About The Hulk Mobile App Builder 

Shopify Mobile App Builder is perfect for those looking to create their own ecommerce mobile app storefront, with no coding required.  The app allows you to create an app from scratch, add in your graphics or design, and then customize your store's navigation and core functionality using our powerful but straightforward editor.  You can also connect it with other apps in our ecosystem, including Shopify Payments, Marketing and Analytics, and more, to transform your Shopify store into an interactive ecommerce application.

Understanding the Dashboard

You have decided it is time to take your business to the next level and downloaded Hulk Mobile App Builder. Still, you need to figure out how to get things rolling. We will always have your back! This guide will walk you through everything you need to know to successfully navigate the App Dashboard, including Analytics, App Statuses, Syncing, and more. 

App Publishing Status

This is where you can view all the information about your journey to having your app published in the iOS and Android Mobile App Stores. Live status can help you better grasp what's going on and where we are throughout the process.

Let's have a look at some of the likely situations:

  • Pending Status: App status will be displayed until your app has been made available for download to the public.
  • Live Status: This demonstrates that your app's status is currently operational and may be downloaded.

Another situation may be:
App Denied: This is could happen due to various reasons. However, if such an instance arises, our specialists will deal with such uncommon instances on a priority basis. 

Analytics Overview

          1. Under the Analytics tab, you will see the total number of sales that have resulted from the newly acquired sales channel. This will be very helpful in deciding whether additional work needs to be done on your app.
            PRO TIP: Decreasing sales might indicate that your app needs updated content, or that products have not been synced in a while.
            Additionally, you can view the total number of push notifications delivered to installers.
          2. Additionally, you can view the total number of push notifications delivered to installers.
            PRO TIP: Push notifications are extremly helpful in promoting sales or current events - that will get rid of overstocked items.
          3. Abandoned cart (Revenue lost and Conversions through AC) - You may learn a lot about how merchants behave and how frequently you should send push notifications and emails and attempt other marketing strategies using this data.
            PRO TIP: By directly examining what revenue is made through Abandoned carts and how many conversion was lost through them, you can determine the state of your marketing efforts.
          4. Product page visited is a highly effective way to see how many of your app visitors intend to buy certain products.
            → PRO TIP: High number of product Page visits but a small number of conversions can indicate that your checkout has some issues or that visitors are simply conducting research and intend to complete the purchase in a physical store.
          5. TOP 10 (Top 10 visited and Top ten sale items) can easily give you insights into differences in shopping habits between your browser and your app buyers.
            → PRO TIP: Utilize this top 10 items tool to determine your next marketing and promotion endeavors.
          6. App Listing Performances: Quickly determine the performance of your apps (both iOS and Android marketplaces) by viewing installation and session rates.
            → PRO TIP: Decreasing number of installations can indicate that the app update is overdue or that Marketplace has updated its ASO algorithm.

Sync Products and Collections

Easily transfer all the products and collections from the Shopify Admin straight on your mobile app. See how it's done.

PRO TIP: Sync option is done automatically and it can take up to a few hours for merchants with thousands of products however; it saves hours in product duplication/creation.

App Block Customization

Take advantage of numerous features to create an epic mcommerce application. These drag and drop sections will elevate how your store looks and functions in order to provide your customers with a holistic brand experience.

PRO TIP: Best mobile apps have unique but minimalistic designs with negative spaces but still have all of these options utilized.

Showcase Images

Designing your mobile app using on-brand images will grab your users' attention and can be a perfect place to AB test how your users behave on the app. Therefore, we have prepared a free Guidebook on how to create best possible product images. 

PRO TIP: Slideshows are great for comparison of similar products, image banners are great for promotions, trust badges can also be utilized for vegan/halal food options or not tested on animals for skincare products.

Download the Product Image banner.

    • Auto-rotate at a pre-defined speed or allow viewers to scroll through pictures at their own pace.
    • Import as many images in portrait or square landscapes.
    • Enable pager options with active and inactive pager color settings.

PRO TIP: Slideshow by their example can share the same graphic elements and by so create one ongoing clickthrough image that leads to multiple products.

Image Banners

Powerful image banners can make promoting product launches, special sales offers, or new collections within an app a breeze.

PRO TIP: Since image banners are one of the most attention-grabbing sections on the site, they can also create exposure for collaboration products, soon-in-stock, limited edition products and create hype.

Download the Image Banner Guidebook by HulkApps.

Trust Badges

Badges extend the credibility of your brand values and increase the feeling of safety for your customers from our in-built or custom icons.

→ PRO TIP: Since you can upload your trust badges, you can add payment and shopping security feel and create trust in your niche-based products: E.g., 100% Carbon Parts for your bike shop.

Brand Logos

You can link to showcase your major vendors in either a grid or a carousel style. 

→ PRO TIP: For merchants that use their store as a marketplace where you can purchase multiple brand products, highlighting bigger brands they sell can create an extra trust feel, and increase their sales by providing their users a simple and effective way to shop that brands products directly from the site.

Highlight Featured Product

Utilize this section to make your new releases stand out so customers can visit the product page and make a purchase. 

PRO TIP: You don't need to highlight only featured products, but you can utilize this section in multiple ways: Season favorites, a Best seller that is low on stock, Just got back in stock, etc.

Set up Collections

Collection List
    • Add multiple collections within the same section of your mobile app.
    • Upload on-brand images in circular, rectangular, or square shapes to represent collections.

PRO TIP: When creating a design of one collection, e.g., a circular shape image with a text overlay, you should follow the same throughout the app to create a sleek design. However, when you wish to highlight a single collection, that collection should have a completely different layout design to be more noticeable.

Featured Collection

Mobile-exclusive featured collections increases discoverability and saves browsing time for your in-app users.

Recently Viewed

Recommended products section is one of the best features you can enable in your mobile app. It plays a significant role as it can remind visitors of the products they showed interest in and convince them to convert. 

Text Options

Text Block

Simple messaging to get your brand's message across with a heading, sub-heading, and call-to-action button that could be used for upcoming promotions.

PRO TIP: Text blocks are most commonly used to explain current happenings such as Covid Packaging, Shipping delays & more.

Flash Text

Use eye-catching power words to highlight current deals, free shipping offers, etc. using, the text block to match your brand.

PRO TIP: Flash text is the first thing visitors see when they open up the app and is the easiest way to make them complete purchases. Use persuasive words and highlight the most important deals.

Advanced Layouts

This segment allows you to construct parts that visually enhance your store and boost client happiness. For example, creative videos, social networking channels, countdown clocks, and popups - are incredible features to improve engagement.

Push Notifications Overview

Sending relevant and timely push notifications to your users is the best way to improve sales, reduce cart abandonment rates, and much more. Our app allows merchants to send automated push notifications according to the merchant's preferences or send push alerts to specific subscribers manually.

Pro Tip: Use buzzwords! Here are some examples of Push Notifications you can try out:

Product-based notifications:

  1. Reminder: Christmas is 10 days away! Check out Santa's gifts before it's too late.
  2. Forgot something? You left {product name} in your cart!
  3. Hello from the other side, I must've called a thousand times… cause you left this {product name} in your cart!

Collection-based notifications:

  1. New collection is in! Get your hands on the 2023 collection right now!
  2. Check out our newest drop!
  3. The collection is almost sold out! Grab it while you can!

Payment Options

Hulk Mobile App Builder seamlessly integrates with the native Shopify checkout system, meaning that all payment options you might need like: Paypal, Shoppay, Klarna, and Credit or Debit cards, are available within your mobile app checkout.

Payment Options - Shopify Mobile App Builder

Review and Force Update Popups

Elevate your mobile app with Leave a Review popups. Obtaining more ruser reviews gives your app more credibility and pushes it higher on the app store result pages. You can also make sure all your users are viewing the latest updated version of your app with all the relevant theme changes with our Force Update Notifications.

Other Settings

App Store Publish data

Input and overview all the data about your app's listing. When submitted, our setup specialist will analyze your answers and reach out if there are any issues.


Connect with more than 10 powerful Shopify apps to extend your app's functionalities.

Post-purchase Experience 


Mobile App Builder - Post purchase experience
Source: Crav

Personalize the experience with pre-filled shipping information and provide your customers with mobile purchase details in their order history along with an in-built order tracking page using Order Status tracker app integration.

Order Limits

Create minimum order value based on cart quantity or the cart total and even based on the product tags.

Language Translations

Translate your mobile app into any other language to adapt the content to the local destination. 

Upsell and Cross-sell Products

Match any complimentary products and the store's products for the app to automatically showcase them via popup. This feature will decrease your retention costs and create a stickiness effect with users. 

Optimize Search Results Display

Make results visible only on your desktop and hide them from your mobile app users by using this feature.  

General Settings

Control your application's flow and take a look over basic app settings.

Order and Shipping Push Notifications

Send Push notifications to your users about their orders and shipping status, keep them in the loop with their orders, and create long-lasting client relationships.

Push Notifications - Shopify Mobile App Builder
Source: Crave by Leena

Free Gift Motivator

Motivate your users by offering them free gifts via your mobile app after they reach a certain threshold, or if they purchase a specific product. This will automatically decrease the high-in-stock items you wish to sell out faster.

Free Gift Motivator - - Shopify Mobile App Builder


Create multiple versions of your app in multiple languages. Please note: Multi-currencies are automatically available on the mobile app.
Coming Soon: Google Translate App Integration - automatically translate your app in multiple languages in seconds!

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is projected to reach $88.4 b in size by the 2026 according to Markets&markets research. That fact standalone is one of the biggest proofs of how popular this fresh feature will be in the future. Hulk Mobile App Builder has integrated an Augmented reality option that enables you to showcase your products in AR ecommerce world in real-time! 

Smart Banner

A smart banner lets shoppers immediately download the app from the browser or use it at any time. The top bar "sticks" to the viewport when the user scrolls across the program. Smart banners improve navigation, encourage app downloads, and boost retention.


Launch Your Mobile App

Setup Specialist

As soon as one installs our app, they are automatically assigned to a Dedicated Setup Specialist who will guide you every step of the way, to ensure a seamless experience. Their role is to explain the app's capabilities, options, and share advice on best practices that have worked for many of our merchants in different industries. 

Introduction to Apple Developer Program

  1. There are two methods to enroll in the Apple developer program: as an organization or as an individual. Apple ensures that all programs accessible for download on its store are correct and thoroughly tested.
  2. For individual enrollment, you will need a Mac with Touch ID, a password enabled, an Apple device with Touch ID, Face ID, or a passcode activated.
  3. Note: Changing devices during enrollment is not possible.
  4. You will also have an Apple ID that utilizes two-factor authentication. Your Apple ID information must be current and accurate, including your first name, last name, address, trusted phone number, and trusted devices.
  5. The Device from the first requirement must have the most recent version of the Apple Developer App installed.
  6. Lastly, you will need an iCloud account.

Since Apple has strict set of rules and guidelines, please make sure to follow this iOS App Marketplace Resources document.

If you wish to market your iOS App Listing on your website make sure to use the assets provided in this file.

Enrolling in Individual Apple Developer Program

  1. Launch the Apple Developer app on the chosen enrollment device.
  2. Select the Account tab.
  3. Log in using your Apple ID. (It can be a different Apple ID than the one associated with your device, but two-factor authentication must be enabled.)
  4. Review the Apple Developer Agreement and tap or click Agree if required.
  5. Click - Enroll Now.
  6. Review the program’s qualifications and advantages, then continue.
  7. Provide your first and last name and phone number. (Your legal name will be listed as the seller on the App Store. Do not enter an alias, nickname, or corporate name as your first or last name, as doing so will delay the completion of your registration process.)
  8. You must provide a driver’s license or other government-issued photo identification to verify your identity. Capture your photo ID and then tap or click the Confirm button.
  9. Review the information you supplied and tap or click Continue.
  10. Select “Individual” as your entity type.
  11. Accept the terms of the Apple Developer Program License Agreement.

Enrolling in Organizational Apple Developer Program

Follow these steps to enroll in the Apple Developer Program:

  1. Click the Account tab.
  2. Log in using your Apple ID. This can be a different Apple ID than the one associated with the device, but two-factor authentication must be enabled.
  3. Review the Apple Developer Agreement or click Accept if required.
  4. Click Enroll Now.
  5. Review the program’s qualifications and rewards, then click Continue.

Provide your details as the Account Holder:

  1. Enter your legal first name, legal last name, and phone number if prompted. (Your enrollment evaluation will be delayed if you enter an alias, nickname, or corporate name as your legal name.)
  2. You must provide a driver’s license or other government-issued photo identification to verify your identity. Capture your photo identification and tap or click the Confirm button.

Input your organization’s details:

  1. Entity type
  2. Legal entity’s name
  3. DUNS® Number: Your organization must have a DUNS Number for Apple to confirm its identity and legal standing.
  4. The company’s headquarters address and phone number.
  5. Website
  6. Contact information of an employee who can verify your signing authority and confirm that you have the authority to bind your organization to legal agreements.
  7. Apple will review your information after you’ve submitted it. You will subsequently receive an email with further instructions.

The D-U-N-S Number is a unique nine-digit number used to identify businesses based on location. The D-U-N-S Number, assigned and managed by  Dun & Bradstreet (D&B), is extensively used as a standard corporate identity.

Requesting a DUNS Number

When checking up on your organization's DUNS number, you'll be prompted for the following details:

  • Legal Corporate name
  • Headquarters location
  • Mailing address
  • Business contact details

As part of their verification process, a D&B representative may directly contact you for additional information (such as your business type or the number of employees). Therefore, please have your registration document for your business prepared.

Managing a DUNS Number

Please allow up to five business days for D&B to provide you with a D-U-N-S Number after submitting your request. 

Please allow Apple up to two business days to collect your information from D&B once you have obtained your D-U-N-S Number. After this period, you may enlist as a firm or organization in the Apple Developer Program.

Please note that D&B may take up to two business days to update Apple's records.

Enrolling into Google Play Developer Program

Publishing your app on the Google Play Marketplace necessitates a distinct strategy and procedure.

  1. Ensure that you are logged into your Google account.
  2. Visit the Google Play Developer Console to Learn the Terms of Service; choose the countries you intend to distribute your app and enter your payment card information with a $25 enrollment fee. Cards accepted include Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover (US only), and Visa Electron (limited to non-USA countries).

Filling out your Google Play developer Profile is the most critical section:

  1. Developer name: Choose a store name with no more than 50 characters.
  2. Email address: The email address will be the primary contact method for visitors and app installers from the app listing.
  3. Website
  4. Phone: Please include the plus sign, country code, and area code.

Check out these Google Play Brand guidlines and always stay compliant with current Google Play App Listing policies. You can also take a look over their Icon Specifications and follow their suggested Icon shapes and sizes.
Download your "Available on Google Play Store" Badge here.


More Questions

If you have additional questions about the Hulk Mobile App Builder, we’re happy to help! Please reach out to a CX Team member through our LiveChat in your admin or you can email us at help@hulk-support.com!