You need powerful theme features for your clothing and fashion eCommerce business. Prestige Shopify Theme, not only does it bring high-performance to your website, but it makes the most trendy, feature-rich, and stunning Shopify theme that easily resonates with any apparel or fashion brand and helps establish a great user base.

Designed for high-end brand appeal, building your fashion store has been never so easy and rapid with the advent of the Prestige Shopify Theme.  

However, choosing a theme isn’t all that constitutes your success. To make the best buy, you must have the nitty-gritty of themes for Shopify eCommerce stores. Find the prestige Shopify theme free download - enriched resource detailing every fact - theme customization, CMS attributes, or customized header with us. We make it easier to find you an answer to each of your queries.

HulkApps Shopify theme prestige free consultation allows you to gain a better understanding of Shopify Prestige and its potential to reflect your business objectives.  

Here’s how you can maximize the best benefits from the Prestige Shopify theme.

This ongoing tête-à-tête will help you learn more about our versatile, dynamic, and responsive Shopify Prestige. Keep on exploring.

How many styles can I get from the prestige theme Shopify?

The prestige theme is designed for three related categories of fashion and clothing. Each has its unique style to best tell the story of a particular fashion niche. All of its three styles include,

Allure – This style perfectly brings fashion accessories to the forefront of customers.

Couture - With this style, you can easily showcase your high-end clothing range to add new-age fashion down the street for women.

Vogue - It is perfect for displaying skin, body, and hair care product lists.  

The best features included in Prestige Shopify:

More than a dozen features you can expect from Prestige Theme.

Custom home page, product page, collection page, and the checkout page are some of the advanced features that come bundled with the prestige theme Shopify which you can customize as per your needs. And the best part about this theme is that you can easily avail the prestige Shopify theme free download updates, which means if the bugs are fixed, then purchasers can avail of the enhanced feature without any extra costs.

Custom Home Page

 Custom Home Page

The most critical goal of your homepage is to sell to existing visitors and also new visitors. Keeping the fact visitors only spend 10-20 seconds on any homepage in mind, the Prestige theme can be dynamically customized to prevent ‘decision avoidance’- a usual phenomenon of humans to reject a site and convince them to sit back. 

With Shopify Expert help, you can customize your storefront with brightly-colored product images accompanied with a call-to-action button and influence your customers to purchase.

To add more functionality, you can also get a customized header to captivate your new visitors and make them aware of the brand.

Each Shopify Prestige supports a clear navigation menu as your business demands. However, the aspect of header navigation must be flexible and straightforward that doesn’t mislead. 

Not every merchant reserves expertise about Shopify home page design capabilities. With the prestige Shopify theme free download updates and HulkApps Prestige Shopify Theme support, you can get expert insights into building an effective navigation bar for your digital store.

To feature an extensive inventory on the homepage without overwhelming your visitor, a drop-down menu, or mega-menu work can make wonders, And gain all these benefits from minimal menu design when you have no extensive lists of products.

Prestige Shopify Theme support

Figure: drop-down menus image source:

Prestige theme Shopify also has intuitive navigation that cleverly works with several sophisticated extensions like slideshows, and product options among others. With a focused and well-adjusted call-to-action button, the navigation can guide every visitor to an easy-to-access shopping cart. That’s not all. With the recent prestige Shopify theme free download updates - you can extend the scalability of the custom home page.

Product Page

 Prestige Shopify Theme support

Any online store must feature product pages. It is an important gateway to provide product information your customers are looking for and help them find their products. The prestige Shopify theme allows you to attribute every essential information to every product and its variants. You can add product images, descriptions, pricing information, and also an “Add to cart” button. Other than this functionality, you can also add information related to tax, shipping, and also delivery time to your product page.

Collection Page

Prestige Shopify Theme support

Prestige theme enables you to segment your products into collections or we can say categories. This is a fast and easy way for customers to find products by category. You can create collections for the following categories

  •          Dresses for men, women, or kids.
  •          Category lists for various products such as lamps, and upholstery
  •          Seasonal products- decorations, and holiday cards

Generally, there are two types of collection types, and Shopify Prestige supports them too.

The most preferred is an automated collection, which makes it easy to include up to 60 product selection attributes at one go.

However, a manual collection delivers the same benefit as an automated one, but it is more time-consuming. If you struggle with the manual collection, you should ask for expert prestige theme Shopify support. We offer a free consultation for your theme requirement and also do customization, store setup, and create advanced functionality in your Shopify theme.

Also, the Prestige theme can determine a well-designed product page with a proper header and layout, optimized for automated product recommendations. The product recommendations make visitors stick around and help boost conversions.

Checkout page

Prestige Shopify Theme support

To be able to customize the Shopify Prestige theme is an added advantage that suits your store. Alongside, the embedded Prestige theme editor lets you customize your checkout page as per the specifications of your store. A clutter-free checkout page design is always desirable which you can maximize for sales conversions by providing accurate shipping and payment information.

You can do a lot of customization with your checkout page that includes the company logo, font, and color. Most importantly, you can set up your page for payment methods too. For dynamic checkout that eases the checkout process, you can take advantage of our expert Shopify expert team. We can create everything as per your specifications and that too with a very competitive price.

What advanced functionalities can I leverage from the Prestige Shopify theme? 

The more functionalities you add to your theme, the more you can earn from your store. Dynamic product tags and customizable line properties are two functions we can enable with our theme designed to boost online sales.

Dynamic product tags find many options for a particular item for shoppers and help them buy the most dynamic product.

Prestige Shopify Theme support


A custom field can be added to a product page that asks for more customized flexibility from a user’s end. Based on the information requested, you can make the customization to the product for your buyer.

Prestige Shopify Theme support

How can I manage my store functionality in Prestige Shopify?

Shopify Prestige has a streamlined CMS for you. Using it, you can take control of every important chore of the store functionality. You are free to add, list, edit, and organize your products. Also, rapid inventory tracking simplifies categorizing multiple variants for each product type. You can also determine the shipping with third-party support or use self-operated shipping fulfillment services.

Don’t want to struggle with CMS management? Leave the tasks to our expert Prestige Theme support team. Ask them any question and they are up to provide you great assistance all through the store setup.  

Is Prestige Theme Shopify SEO optimized?

Yes, Prestige Shopify is fully SEO optimized to support the goal of Shopify eCommerce marketing. When you integrate Prestige Shopify with your store, the store is automatically ranking in the leading search engines. The XML Sitemap improves indexing and helps improve sales conversions.

However, you must know that sometimes the pre-built SEO capability is not enough to drive sales conversions you are looking for. On-page website technical SEO audit is an advanced SEO service to check for improvements and suggest better metrics for performance boosts. You can also check with Prestige Shopify to get benefits for SEO audits.

How often do I need to update my theme?

You need not worry about Shopify theme updates. Prestige Shopify theme free download - updates its versions automatically, reducing your efforts to look for updates regularly. New feature add-ons or bug fixes happen in the backend silently.

Still, if you are not convinced with the Prestige Shopify theme free download update, you can contact Prestige theme support anytime. We can do an advanced store setup with the Prestige theme, and ensure it has everything you need. 

Recent - prestige Shopify theme free download updates are: 

  • 24th October 2020: 
    • Add TikTok as a supported social media icon.
  • 15th February 2021: 
    • Added a Spanish translation.
  • 12th May 2021: 
    • Add support for Shop Pay installments.
    •  Added Italian translation
    •  Made minor accessibility improvements.

    How do I avoid mistakes while doing theme customization?

    Using a theme editor, you can successfully get the exact look and feel of your online store by integrating Prestige Shopify. However, to avoid customization errors or costly fixes, use an embedded theme preview. Besides, it also features a toolbar to help with content addition or removal. 

    Take full control of HTML, CSS, and Liquid to implement the best theme customization as per your desire.

    For better results, you can look for Prestige Theme Shopify Documentation too.  It is a rapid method to set up your store or customize your Prestige Shopify theme. 

    What else can I get from Prestige Shopify?

    After you choose a theme for your store, our Shopify experts make sure all pages load faster and work smoothly with the Prestige Shopify theme, and do not cause any bounce rate. 

    You can also get a detailed review of our Shopify Prestige Theme to know its enhanced capabilities and powerful features that bring excellent business outcomes for you. 

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    That apart, our theme is highly responsive to any device, enabling customers to have a seamless shopping experience. 

    So, what are you waiting for now? If you want to build your new store or revamp your site, the Prestige theme makes a perfect choice for fashion and clothing business niches. Our expert Prestige theme Shopify support takes only two iterations and everything is up and running at just $799.00. 

    Shopify Prestige theme free download gets you moving instantly and get your store up and running in minutes. Download now.