Successful Shopify store examples are great resources for merchants looking to launch their independent online stores. They are a great inspiration to imbibe best-of-breed designs, features, and unique capabilities into their stores 一 so, they could leave no stone unturned in achieving the desired spot on the list of successful Shopify merchants. 

Here in this blog, we have presented a collection of elegant and dynamic Shopify store examples that have fetched their merchants millions of dollars in profits. However, let’s not forget that years of continuous effort facilitate eCommerce growth for them. 

So, building a store that fosters increased sales needs acute attention and effort. The unique Shopify store designs we are talking about here also emphasize how can you put effort to stand out from the crowds. Let’s discover how it works with your business ideologies. 

Shopify updates for merchant success

Shopify engineers new tech innovations and developer tooling to help build for the future. Shopify updates are rich resources to be well-versed in the latest trends and 一 to enhance adaptability to the customer demand.

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Why do merchants choose Shopify to power their e-commerce online stores?

Today, Shopify is home to more than 1.75 million merchants. Long Shopify store lists belong to almost every vertical. It ranges from beauty, cosmetics, and consumer electronics to fashion and apparel and fitness and nutrition. Let’s have a quick look at Shopify's unwavering e-commerce capabilities.

  • 1. Shopify plans

    To start and scale with a minimal budget, this SaaS-based platform delivers everything emerging merchants need to sell one-time regular purchases and recurring orders. Shopify Lite helps merchants sell at as low as $9/month with any blog page or CMS. However, an independent store with Shopify costs you between $29 and $ 299 per month.

    Enterprise businesses are scaling fast with Shopify Plus that supports high-volume stores starting at $2000 per month. Alongside with online presence, Shopify POS can easily power flagship stores.

  • 2. App integration support

    Shopify App Stores house over 6,000 apps, helping merchants personalize their stores and add differentiated shopping experiences for their customers.

  • 3. Shopify SEO

    The SEO functionalities are top-notch. Its built-in blogging engine and responsive themes 一 free and paid, are designed to boost organic search and drive traffic to your site.

  • 4. Platform scalability

    Shopify offers a high level of platform scalability. It helps merchants prepare for the traffic influx during the BFCM or holiday season. With 99.99% server uptime, Shopify can easily enable merchants to process 1,000 orders per minute.

    Here are some BFCM 2021 stats, which is a testament to how Shopify has been dedicatedly making its stride to bring YOY growth for merchants.

A sneak peek at BFCM 2021 stats

  • $6.3 billion global sales from Shopify merchants
  • $3.1M/hour at peak on Friday
  • 47+ million shoppers reached over four days of BFCM period
  • $3,100,000 sales per minute
  • $2.9 B total sales on Monday
  • 60k tones of carbon emission offset

Deep dive to uncover the Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2021 stats from HulkApps point of view.

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Shopify is true to its promise to innovate e-commerce opportunities for you and help you scale up. Going forward, the story of successful Shopify stores is inspiring. Here’s a case-by-case analysis based on categories so we can help you reflect on your strategy in real life. Let’s discover the best of best Shopify stores examples for inspiration.

Shopify stores examples by category

Since its launch, Shopify has boasted of its collaboration with the leading brands in the e-commerce industry. Some brands chose to migrate to Shopify Plus because of their complexity and unique challenges unmet by the existing platforms. Bombas, Hasbro, staples, Live Fast Die Young, Gymshark, 一 they migrated to Shopify Plus and thrived better.

Red Bull, Budweiser, Kylie Cosmetics, Nike, Heinz, Netflix, Rebecca Minkoff, and many more popular brands are thriving on Shopify today.

As an aspiring merchant, it is easy to inherit the exciting potential of these brands and imbibe them into your future online stores.

Fashion and Apparel Shopify store examples

  1. 1. Gymshark - Activewear brand

    Gymshark is a leading activewear manufacturer with nearly $130 million worth of value. After they replatformed with Shopify Plus, scaling is easy with the growing customer base and high-volume SKUs.

    17 of the Best Shopify Store Examples in 2022

    Their storefront features a neat and clean design with high-quality fitness apparel photographs. It is uncluttered with only three main menus to give users easy access to their lists of fitness apparel. Quick view is one instant gateway to checkout without much scrolling or further steps that confuse users.

    Gymshark captures an abundance of sales through multichannel campaigns. Their Instagram page has 5.5 million active users, whereas Facebook Retargeting helps them scale using UGC on both platforms. On the server-side, Gymshark maintains its loyalty campaigns using Shopify Scripts. Everything on the Gymshark store is optimized for mobile-first customer experience.

    Tips: As you build your store with Shopify, a shoppable Instagram feed could inspire and tempt users to buy from your site. Don’t miss out on capturing sales from social selling through Instagram.

  2. 2. FASHIONNOVA - the fastest-growing women's apparel company

    FASHIONNOVA has ‘Quick Add’ enabled on their site. It instantly adds value to users by showing what is trending based on the city you live in.

    17 of the Best Shopify Store Examples in 2022

    Their USP is influencer marketing, helping them sell fast. The likes of Cardi B, Kylie Jenner have added to their popularity by endorsing FASHIONNOVA products on social channels like Instagram and Twitch, thereby bringing them the flexibility of multi-channel e-commerce. This Shopify brand also uses Facebook Shops and Buyable Pins to deliver a native off-site buying experience.

    This is one of the best Shopify store examples that connect well with the younger audience as they allow them to buy with four easy installments. Afterpay integration helps them increase their AOV.

Home and living Shopify stores example

  1. 1. Leesa - a luxury mattress DTC brand

    Leesa’s secret to popularity was their unique product discovery in luxury mattresses. All mattresses have three layers of premium foam for ultimate comfort and support, that arrive in suitcase size boxes.

    17 of the Best Shopify Store Examples in 2022

    Leesa has raised funds in capital ventures from celebrity investors like Jimmy Kimmel and Kate Hudson, to name a few, to expand into the International territory and innovate new products. They achieved speed to market with Shopify Plus and sold over $30 million worth of products in their first year.

    Leesa is one of the best Shopify stores that uses unique Shopify features to scale.

    Their site has implemented a headless solution to add custom elements to the customer presentation layer. The Shopify headless solution is quick for them to make any iterations for the holiday season without being dependent on the development team.

    On top of their site, Leesa showcases multiple offer options using Shopify PriceRule API to attract more customers from first-time responders and veterans to existing buyers. With the payment solution Affirm, they also run an exciting promotion that urges buyers to sleep now and pay later.

    Do you seek a headless approach with Shopify?

    Shopify delivers out-of-the-box capabilities to fulfill your headless vision. Build on API-driven architecture today to control and transform the user experience.

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  2. 2. Toile Showroom - Luxury bedding and bath linen brand

    Toile Showroom creates calmness and serenity with their product offerings that are more of a neutral mix between white and grey. On top of managing their offline brick and mortar showroom, they chose to sell the luxury bed, bath, and table linen to designer customers with a Shopify store.

    17 of the Best Shopify Store Examples in 2022

    Their Shopify website has a minimalist approach. Rather than focusing more on selling products on the home page, they prefer connecting with users by sharing their mission, philosophy, and some useful suggestions. The crisp, large, and high-quality product photos are so appealing. They allow their customers to request customized services across multiple channels. Facebook and Instagram Shopping including the Shopify website elevate the checkout experience by utilizing express checkout with Shop Pay. With Klaviyo email marketing integration, they want to increase engagement by sending newsletters and upcoming product updates.

Food and drink Shopify store examples

  1. 1. PartakeFoods - Top-selling cookie brand

    One of these successful Shopify stores like PartakeFoods takes advantage of rich tones to highlight each of its sections on the home page. Upon landing on the page, PartakeFoods tells their story of how they started a highly likable business on healthy snacking with 8 allergen-free cookies.

    17 of the Best Shopify Store Examples in 2022

    They have three categories of cookies displayed on the home page 一 just below this, they give more information about product safety and ingredients, helping them create a mass consumer appeal across parents for their school-going kids. Their blog and recipe ideas are great resources that boost engagement.

    They offer more flexibility with subscription boxes alongside regular purchases. And the loyalty program they implement is an intelligent trick to convert into more sales for each of the actions customers perform.

    17 of the Best Shopify Store Examples in 2022

    Tips: A loyalty program is a great marketing tool to drive conversions. If you want to build a store in which the loyalty program seems useful, ask HulkApps for Shopify Loyalty Program setup.

  2. Liquid I.V. - Electrolyte drink mix for masses

    Liquid I.V. is different from ready-to-drink hydration drinks designed for athletes with active lifestyles. It has rapidly become a staple to replenish anyone’s hydration needs. The smart packaging comes in sticks, which increases portability and keeps consumers hydrated, immunized, and energized while giving them better sleep with all essential nutrients. Today, Liquid I.V. serves its Cellular Transport Technology-backed hydration multipliers across 30,000 stores including Costco, Target, Walgreens, and Amazon among others.

    17 of the Best Shopify Store Examples in 2022

    Their Shopify store lives up to their mission to help them reach global users while increasing their e-commerce conversions. Liquid I.V. has cleverly enabled users to shop instantly on the home page. The Best-Seller section gives users a quick checkout option without frictions.

    The cross-sell opportunity is another attraction of the site. For deep customer engagement and recurring sales boost, they enable subscribe and save using Recharge integration, 一 and Klaviyo marketing automation keeps interaction flowing with customers for furthering their digital aspects. They provide ample product information for users to create social proof and credibility. The biggest achievement for Liquid I.V. is the acquisition by Unilever, which sets them apart as one of the successful Shopify stores.

Health and Wellness Shopify store example

  1. 1. Dose & Co. - Collagen-focused wellness brand

    Focusing on an innovative business model to supplement natural collagen in women, New Zealand-based Dose & Co has created a lot of disruption by launching their wellness brand during the pandemic. Over a very sleek period of time, Dose & Co. has built great Instragrammable moments for their users. With a celebrity user, Khloè Kardashian endorsing their brand, their products are gaining a lot more traction among consumers. They pocketed the best collagen supplement award in the New Beauty Awards Wellness Category. They are making their way through the U.S and U.K now. Their thriving strategy hinges upon sustainable packaging or containers.

    17 of the Best Shopify Store Examples in 2022

    Their Shopify store is vivid and high-quality photo-driven. It reflects minimalist design elements which are transparent and vivid in communicating about how they sell through one-time and subscription.

    Big, bold, and clear product photographs have a transparent strategy to directly communicate with the audience about their product offerings, intriguing them to explore their products more. On the home page, Dose & Co. keeps a section for Khloè Kardashian-designed products and her recipe to inspire healthy living. The bottom part of the website is more about educating its users and the effectiveness of collagen, thus creating immense brand value.

  2. 2. Momentous 一 Nutritional supplement brand

    Momentous has a range of performance nutrition products designed to help athletes or fitness enthusiasts enrich their active life.

    17 of the Best Shopify Store Examples in 2022

    Their Shopify store showcases only the bright hue in brown, beige, and white. Their storefront is very clear about educating consumers about their mission, their product range, and the benefits to help athletes strive for better performance. Their home page has a high-quality product describing video with a clear CTA that leads users to its product catalog. Another great user experience technique they implement is the instruction video about their products, which instantly gives users a nudge to know more about it and perform a positive action.

Beauty & Cosmetics Shopify store examples

  1. 1. Tula Skincare - DTC probiotic skincare brand

    Tula built a strong user connect riding upon the unique consumer need for deep skincare. With a handful of products with the goodness of probiotics and superfoods, they are today consumers’ most-preferred skincare brand.

    17 of the Best Shopify Store Examples in 2022

    To weave a full e-commerce experience, they focus on delivering a ceaseless customer experience through clean and clear navigation and a simplified checkout process. To get deeper insights into what prompts the cart abandonment, they also urged for heat maps setup so as to create a more personalized brand experience.

    On the frontend layer, Tula has dramatically brought creative visuals to its users. Their rich product photography rapidly engages and influences them to explore more. On top of the bar, they continuously notify users about free shipping, discount on limited editions 一 a clever strategy to keep users hooked, and increase the session time. To convert more through e-commerce selling, they utilize the subscription strategy, buy now pay later option, and discount offers for first-time responders. Tula is one of the best Shopify store examples that is able to build a huge consumer impact with customer reviews within every product section and the ‘take a skin quiz’ section on the home page.

  2. 2. Morphe - High-performing make-up essentials brand

    Morphe proudly sells its makeup-palette, eye shadows, brushes with its thousands of stores across different International locations, including its online store and big stores like Sephora, Harrods to name a few.

    17 of the Best Shopify Store Examples in 2022

    Morphe’s big and bold product images rapidly create a sense of interest and excitement for users. They neatly design their home page that displays the general product section, and below it, it has a new arrival section. At its bottom sits their Instagram page #MORPHEBRUSHES and #MORPHEBABE that boast of 10.6m followers. These pages show faces with new style trends created using Morphe’s make-up essentials, thus, inspiring users to participate in it and ultimately boosting conversions. Also, their express checkout gives users no scope to skip the transactions.

Examples of Shopify dropshipping stores

  1. 1. Dog Pawty - Out-of-the-box dog merchandising brand

    Dog Pawty is a great example of one of the top dropshipping Shopify stores to create an instant connect with dog lovers. They do not have merchandise only to make canine life better. But also, they feature everything for dog lovers ranging from apparel to jewelry, and healthcare products to home decor items.

    17 of the Best Shopify Store Examples in 2022

    Their ‘hot dog bed’ is a viral product that attracts more buyers. Their Shopify website provides enough information for dog lovers to improve their dog’s life. They have a blog and extended merchandise with a free shipping announcement bar on the top of the site.

  2. 2. Mooshe Socks - Unique collection of socks dropshipping brand

    Shopify dropshipping store is nicely elevated by Mooshe Socks. Their uniqueness appeals to mass as they offer their users the flexibility to choose any pair of socks without worrying about size issues. Mooshe packaging is a captivating experience for consumers which helped them increase their branding as a top Shopify dropshipping store.

    17 of the Best Shopify Store Examples in 2022

    They have a beautifully designed website. Their Shopify theme is nicely customized with navigation flexibility in mind. The header menu is seamlessly searchable for different socks types that offer plenty of options for prints and patterns. The presentation of products through rich motion effects is a visual delight for their customers and conversions. They also build a user engagement with subscription strategy, while their Instagram page has thousands of amazing socks photos 一 a perfect example of dropshipping Shopify store that creates brand awareness and engagement through social marketing.

    Tips: Shopify theme customization is a critical store design approach to complementing all your e-commerce objectives. Right from the navigation setup to app integration, and newsletter setup, to subscription setup with Shopify Recharge integration, you may need expert help. In addition to this, our Shopify theme customization package is a value-added service that gives you the ultimate edge in enhancing the user experience.

General Shopify stores examples

  1. 1. Clare - a curated DTC paint brand

    This Shopify store is simply a visual delight to the eyes. All through the home page, Clare focuses on bringing rich and high-performance color photos. On the backdrop of a white hue, each of the images creates absolute attachment and curiosity for users. With a lot of product information site-wide, they make buying decisions for the perfect color paint easier for their users.

    17 of the Best Shopify Store Examples in 2022 17 of the Best Shopify Store Examples in 2022
  2. 2. Staples - popular office product suppliers

    In the list of one the greatest Shopify store examples, Staples make quite a stir. Its product-rich and elegantly designed website speaks for itself. Their office or home supplies include a large collection of products for customers. On top of everything, their unique shipping strategy creates new sales avenues for them. Staples is a HulkApps customer.

    17 of the Best Shopify Store Examples in 2022 17 of the Best Shopify Store Examples in 2022

3. What essential ideas can I consume from these Shopify store lists?

We have presented here a plethora of Shopify store examples. They are best in view of their styles, design scheme, and performance, and overall conversion-driven capabilities.

Essential tricks you can absorb from all these stores combined,

  • To build visual sensations to your audience, Shopify themes are a primary step to craft your store’s storefront.
  • Build social media engagement by creating Instagrammable moments.
  • Build engaging loyalty programs.
  • Embrace subscription model to ensure recurring revenues.
  • Email marketing automation with leading providers like Klaviyo or Mailchimp gives you the advantage to keep consumers engaged with your brand.

Need more ideas to transform your Shopify store?

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4. How can I start my own Shopify store?

You can create your own Shopify store. Once you discover your niche and build the best business strategy and market research, you are ready to go. All you need to do is choose a plan to start.

However, that is just a beginning of a journey. Building a store from scratch needs immense patience and effort. Above the cut, Shopify's skills are critical to handling every aspect of your store design and development.

We at HulkApps have created immense value for our customers over the years. We know how to craft the perfect solutions either with custom development or app integration or backend control. Our rich experience and expertise could be a valuable addition to making your Shopify store a successful venture.


Many of the stores we put up there are great Shopify stores examples that leverage different layers of strategies to succeed in their respective markets. Who knows your store can also turn out to be a huge success. The best thing about Shopify is it is focused on making merchants successful. Get all tools and features to establish a store to fulfill your vision and mission.

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