Mobiles a necessary evil

Mobile phones, such a small world but have control over the whole world. Nobody can get out of their homes without cellphones. Cell Phones have become a necessity from luxury. It is necessarily evil. The first thing in the morning and the last thing before you go to bed is now mobile phones. It is traditionally said that it is good to see something good after waking up in the morning but now it is only mobile phones. From a student to our grandparents everyone relies upon mobile phones. Even my grandmother listens to her prayers on mobile now. It has a deep impact on our lives from every aspect.

Mobiles are hi-tech. They are used not just to make calls but have internet, gps, social sites, downloading and many more. With necessity it has become a big distraction also. It has brought harm to our lives, family, friends, and money. Everything is good if used under limits, anything beyond limits causes harm only. It is very important to practice the good usage of mobile phones. You put alarms, set reminders, make notes, keep important data, do online shopping and digital marketing also. Mobile phones are allowed everywhere because they have become really important in every field.

What do you understand by e-commerce

What do you understand by e-commerce

Any transaction conducted online or say, online business is referred to as e-commerce. Buying, selling, retailing things over the internet comes in e-commerce. Every service that is provided in business is provided online here like transactions, funds, exchanging data etc. myntra, flipkart, amazon, olx, meesho and so on. It runs its chains business to business, business to consumer, consumer to consumer and consumer to business. E-commerce is progressing a lot. Nowadays everyone prefers online business which can be done with ease and with more concentration. Retail e-commerce has reached $30 trillion now and advancing more. Customers interact with sellers on platforms provided and interact with the help of pictures or data and then make the payments.

Business to business transactions involve only wholesalers, retailers and manufacturers, no consumer. They do business with other businesses. In business to consumers they sell their products to customers and they buy it and make payments. In consumers to consumers, they do marketing among themselves. They sell their products to other consumers like olx. From consumer to business, they sell their products and services to businesses like IT Freelancer where they sell their softwares as products to other businesses.

In e-commerce, consumers can buy from anywhere at any time. It provides consumers global reach, anyone from one country can buy products from another country. When you do shopping from offline stores, they charge you more because they will take charges of taxes and bills also but in e-commerce transaction costs are low and this benefits the consumers and allows the company to make a high margin. It also offers fast deliveries and fast online transactions. Online transactions are very better than offline transactions.

Mobile and e-commerce

Importance of mobile experience with e-commerce

Mobile and e-commerce
  • Mobile is fast becoming an important part of e-commerce. Industry is getting more and more competitive, so for staying in the competition one needs more than to just keep up their status.
  • During a survey it came to light that many retailers need to improve their mobile experience for customers.
  • More and more people are using their mobile phones to shop most of the things like clothes , appliances etc.
  • Search engines on mobile help in getting a better mobile experience.
  • Having an optimized mobile site is useful as users can get things on their small hand held device without much work.
  • Customers enjoy more shopping sitting at home and ordering whatever things they want, saving things to buy later, rating the apps and products.
  • Email marketing: Email Marketing Companies can be greatly benefited by this as mobile plays a major role in it.

How to improve the mobile experience with e-commerce

How to improve the mobile experience with e-commerce

There are many ways to improve one’s experience. Some of them are

  • Make sure that your site is working fast. According to a google survey it is shown that many people get frustrated when they have to wait too long for the website to load. Hence one has to make sure that the app is fast , 3 second avg time to load a thing or website.
  • It should be frictionless. Many users get frustrated when they think there are too many steps involved in doing a thing , especially in the initial setup or too many form fields. Hence make sure that your app / website is frictionless.
  • Responsive design: It is well known that people like to do things they get attracted towards and are easy to use. Designing is one the main part of improving the experience as the first impression is all that decides.
  • Navigation is also a key factor in experience. Mobile phones are small that make them a little hard to use for the user. The user should not be confused between buttons or navigation which provide them a perfect user experience.
  • Smart search: Smart search should be one thing that every app must contain. It makes finding things for the customer a lot easier. Resulting in getting a good experience and getting good.
  • Leads are produced when customers show interest in your product or service. E-commerce is very helpful in ⦁ lead generation companies. It helps to follow your product on social media, it provides a platform for your product and helps in finding potential costumes for your product. By clicking on the ad of your product which shows on the website helps in marketing.

Different types of mobile commerce

Different types of mobile commerce
  • Mobile Shopping: One of the greatest trends nowadays is mobile shopping. Due to covid-19 the use of mobile shopping is skyrocketed. People all over the globe are using it.
  • Mobile banking: Not too different from online marketing , mobile banking is a subpart of online marketing. Though some mobile transactions are limited or restricted on mobile devices, it still helps a lot if online transfer that we have to do on a daily basis.

Few ways to create an experience customer love

Few ways to create an experience customer love
  • Sophisticated search and filtering options: This is very important because no customer likes to scroll down hundreds of things to find one what they want.
  • Display trust marks: Gain the trust that the information they provide will be kept a secret and they will get their desired product without any fraud.
  • Optimization: Many users prefer the text font as big and small sentences as they are easy and quick to read.
  • Restrict popups: It is frustrating when pop ups just keep coming on the screen again and again. So just try to minimize them.

Wrapping Up

Technology plays an important role in e-commerce. Mobile commerce, electronic funds transfer, internet marketing, electronic data interchange all are possible by technology. AI is very cooperative in e-commerce like chatbots, voice assistants, 24/7 assistants, decision tree and many more.

We need to give every possibility to the customer to return or exchange the product and it is important to give tracking information and to store the address. It is a big headache to enter the address again and again. Businesses use voice assistants to play their audio brand signatures so that the customers would get to know where they are ordering their product from. These advantages are possible only with the help of high advanced technologies.