With hundreds of themes offered in the Shopify store, getting started on your first Shopify theme or switching from another theme can be a daunting experience if you don't understand the theme features, functionalities, and other options. 

HulkApps’s mission is to make commerce better for everyone, and to date, we’ve helped over thousands of Shopify, Shopify merchants turn what they’re into, into a full-scale business. Part of fulfilling that promise means ensuring you select the best theme, which allows you to flexibly choose the aesthetically attractive one and gives your online store the best look for attracting buyers.

Shopify Atlantic theme - Proven to help stores grow

All themes come with an exhaustive list of modifications you can make without much coding. Finding the time to get familiar with every theme is never easy—especially when you’re busy building your empire. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a brief summary of the Shopify Atlantic theme key features, performance, setup, customization, and adding advanced functionalities options. 

For everyone who likes a combination of minimalist look with glamour, you better take a peek at Shopify theme Atlantic. This Shopify theme is powerful, trendy, flexible, and user-friendly. 

Its striking hero area and versatile typography are sure to grab your customers’ attention, while its revamped mega-navigation and collection pages guide them to the perfect product. In short, the Atlantic Shopify theme will create a strong, memorable, and wow impact on everyone who visits your website.

Shopify Atlantic theme - Proven to help stores grow

Not just that, with the Shopify Atlantic theme, you can easily add a full-width engaging image, video, or slider to the homepage. The layouts are all optimized for displaying large images, making the Atlantic Shopify theme an ideal choice. 

Nevertheless, the distinct look that Shopify theme Atlantic sports can boost in conversions, which of course, everyone strives.

The design and the exquisite look of Atlantic theme Shopify is one thing, but there are other goodies too that come along with the theme for you to put into practice. Shopify Atlantic works with large numbers of products, too, but keeping things more boutique works as well. 

Shopify theme Atlantic comes with four stunning styles to work with, helping you customize the look and feel of your store. Check out the demos to see the Chic, Modern, Light, and Organic theme styles in action. Using the right Shopify Atlantic design, it shouldn’t be difficult to set up an eCommerce store. 

Shopify Atlantic theme - Proven to help stores grow


In a competitive environment, it is quite obvious you want your website to stand out. Typography is one of the ways to create that distinct look.

The combination of fonts you choose can create an impact on your visitors. Typography considerably influences how visitors perceive your website. It will also help build a visual hierarchy on your store that ensures the user’s walk through the site as you intend. 

Understanding the importance of typography, the Shopify Atlantic theme comes with dozens of hand-picked fonts for your store. You can set fonts for your store's body, heading, and accent text.

You can load up your high-resolution product images in the Shopify Atlantic theme, an optional slider tool, with each slide enclosing a link to the relevant item in the product catalog.

Shopify Atlantic theme - Proven to help stores grow

The social media portion of the Shopify Atlantic Theme settings lets you fine-tune your social media connections. Add the default social sharing image using the theme editor and connect your social media accounts.

Other elements that can be added by you to your homepage with the Shopify Atlantic theme include the featured products grid that will display product images and links from items in your catalog.

The blogging functionality of this Shopify theme gives you the flexibility to choose and display excerpts from your latest blog posts on the homepage. You can also easily display the latest content from your Instagram account on your homepage, giving you a way to share the store brand voice with your visitors.

Shopify Atlantic theme - Proven to help stores grow

Being the most favorite Shopify Theme by Pixel Union, the theme is transferred to serve more numbers. Mega menus (an upgrade of your drop-down menus) are another popular feature that you can use on your Shopify store with the Atlantic Shopify theme. You can easily entice your visitors into checking out more of your products and content by using this feature.

Shopify Atlantic theme - Proven to help stores grow

 Enabling the quick shop feature will help you streamline the process of adding products to the shopping cart and helping your customers to do more in less time. This makes the Atlantic Shopify theme stands out as one of the best converting Shopify themes.

Shopify Atlantic theme - Proven to help stores grow

In addition, the Shopify Atlantic theme includes an easily customizable header and a live search function for quickly searching for products as well.

The theme delightful features and details emerge as brownie points as customers go about the shopping experience. These include the rolling mega-nav, the mini-cart, the quick-shop feature, the sumptuous product pages, and many others.

One of the most influential conversion killers is slow site speed. Auditing the Atlantic Shopify theme from Group thought shows that it is ranked #8 for speed among other Shopify Themes. Therein, your audience will get a super-fast loading experience if you have an Atlantic Shopify  theme. 

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Shopify Atlantic theme is a great way to get your setup with a simple theme that has the basics covered for most online stores. In the Shopify Atlantic theme product page, you can make adjustments if you think specific customizations are critical for the performance. You can change your Shopify Atlantic logo size, fonts, color scheme, and parts of your webpage to suit your needs.

Given that you are in a competitive business, Search engine optimization is essential for you. A simple search query by the customers should return your shop among the top results, and they can check you out.  The Atlantic Shopify theme allows you to make the necessary modification to optimize your store for higher rankings.

Besides, the Shopify Atlantic theme examples also show that modifications can be done to suit a mobile device. It readjusts the site's navigation panels, font size, and photos size to suit your customer's electronics.

Shopify Atlantic theme - Proven to help stores grow

The Shopify theme Atlantic helps you reach out to people without complex coding by providing icons that allow shoppers to connect on social channels like Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. You can include these icons in the footer section, along with your refund policy, about Us, and shipping policy information as all of this is critical for your shoppers to understand you. 

Shopify Atlantic theme - Proven to help stores grow

Shopify theme Atlantic - Great visuals and neat organization ensure that your customers are satisfied with your products and services. As many E-Commerce retailers have installed, we have heard that it's a hard time getting this theme setup the right way to work well with their Navigation, Collections, and even products uploaded to Shopify. HulkApps offer a full setup, customization, and creation of advanced functionality to help get your store launched quickly.

Make the Most of Shopify Templates

Shopify Atlantic theme - Proven to help stores grow


So, you found the theme that’s right for you. The one that’s going to reap the most rewards and conversions on your web store. 

Using one of the best Atlantic themes Shopify might bring you success, but you need to make sure you have the configuration, customization, and tools to handle it too. It’s too easy to lose track of setting up and customizing once you start configuring in.  

HulkApps, a leading Shopify Expert, frequently works with growing brands looking to customize the Atlantic theme Shopify for increasing sales. With a deep understanding of Atlantic Shopify Theme, HulkApps has helped several ‘Pre-Shopify Plus’ clients achieve significant sales growth through theme customizations, Store setup, creation of advanced functionality in Atlantic theme Shopify .

Whether you’re planning to switch to Atlantic Shopify Theme, or looking to optimize your current Shopify themes Atlantic, HulkApps can support you with structured options like: 

1. Atlantic Shopify Theme Customization Package.

If you’re an existing Atlantic theme Shopify user, increasing your conversion rate and AOV for your brand then completing the Shopify Atlantic Theme customization package by HulkApps is likely essential to you.

Shopify store owners with traffic over 2,500 unique visits a month tend to work with us on theme customization projects. By making subtle conversion rate changes that create significant revenue increases, clients of this size and above often see a financial uplift after working with HulkApps.

Atlantic Shopify Theme Customization Package

If you're getting less than a 2% conversion rate, you're not only missing out on a potential opportunity, you're actively losing money. HulkApps Atlantic theme support helps you get that sales and revenue as efficiently as possible, and the process can be heard by contacting HulkApps Support. 

Raise a Ticket (@ Free Cost) = Increase your conversion rate. 

HulkApps Shopify Atlantic theme support gives you a 

  • Dedicated Shopify Developer
  • Speed assurance
  • A customized header
  • Custom CMS
  • Custom sections
  • 2 round iteration & feedback

Reasons to opt-in for the HulkApps Shopify Atlantic theme support for Atlantic theme customization?

  • Mobile compatible theme
  • No hidden charges
  • Complete fresh design
  • Expedient check-ups

Shopify Atlantic theme - Proven to help stores grow

2. Create Advanced Functionality In Atlantic Shopify Theme Support

If you’ve been administering a Shopify store, no doubt you’ll be carefully monitoring the profitability of your business and looking at ways to maximize it. With so many themes available, taking the time to assess which theme to use is both time-consuming and confusing.

Working closely with the Atlantic theme Shopify, the HulkApps team has a thorough understanding of theme features and how best to utilize these alongside customizations to generate growth and create advanced functionalities to generate more sales with minimal efforts. Here’s how HulkApps work with you to create advanced functionalities in Atlantic  Shopify Theme. 

Create Advanced Functionality In Atlantic Shopify Theme Support

3. How to set up, enhance and migrate to Shopify Store

First, make sure you have already set up your Shopify store. If you’ve found a theme suitable to your store among Shopify’s themes available, all you gotta do is purchase it and add it to your store quickly from within the admin section. If you face any issues or want help, you can reach out to HulkApps Atlantic theme set up. Later, to upsell your products, send your shoppers their purchase tracking information, build a form, or to have trust badges in your site, You can avail extensions from HulkApps at reasonable rates. 

Note: Remember, you can preview or demo any purchase from HulkApps Shopify Store on your store, so make sure you try that before making any purchase. Some apps are free of cost.

How to set up, enhance and migrate to Shopify Store

Creating an option that needs an additional cost for customization?

Product options are one of the cornerstones of eCommerce, and it's impossible to shop for certain products without them. Apparel comes in multiple sizes and colors, the furniture comes in different wood finishes, and bed linens come in different patterns; the list goes on and on. HulkApps Shopify Infinite Product options allow you to attach an add-on product to the option selection so you can add an extra cost to your main product. This way, there’s no return trips where a customer orders something, then sends a request to add extra features to their order, wherein you need to explain the extra cost charges, and the customer has to pay a second time or cancel the order.

Custom Option Types supported:

Drop down, Swatches, Checkbox, Radio Button, File Upload, Email, Phone

Looking to add more features?

Form Builder:

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Post Purchase Survey: 

Improving the performance and experience of your website starts with understanding what your visitors want and what's preventing them from achieving it. Target questions to specific visitors anywhere on your web and mobile site. (even on the order confirmation or thank you page). Click here to learn more.

Product Reviews: 

A feature-rich FREE review app that lets merchants easily import Reviews & Ratings to your store and capture useful information to you and your customers. With the Product Reviews app, you can build trust and increase conversion rate by showing your happy shoppers. Click here to learn more.

If you face any issue with you Shopify store or migration, you can reach out to HulkApps Support: 

To know more about the best practices for Shopify Merchants, deep insights into Shopify Services & Support, you can refer to the blog section.