Tired of losing money when people abandon their carts in your Shopify online store?

Since an average of 77% of shoppers have recently given up a shopping cart before completing a purchase, you'll certainly want to try some tested tips to prevent this and see your sales skyrocket.

In this article, we’ve listed some of the best ways to reduce Shopify cart abandonment.

What is cart abandonment?

When a potential customer begins the checkout process for an online order but abandons the process before completing the purchase, this is referred to as shopping cart abandonment. Any item that is added to the shopping cart but never completed is considered "abandoned" by the shopper. Shopping cart abandonment is a critical aspect of the online purchasing process that retailers pay close attention to.

The rate of shopping cart abandonment is calculated by dividing the total number of completed transactions by the total number of initiated transactions. This rate determines what percentage of a site's users indicate purchase intent by adding an item to the cart but do not complete the purchase.

Shopping cart abandonment is an important metric for ecommerce sites to monitor because a high abandonment rate may indicate a poor user experience or a broken sales funnel. Reduced shopping cart abandonment directly leads to increased sales and revenue, so optimizing the checkout flow is a top priority for many online retailers.

How to determine if you have a cart abandonment problem?

If your website is hosted on an ecommerce platform, such as Shopify, you have built-in analytics dashboards that show you how many people abandoned their purchases at the shopping cart stage in Shopify?. For other websites, Google Analytics allows you to see how visitors interact with your site, where they exit your sales funnel, and whether your cart abandonment rate is higher than the industry average.

How to reduce abandonment cart Shopify?

The four strategies outlined here will assist you in reducing unnecessary abandonment regardless of where your website is hosted. They address the causes of cart abandonment and apply established consumer behavior science principles.

1. Completely remove unexpected costs

How much do you charge your customers for shipping and tax? Shipping costs are a major cause of cart abandonment. If your customers pay $30 for a T-shirt, they are unlikely to pay an additional $5.99 for shipping.

There are a few other things you can do right away...

Add an order target and offer free shipping if your customer meets it.

Include the cost of shipping in the item price. A $30 T-shirt with a $5.99 delivery feels like a low-cost purchase with high hidden costs, whereas a $35.99 T-shirt with Free delivery feels like a mid-range purchase with something extra included.

2. Offer a simple checkout

Another common reason for cart abandonment is the design of Checkout Pages. Indeed, there are numerous case studies demonstrating how large ecommerce companies can increase conversion rates by up to 30% simply by optimizing their checkout.

A test-and-learn approach to optimizing your pages is the best policy. However, some principles appear to be universal:

  • It is usually preferable to require fewer fields.
  • An easy-to-use interface reduces anxiety.
  • Signs of trust are essential (including an SSL certificate).
  • Progress bars, summaries, and field anchors make it easier to use a page.

Doubt, confusion, and difficulty are all examples of "Friction," or the resistance that keeps customers from completing a process. When a user encounters one of these types of obstacles, they frequently give up.

simple checkout

This Shopify store reduces friction at the checkout by dividing the payment process into three sections and highlighting key elements with color.

3. Eliminate distractions and address uncertainties

The internet is a world of seemingly limitless possibilities. It's difficult to commit to a single option in these circumstances. However, if you can keep people from wondering what else is available or from being concerned about a minor feature, you should see a reduction in cart abandonment.

There are a few simple steps you can take to address any concerns your customers may have. This process begins with your first interaction with a customer...

Provide generous warranties and emphasize your return policy.

Display customer feedback, reviews, and testimonials.

Surveys can be used to determine what your customers want, and then you can explain how you can provide it to them.

4. Use Consumer Psychology to Reinforce a Decision

There are a number of simple psychological effects that cause a customer to become emotionally attached to a specific item. You can reduce the abandoned cart Shopify rate more effectively if you design your sales process to encourage this connection.

Some of the sure-fire tips to reduce abandoned carts in Shopify

If you want to reduce shopping cart abandonment on your site, try these proven solutions:

Offer Free Shipping

One of the reasons why eCommerce sites abandon shopping carts is simply because they raise the shipping costs for customers.

Shipping can be a small expense for you to consider covering yourself, depending on what exactly you are selling. That makes a big psychological difference when your customers look at their checkout forms.

Free shipping is a major selling point loads of popular online retailers are using to help lower their cart abandonment rates.

Offer free shipping

If you can’t offer free shipping, make sure you’re upfront about shipping costs through the entire purchase process.

You can consider hiring one of our experts to curate powerful & unique Free Shipping scripts for your store or you can also dive into our Shopify Free Shipping Scripts Bundle service & find the one that suits you best.

Enable Guest Checkout

You shouldn't allow customers to build an account until they check out on your order form to help minimize shopping cart abandonment.

The more people you question during the checkout process, the more likely they are going to abandon it.

Enable Guest Checkout

Enabling guest checkout also helps speed up the process. And, you can always ask people to register for an account after they’ve completed their purchase.

Offer Multiple Payment Options

One of the main reasons to abandon your shopping cart is that a platform does not offer a range of payment options.

Some people would like to pay with credit cards. And, lots of consumers already know online payment solutions like Stripe and PayPal, and trust them. So, you have to change it up.

Giving people more than one payment option is a fantastic way to reduce your order form abandonment quickly.

Create Urgency

You've probably seen a product online, read about it, and left the website at one time or another while shopping online, to "think about it more."

Yeah, the website users do it too — and there's a great way to help them get a nudge in making the purchase before they leave. Timers Countdown.

Create Urgency

One way to do this is to try adding the Free Shipping Bar with Timer App. It lets you create urgency amongst your customers in many different ways.

Send an Abandoned Cart Email

One of the very simplest ways to reduce shopping cart abandonment is to make sure you use a tool to catch partial entries on your order forms.

You can also set up abandonment emails in the automatic form to go out to the email address they entered. That will give you the opportunity to invite them back to your website to complete the checkout process. How cool is it?

Send an Abandoned Cart Email

Use Social Proof

Social proof marketing is a perfect tool to apply to your online business to help lower the abandonment rates for your shopping cart.

And the social proof is also psychologically fascinating — this is when people rely on other people's behaviors to help them make their own decisions. And that shopping cart abandonment is a really smart way to do so.

Use Social Proof

Hassle not if you’re unable to watch after your social proofs, our experts can do it for you. We offer an individual Social Proof service, curated for our Shopify merchants

Use Exit-Intent Popups

Exit-Intent popups work by detecting when someone is about to leave your site at the exact moment and triggering a popup.

You can place popups with Exit-Intent on every single page of your website. But to use them to help lower the abandonment rates for your shopping cart, add them to product pages and checkout pages, and offer a discount, coupon, or provide more details.

Use Exit-Intent Popups

Again, a foremost better way to implement this is by adding the Promotion Popups with Coupons App.

Try Conversational Marketing

Getting a conversational marketing plan for your platform is an excellent way to help popular the abandonment of shopping carts on your site.

First, you can use conversational contact forms that function as one-on-one interaction with the user.

Also, if you make it super easy to get in touch with your brand (especially during the checkout process) you'll see why more people complete their checkouts.

Don’t have the time to chat with customers yourself? You can use Chatbots, artificially intelligent Shopify apps, that use natural language and pre-programmed responses to have a conversation with your site visitors.

A/B Test Your Forms

But even though you follow the best practices of conversion, you're not 100 percent sure to get good results. That's because every website is unique, so you'll have to test your specific audience for what works best.

A / B testing, also known as split testing, is a way to compare 2 separate versions of the forms and view the better-performed statistics.

It's also a great way to optimize your checkout forms without changing it fully.

A / B testing is also very effective in helping to reduce the abandonment of shopping carts.


Reducing cart abandonment Shopify is an important step toward increasing overall revenue. However, when used correctly, Shopify abandoned carts can be turned into a valuable source of data.

Online shoppers frequently use the shopping cart feature to organize their options. As a result, Shopify abandoned carts are more likely to contain the most appealing and impulse-driven products in your store. As a result, many stores could increase their revenue by offering the most frequently abandoned products as pre or post-purchase upsells.

Most importantly, abandoned carts provide useful information about the value you provide to your customers. Paying attention to this segment can assist you in optimizing more than just your checkout process.