About BattlBox

BattlBox is the world's leading distributor of survival/tactical subscription boxes, and with good reason. Their gear is named Chiefly Brand, and it supplies high-quality things that most tactical gear-heads and outdoors people are familiar with.



Many merchants know or use multivariate testing to improve their ecommerce experiences, but many do not always get the most out of their test findings. Most of the findings are received at face value without further investigation to determine whether relevant insights may be acquired by reading between the lines.

In the instance of BattlBox, by experimenting with a different content strategy, they opted to improve both their site and subscription funnel experiences. The hardware company wanted to test how customizing their home page experience influenced customer behavior when they returned to the site for the first time.



They used HulkApps' A/B Testing and Optimisation to gain vital insights into how different onsite experiences influence users' on-site interaction. We conducted content-based tests on their homepage to directly evaluate these differences in experiences against their status quo to see how introducing new content approaches influences users' engagement and conversion.

With the new variation, each segment experienced an improvement in conversion performance, with the prospect segment seeing an unusual 30 percent gain in conversion compared to the regular variation.


What they say:



"We were able to implement alternative content approaches across the BattlBox website thanks to HulkApps' A/B Testing & Optimization solution, which improved user engagement and conversion. The ability to target consumer categories and deliver a more customized experience, combined with the HulkApps' A/B Testing service,  has allowed us to make significant strides in providing a better online experience for our customers."


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