchants, affecting all the retailers. 

Shopify back in stock notification Email +SMS

 As people across the world started panic buying and hoarding, there was a huge surge in demand. Items such as toilet paper, hand sanitizers, cleaning supplies, and groceries are among some of the hardest hits. 

This double impact on retailers has left many items out of stock, with consumers desperate to know when they will be available again. To further aggravate, small and medium-sized businesses often don’t have the same power to secure additional supplies as their larger counterparts. 

Being unsure as to when they will have products back in stock, many merchants are clueless and worried about how to handle the situation. It is especially true when you spend so much effort on convincing customers to purchase from you and crafting the perfect customer experience. 

While supply chain issues are likely out of your control, there is one thing you can do right to help keep your customers informed and provide a great experience with Shopify back-in-stock notifications. 

Shopify back in stock notification Email +SMS

What back in stock notifications are and why they’re important

Don't you know that you can raise to 70% of customers' conversations with back-in-stock alerts?

When you have an in-demand product, inventory sell-out is bound to happen. A study shows a loss of over $600 billion in retail revenue every year due to out-of-stock products, overstocks, and returns. While this may sound appalling, the silver lining is the high potential of reclaiming lost sales. Using HulkApps back-in-stock app, Ecommerce Stores can capitalize on this loss of revenue. 

When your inventory runs out of a product or product variant, instead of just notifying your customer that you’re out of stock, wouldn’t it be great if you gave them an option to get informed as soon as the item is back in stock? 

It is exactly what back-in-stock/ Restock alerts are: an option for customers to subscribe to an email and SMS notifications letting them know their desired product is available again. This provides much better customer experience, and especially during these times, it means you’re offering the best support you can under the circumstances. 

How to set up a back in stock email notification

You need an app on your Shopify store to enable back-in-stock notifications for your customers.

HulkApps Back in Stock Notifications, helps your potential customers pick up where they left off the next time they visit your site. Allows them to sign up for product alerts and automatically notify them when those products are updated.

With the Shopify back-in-stock notification/ Restock Master, you will be able to notify your customers via email and SMS when their desired product is back in stock and available to purchase.

How does it work?

If a product, or variation of that product, is out of stock - you can include a 'back in stock notification' form on your website. Your customers can fill in their name and email address in a popup window to sign for a notification email. And then be automatically notified when the desired product is back in stock in the admin system.

Shopify back in stock notification Email +SMS

Make Smarter Purchasing Decisions

To mark the launch of HulkApps latest premium Back-in-Stock app, they are offering 

Free 3 months trial period + Free Migration to their app for the first 500 Shopify Stores. 

All you need to do is signup to get the 3 months and if you need help with migrating to HulkApps app, simply raise a ticket, and the respected team will get back to you within the same business day.

Within HulkApps back in stock notification Email +SMS Shopify,

You’ll be able to make certain customizations to take full advantage of the power of the popups, emails, SMS, and others. Along with that, the following points give an in-depth understanding of what all features to consider.

Leverage back in stock customer alerts to Re-engage Shoppers

Stop losing sales to stockouts. A number of ways streamlined to interact with customers enables them to get notifications via back-in-stock Shopify alerts on SMS, Messenger, Facebook, push notifications, and emails.

HulkApps Restock alert Shopify app offers the most comprehensive set of features for any Shopify stock notification app with customizable email templates and popular email platform integrations. 

Shopify back in stock notification Email +SMS

Timely alerts with smart automation!

Automatically send out personalized back in stock notifications to subscribed shoppers as soon as the product is restocked on their preferred channel to re-engage them instantly!

You can send alerts when products are

  • Back in stock, 
  • Price Drop, 
  • Low Inventory, and more.

With this, you don't need to worry about customer outflow and budget losses any longer.

Custom design for each store

HulkApps provide a fully customizable design for Shopify back in stock notification alerts/ Restock alerts button, form, and widget. You can customize email templates, as well as the content of the restock alerts, to make sure it complements your needs and store theme.

Shopify back in stock notification Email +SMS

Powerful switching barriers

Instant and Scalable Email Delivery is possible with setting up - restock Alerts to your customers within 60 seconds of item restock.

Engage your subscribers

Shoppers who find a product out of stock usually forget to check back again after a time frame. So, restock notification brings customers back to your store and helps you convert those sales you would have missed. 

Also, with the help of Restock Shopify hulk pro alerts, you might reorganize your inventory and get more of the high-demand products.

Shopify back in stock notification Email +SMS

Data-driven inventory management

With Restock Master, you can see how many customers have signed up to receive notifications about specific items, giving you a data-led approach to your inventory management.

Seamless Automatic Integration

No coding is needed. Once set up, the app will work automatically. Also, it can easily be integrated with any Shopify theme, which is used to set-up the store. It's just a few minute's work for a non-tech merchant to integrate the theme via automatic theme integration. 

Opportunity to grow contacts list

Customers can opt-in using their email address or mobile number. It gives you the perfect opportunity to retarget them with future sales campaigns and promote products they’re likely to be interested in buying.

Engage to Visit

Urging visitors who have visited the store but left without taking any actions to come back and take another look will increase the probability of your sales. Personalized notifications will be sent to potential buyers, to bring your shop to their attention and encourage them to make a purchase.

Reports and Analytics

Reports and analytics for the number of notifications have been sent and keep an eye on the most popular products in your store. You can also get analytics for demanded products, product popularity, next product to supply, abandoned cart list, sent messages list, and engagement data.

Shopify back in stock notification Email +SMS

Advanced Email delivery Controls

Complete Mastery over notification preferences,

  • The number of customers notified via the app.
  • Configure the minimum quantity of the product to send alerts.

You can also ensure only an adequate amount of customers are notified by setting an email delivery interval between a group of customers.

SMS alerts

HulkApps have integrated a well-known SMS service that lets your customers receive restock alerts by text message. You can make your customized text SMS to send, and customers will automatically receive a restock alert.

Email alerts

Email alerts will automatically send email alerts to customers when their desired product is back in stock. You can manage how often you want to receive updates/alerts every time a customer creates a notification.

Shopify back in stock notification Email +SMS

Easy integrations with your favorite apps

Shopify Back-in-stock customer alerts offer one-click, easy integration with your favorite marketing apps. Currently, it integrates with 

  • Mailchimp, 
  • Klaviyo.

24/7 Support:

HulkApps will always guide you if you need a helping hand. The Restock Shopify hulk pro Alerts is very easy to set up, but please do not hesitate to chat with us or send an email.

Final Thoughts: 

Don’t miss out on sales when your inventory temporarily runs out. Increase sales with Restock Master App by HulkApp. Let your Shoppers subscribe to out of stock products and its variants. Latter, Automatically notify shoppers when a product comes back in stock.  There are also other options like klaviyo Shopify back in stock,  if you’re on a different ecommerce platform such as WooCommerce or BigCommerce.

The top features of  HulkApps Restock Master App have to offer merchants are: 

  • Unlimited emails/SMS alerts
  • Automated restocked notices
  • Follow-up reminders
  • Split email delivery into groups
  • Capture valuable data via Reports
  • Email platform integration