Leverage free gifts with purchase promotions

BOGO, which stands for “buy one, get one free,” is one of the most common types of sale promotions. Putting two popular items on sale for a short time and at a lower price creates a sense of FOMO or urgency that can help boost sales. It can get rid of clearance stock, which is why BOGO deals are often called “self-liquidating” in business circles. 

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Keep the option open for mobile app customers to receive a gift in exchange for making a purchase. This is an amazing way to increase AOV. Also, remember to offer exclusive in-app discounts via Shopify scripts. You can choose any script that will go with your specific products. An example would be "Buy X and get Y 20% off" or "Buy Two, Get One X percentage OFF." Make it your own and special for your customers at all times; that's the best approach to keep them coming back for more.

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Leverage in-App Exclusive Discounts

Lifestyle discounts apply to a specific occupation, age group, or demographicWhile you can provide these promotions throughout the year, certain months and days of the year are dedicated to a specific demographic; therefore, you should take advantage of these opportunities. For instance, September is an excellent month for back-to-school sales, whereas August is National Senior Citizens Day.


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Keep an eye on your calendar for these monthly marketing topics to organize your promotions in advance and maximize their effectiveness!

Leverage Coupons

Coupons and vouchers can be distributed via email, your website, or printed items like product packaging, catalogs, etc. They’re a terrific method of showing appreciation to present customers and enticing them to stick with your business. 

A mystery coupon is a great approach to get customers excited about their next purchase. It’s not your typical discount, but it’s fun to use and makes customers feel like they’re part of the action.  

If you give it a shot, make the most of your efforts by developing a well-planned, multi-pronged campaign and landing page. Continue advertising sale items or your most popular products even after they’ve clicked through to see their discount to entice them further to use their coupon.

Give a percentage discount on first-purchase via the mobile app to get started. 

Leverage Rewards and Loyalty Program

Customers can be highly motivated by rewards and loyalty programs, even if they wait to pay for them immediately. Here are a few strategies you may like to examine. 

You may double or triple loyalty points for a limited time, which can be a powerful incentive to purchase. You could even offer a “lump sum” of points to your loyalty program, encouraging customers to buy more than they would otherwise have. 


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Customers will feel closer to you if you offer loyalty programs through a mobile app because: 

  • Using the app will keep you interested all the time
  • Getting people to sign up for the app and loyalty program 
  • By giving customers helpful information
  • Making it easier for people to use a loyalty program’s perks 
  • Reward repeat customers

Different loyalty programs can be used depending on the goals of your mobile app, the people you want to reach, and the purpose of the loyalty program. 

One of the best ways to spread the word about your products is through the recommendations of happy customers, which is why VIP customers are so valuable to your business. Given that they have seen success with your goods first-hand, many others will put their faith in them. High-value customers are the best ambassadors for your company. They can send personalized invitations, interact with customers on social media, and rave about your products.

Ways to make your Mobile App stand out with app-exclusive content

A Mobile App creates an exclusive sales and promotional channel for your business. The information gathered from user sessions and entry points into your app can help you improve your marketing campaigns and sales. Once your marketers have all the information they need, an app will be a better way to get content to your users than traditional marketing methods. This includes personalized push notifications, specially curated app-only offers, exclusive items, and a variety of other loyalty-based campaigns your team might create. Additionally, your app can be a platform for sharing user-created content, specially curated blogs and tutorials, and other valuable content for your app's visitors.

Adding a sign-in or subscribe button to your mobile app is a foolproof way to collect customer information, create loyalty programs, and create customer-specific sales offers for the next season.

Enable push notifications

Engaging with interesting push notifications on mobile apps can help you personalize your app by allowing you to reach out directly to customers and clients while keeping them engaged over time. With a good marketing plan, you can let all or some of your app's users know about new products and sales through push notifications. 

With the right settings and configurations, your app notifications can help keep your brand or products in the minds of your customers. This raises brand awareness and helps your business drive digital traffic, outperform competitors, and grow revenue.

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And once you thoroughly understand your users' browsing patterns and preferences, it can be simple to encourage them to buy additional items while browsing on your app, making your cross-selling strategy pay off. 

An in-app message is a simple way to communicate with your customers, especially since your brand and products are clearly on their minds.

In the long run, it's important to remember that push notifications allow for extremely deep engagement with your audience. For example, adding QR code stickers in shipping packages, on social media, via SMS, and email will give customers easy access to your app.

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Push notifications need to be sent out regularly to keep customers in the palm of your hand and keep them interested in what is to come. Making sure you keep them updated about special deals, products they might enjoy, or items they have saved can be a terrific way to get them to return to your app and make a purchase. It would help if you utilized attention-grabbing phrases in your push notifications to ensure they get read. Phrases like "New Collection," "Celebrate," "Get a discount," and so many more will grab their attention and make them want to read your notifications. 

Countdowns are another nice feature that may be implemented using push notifications. Create a countdown to keep your customers interested, and on the edge of their seats as they await news of the event and the offer.

An effective strategy includes the following:

  • Sending out valuable offers such as discounts, flash sales, special deals, etc. 
  • Taking advantage of location-based services and geo-targeting tools. For example, sending customers notifications about deals in a particular city or region;
  • Sending your customers relevant and timely notifications based on their physical location to announce a sale to users in the area of business.

Personalizing the push notifications is important. Those notifications can be simple:

  • Letting them know about sales.
  • Making a more personalized notification that shows them you want to build a strong relationship.
  • Sending notifications about early sales on your app.
  • Make their birthday special by offering them a discount.
  • Show them the products they abandoned.
  • Tell them about upcoming sales for the holidays.
  • Create a buzz by letting them know about a special offer available exclusively through the app.
  • Give your VIP customers special offers they can use on the mobile app.
  • Express your take on cultural events to create an impact on your brand values. 
  • Include a shareable push notification with crucial information, like "product care" for your customers.

An additional productive time to send push notifications is a week or so before BFCM. Don't keep them in the dark about upcoming sales and discounts. Doing so generates excitement and a sense of urgency to ensure they receive the greatest offer possible, ultimately boosting your sales.

Social media network

According to Hootsuite, 90% of brands use social media to increase brand awareness.

A strategy for attracting customers and sharing links to your mobile apps on various social media posts can go a long way toward attracting more customers and increasing app downloads. Slide into your target audience's social media with timely posts focused on repurposed content focusing on driving mobile app installs.

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By engaging with users in real-time and building momentum, you can ensure that you stay on top of your audience's minds. 

Be sure to inform your followers of the app-only product news, features, and giveaways via various social media channels. To attract more users, you must inform them about the many benefits of downloading your mobile app. Influencers can generate excitement on social media by participating in giveaways and contests, which is a great way to get customers interested in and using your app and products. 

Your business will benefit significantly from enlisting the help of credible influencers who will spread the word about you in the best possible light. Make sure the influencer(s) you have picked resonate with your brand and mission so that it will be simpler for them to understand and promote your products. They are the ones who will drive visitors to your app, which will ultimately boost sales. Their massive audience is another plus; you can give them PR packages with your products, have them reviewed, and offer customers a special discount with a unique code they may use on their next order if they leave a review on your product.

Build a community

Build a sense of community to make your mobile app a true destination for your fans and followers by giving them exclusive access to products, early sales invitations, and extending invitations to in-person events and shows where you could host regular fan meets and send them VIP-only passes

Engage with extended communities and forums like Reddit, Quora, Hackermoon, and other industry-specific platforms, as a way of elevating your content marketing strategy. We recommend joining or participating in relevant podcasts and live streams as a way to expose your app to thousands of listeners. 

Loyalty program

Having your customers buy stuff on repeat is the ultimate goal of every business, and that is what a customer loyalty program will do for your company. A customer loyalty program can encourage customers to buy more than they would usually, and the rewarding feeling will keep them coming back for more.

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A Loyalty Program integrated into your mobile app is a great incentive for customers because it makes them feel appreciated while also allowing them to save money on the go. Furthermore, having a loyalty customer program will result in increased user retention, which is another recipe for your company's continuous revenue growth. 

According to recently conducted research, increasing retention by just 5% through customer loyalty programs can increase revenue by 25% to 95%. It will also provide insights into what your customers are likely to spend their money on, leading to personalization and easing your way of creating custom-created offers for your customers.

Gift Cards

Incentivize your customers with e-gift cards as a way of gratification for loyalty at regular intervals. Sometimes, a gift card could also function as a virtual currency that could be used in exchange for physical goods. For example, it's a good idea to give away a free gift card of a small value for a limited time to increase the chances of a sale getting rewarded. Customers could also provide you with reviews and feedback in exchange for loyalty points in their e-cards. Some customers might purchase gift cards for their friends and relatives as a lazy alternative gift. So, merchants could use this opportunity to bring new users to their mobile app. 

Exclusive rewards

To make your app sticky, use gamification. Gamification in apps hooks users by giving them reasons to keep using the app, like badges, points, and rewards. Based on psychology and behavioral science, these features make the app fun, social, and easy to use, which are powerful motivators. The Simle.io integration is made easier with our app. Adding a social aspect to this can further boost engagement with your app by inspiring users to chase scores on leaderboards, collect points to get prizes, fill a progress bar, and so much more. 

Giveaways and contests

They are another popular way to increase app awareness and engagement. You can quickly increase the number of app users with little effort by creating a mechanism for your giveaway that includes parameters such as downloading, leaving a review, or referring a friend to win. And by following through on your amazing offers and engaging valuable content, you can keep those users on board for the long run. 

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Personalizing your giveaways for each customer will give them an edge and ensure they remember your business and become loyal customers. 

Promoting your giveaway on social media is a game changer, allowing you to do so much with a wide range of customers. A giveaway can be a great way to attract new users to your app, but your content and store offer will keep those new users engaged and wanting to return.


User Generated Content via Reviews

Build social proof

Showcase your product reviews directly inside the app to create brand trust with your mobile app shoppers. Displaying customer ratings and reviews right next to the products they love increases the chances of it being purchased. Highlighting powerful user-generated content that shows off exactly what customers like most about your brand improves the buyer’s experience and increases conversions.

Make reviews submission a breeze

Reviews act as social proof for any new releases. Your sales can grow tremendously if there are customer reviews on your products. 

You can easily set up a review popup with our Mobile App Builder to ask your customers to leave a review. 

Utilize push notifications post engagement, to send review reminders since this is a popular way for users to give feedback on products. Customers are more likely to buy your product if it gets positive reviews from previous customers. 

Also, it's a good idea to send customers a review link for your mobile app on the App Store.

Reply to positive and negative reviews

Let your customers know that you appreciate their time to drop your product or app a review by answering back to all reviews and letting them know that you are genuinely trying to improve their experience.


Paid advertising campaigns

We have already pointed out the importance of using social media to spread the word about your app, and that was mainly a money-free way of increasing your reach toward your targeted audience.

Paid advertising, on the other hand, is incredibly effective and efficient if you wish to expose your mobile app to potential customers. There are multiple potential advertising platforms for mobile apps. 

  • Facebook Ads — There are numerous targeting options with Facebook Ads, and many apps use it. 
  • Promoted Tweets — People’s feeds can show promoted tweets if most of your audience is on Twitter.
  • App Store Search Ads — The fact is that over 60% of app downloads come from searches on both Apple and Google app stores.
  • CPI Ad Platforms — You can attract more installs and signups instead of just clicks using these platforms.
  • Google Universal App Campaigns — This tool is mostly useful because it uses machine learning technology. 
  • Cross-Promotion Networks — These networks are great if you want to use an app to promote others, especially for mobile games.

As with any paid advertising campaign, you need to consider who your audience is and where you can best reach them. Then, once you’ve chosen the right platform(s), you need to figure out how to find relevant users using the different targeting options on the platform(s) you’ve chosen. 


Roll out new updates regularly

Make your customers know that you are constantly making the mobile app experience better for them. Indulge your mobile app subscribers with fresh content and give them a chance to participate in making your app better. Share how you plan to do something more so that your customers can enjoy using their app.

Drive additional exposure 

Don't just rely on the Google Play and the Apple App Store; there are various other app stores and marketplaces where you can list your mobile app to drive new users. Here are some of the top directories where you can consider listing your mobile app to expand your reach.

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Monitoring performance

To ensure that your campaigns are producing the desired results; you must review your results regularly. In order to do so, you should keep an eye on a variety of KPIs and metrics, including

  • The quality score
  • Click-through rates
  • Social media activity
  • Impressions
  • Reach
  • Cost per conversion

Upon reviewing your metrics for the given time period, make sure to tweak and adjust them accordingly, to make sure you are getting the best results for the proposed campaign budget that you might have at the moment. If you are unsure, you can always resort to A/B testing and adjust according to the results of the conducted testing.

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