Utilizing user-generated content (UGC) in your marketing has numerous benefits when it comes to traffic, engagement, and sales. Just many of the data-backed ways that user content is nice for brands…

  • User content, such as reviews, boosts SEO and brings more organic traffic
  • User content helps you grow your eCommerce traffic from social traffic
  • Adding user content to social boosts conversion rate and sales

In any case, marketing with shopper generated media has many more benefits you probably won’t expect. Here are the unexpected benefits of marketing with UGC.

1. Get new, consumer-tested product ideas

Domino’s Pizza in Australia had a brilliant idea: why not allow customers to order other customers favorite pizza combinations?

Users could swap their favorite combinations on social media, generating buzz and connecting passionate pizza lovers through their love of discovering wacky, delicious, and interesting new combinations.

Through their UGC campaign, they were able to collect data on what might be good new pizza ideas without wasting resources developing and testing it on their own.

2. Learn how to communicate better

You’re investing time, promoting budget, and tons of exertion into promoting your product as high-end and luxury, but your most profitable customer base is really more energetic to find things that offer them good value and high-quality.

User content advertising campaigns give valuable insight into the way your customers really talk about your brand so you can improve the efficiency of marketing copy and boost long-tail keywords.

This exercise gave them insight into how their customers really talked about their product.

3. Save (a ton) of digital marketing budget

Savvy companies know user content campaigns generate free content you can repurpose across marketing materials.

IKEA demonstrated this with their Instagram campaign that asked customer’s to submit Instagram photos of their favorite products.

Not only was it one of the most successful Instagram campaigns to date, it was also a smart way to sell through Instagram by having customers advertise products on their behalf.

4. Collect tons of new content you can repurpose in marketing materials

UGC shouldn’t die after the campaign. UGC campaigns give you valuable, consumer created content that can be repurposed in user-generated galleries, newsletters, blog posts, social advertisements, Instagram ads and more.

Overall, user-generated campaigns can collect thousands of branded photos from engaged customers; increase sales and engage with your community by repurposing this powerful visual content.

Wrapping up

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