When online users share private data, they need to feel secure doing so. One of the most well-known ways to convey security on website is by utilizing trust badges (also known as “trust badges” or “trust seals”).

The study conducted by the Research & Development team of HulkApps opens up the most commonly used trust badges by the store merchants to create trust among their visitors.

As per the study, the most trusted payment badges when paying online are :

  • Visa
  • PayPal
  • Google
  • Mastercard

These payment seals or payment badges could create a lot of difference to your online store. It comes in various shapes & sizes, sometimes animation. 

When we say trust badges, there are various Shopify Apps that can be utilized and Badge Master App by HulkApps is among the top rated trust seals app. 

More on Trust Badges 

There are few badges that are used to convey the customers that the site is fully secure & they’re in safe hands to make payments online.

Moreover, the use of the above trust badges incorporates a noteworthy impact on customer behavior. Studies have shown that the use of trust logos have expanded the reliability of a brand in 75% of the respondents.

In fact, a huge chunk of customers has opted out of a transaction just because trust logos were missing. That said the key lies in selecting a trust logo that's easily recognized by the clients.

The main reason is to make your users feel comfortable so that they proceed to browse your site or complete a transaction subsequently converting on your landing page.

All in all, companies are using trust seals to make an incredible impression on potential clients. However, it’s utmost important to place your badge close to the important fields to reassure your customers to make them feel comfortable in entering their sensitive information.

Trust badges are commonly placed in the following location in your website :

  • In the header
      • A trust seal can be set in the headline of a landing page where it is visible to potential clients right away. Here, it can be set near to significant items such as next to the phone number.
    1. Near a form
        • Trusted logos can be positioned underneath the lead capture form. It helps to remind and reassure customers that legitimate & established brands believe in the services of your site.
      1. Cart Page
          • Adding the payment badges or trust badges on the cart page of your Shopify store will help you induce your customer & bring them step closure to your checkout page.

                  Which Badges or Seals Create The Most Trust? Free Trust Badges App

          1. Footer
              • You can embed the payment badges into the footer as a subtle reminder of your business legitimacy.
                Which Badges or Seals Create The Most Trust? Free Trust Badges App

              1. Most importantly, on the checkout page
                  • This can be the place where the customer will finalize the order and ready to make payment. Typically one of the most excellent places to display your security seals.

                  So, if you have got an eCommerce website, placing the trust badges correctly is likely the most vital decision to take in order to propel the growth of your online business.


                  Now that you’re well-versed with using the trust seals that create trust among your customers, we want to get you going as soon as possible! Check out the setup guide to the Badge Master App & get started right away.