About BattlBox

Battlbox is a premier survival/tactical subscription box provider on the planet and for good reason. Their gear is largely name brand, delivers high-quality items that most in-the-know tactical gearheads and outdoorsmen would recognize.



Many merchants are familiar with or using some type of multivariate testing to optimize their experiences in eCommerce, but many do not always get the most out of their test results. Many findings are taken at face value without looking further to see if useful insights can be gained by reading between the lines.

In the case of BattlBox, by exploring another content approach, they decided to refine both their homepage experience and their subscription funnel experiences. The hardware retailer wanted to see how personalizing their home page experience affected customer behavior at their first touchpoint when returning to the site.



They chose to use Hulk’s A/B Testing & Optimisation to uncover valuable insights into how different onsite experiences affect the way customers behave onsite. To find out how implementing different content approach affects the way customers engages and converts, we deployed content-based tests on their homepage in order to directly compare these variations in experiences against their status quo.

Each segment saw an increase in conversion performance with the new variation and the prospect segment had an exceptional 30% increase in conversion compared to the standard variation.


What they say:



"Hulk's A/B Testing & Optimization service has enabled us to deploy different content approach across the BattlBox website, improving customer engagement & conversion. The ability for us to target customer segments & provide a more personalized experience, coupled with Hulk A/B Testing service has really enabled us to take huge steps forward in providing a better online experience for our customers"


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