Do you use Shopify to host your e-commerce business? Shopify is an e-commerce platform that provides tools for both online and physical sales. On Shopify, users can find out a web store with pre-made themes. They can also accept payments from a variety of sources and use analytics to look at their business’s sales trends.

Nowadays integration between two business systems is extremely popular among business organizations. A business integration not only integrates data but with this Shopify Outbrain pixel integration platform we can set the business goals also.

Founded in 2006, Outbrain is such a content marketing platform that enables you to track conversions smoothly across your Shopify site. Besides, it also displays links to their site pages except for the sponsored content, making revenue from the latter. This can help them understand where they have to focus their sales and marketing efforts. This blog explains specialties and reasons for choosing our affordable Shopify Outbrain pixel tracking packages for your Shopify site to boost your sales and generate an income.

How does Shopify Outbrain Pixel work?

Shopify Outbrain Pixel works by promoting paid links within the respective Shopify website. It applies an idea of a targeted advertising strategy to a mix of ad forms that incorporates blog posts, photos, videos, and slideshows to their audiences. It promotes by linking your (publisher's content) on various websites. And those websites rely on Outbrain for clicks, at last Outbrain rewards the publisher on which the links has performed.

Shopify Outbrain pixel

It is nothing but a Google Tag Manager merchant tag template, which lets you track Conversions and develop Custom Audiences towards your website.

Integrate Outbrain with Shopify

Without a second, HulkApps help you implement all of your Outbrain pixel and conversion events to Shopify by using the foremost up-to-date requirements from each platform. The foremost good thing about choosing our Shopify Outbrain Pixel Tracking Package is it comes with built-in monitoring templates, which causes you to be notified about pixel breaks and risks influencing your campaigns. This integration preserves all of the remarketing options open along with your Shopify Outbrain Advertising.

How Shopify outbrain Integration Will Benefit Your Business?

Customer Management

For successfully running the business, primary data like customers need to be matched between both the ERP and E-Commerce systems. By using Shopify Outbrain pixel integration platforms, we can make this process faster and accurate. So, there won't be a delay in the business process.

Business Process Streamline

Every business run is supported on a business process set by the business owner and stakeholders. So, using the mixing platform we will roll in the hay quickly by configuring it to support the changed requirement and it must be changed only in one place. But if we don’t use a Shopify integration platform then we'd like to coach every manual entry operator and therefore the transition phase will take an extended time just in case of large businesses.

We are here for you!

Technical support is paramount for a content marketing platform provider. Within the event of going offline or experiencing technical difficulties, you would like a proactive service able to resolve the difficulty . The provider must have instructional video tutorials, a knowledge domain (KB) and other resources to make sure your content is performing superbly.

In concerns to our Shopify Outbrain experts, we offer 24/7 phone and online support. Besides, you're also contacted by our Hulk Apps support specialists to provide some successful tips to monetize your content. When you connect us you take the complete support solution for the company.

Shopify Outbrain Pixel Tracking Package

We apprehend the stress of all e-commerce shoppers, so we provide a reasonable Shopify Outbrain Pixel Tracking Package which differs from one another and supports the delivery as standard and expedited. Click here to explore more information about our excitable packages.

Shopify Outbrain

Shopify Outbrain

Pixel Implementation & Tracking.

By using this pixel, you'll be able to analyze your reports, promoting a business like a pro! In any case of what you call it, the underside line may be a pixel that may facilitate your increased sales and better measure your marketing efforts. But just in case you've got no thought of a way to introduce and integrate it with Shopify, you'll check on us. we've been adding all forms of tracking pixels on Shopify websites for a protracted time.

Pixel implementation service


Steps To Implement Outbrain Pixel with Shopify

Follow these steps to urge your Shopify pixel tracking in no time:

  • Ensure you have a knowledge layer implemented on your store that pushes Shopify data (like product SKU, revenue) into the info layer.
  • Download and import within your GTM account. Then visit the variable called UPDATE — Outbrain ID and ensure it matches the outbrain pixel ID.
  • Put GTM into preview mode
  • Go through each event you’ve implemented from the table above and verify the pixel for sure.
  • Finally, publish.

Events Included in Shopify Outbrain Integration Packages :

  • Page Visit/Global pixel
  • Add to Cart
  • Checkout

5 Reasons to choose our Shopify Outbrain Pixel Package

Easy and convenient

User-friendly dashboard feature for analyzing your reports and conversions. You may be regularly updated on the progress of your email address.


State-of-the-art payment features reliable and no hidden charges.

Customer satisfaction

We stand one step ahead in improving our customer's needs by providing sophisticated guidance all under one roof with our 80 + Shopify outbrain experts.

Expert guidance

We are here to guide you during the success path! Our 80+ Shopify experts team will facilitate your to stay everything on target.

Refund Policy

We are confident enough within the standard of our service to provide one altogether the foremost liberal refund policies around. Just in case you're unsatisfied with our service, you'll get a full refund on any order for any reason.


These are the steps to integrate outbrain pixels with Shopify. But, suppose you don't have any technical knowledge or have enough time no worries! We work smart for you. All you need to do is to buy our admirable package in a click, which includes basic setup, integration with Shopify, custom events tracking, and testing if these events are recorded in analytics.

Speak to our brain experts today and grow your business enormously!

If you've got any questions on the implementation process, don’t hesitate to reach our Support team.