Weebly to Shopify Migration - A Complete Guide

A web page or something like information or suggestion page building is better optimized with Weebly with its easy to use drag and drop interface. But, when eCommerce is your ultimate need, Weebly has little to offer. For stores with a large catalog, Shopify makes it easy to build your new store with builtin support for domain and hosting services. So, the next logical step is to look for Weebly to Shopify migration service. But, things can be complicated. So, we decided to simplify the process for you with our most delinquent series- The Migration Center.

Let the migration begin!

Why migrating over to Shopify from Weebly?

While we let the sweetness of the deal sink in a little deeper, let's take a closer look at why it makes sense for Weebly users to consider Shopify or Shopify Plus.

Strong hosting coverage lacks

Shopify has better hosting coverage in most business categories- Lifestyle, Electronics, Technology, Food and Beverage, including 20 other categories. Weebly is nowhere near this line. Shopify has its operations running with a total of 286,948 active websites and 251,445 unique domains in more than 160 countries. However, Weebly has only 25,297 active websites.

It clearly means that Shopify can offer any hosting related service anywhere in the world with a strong community of Shopify experts and developers. As is with Weebly, technical support is not too great until users splurge on it.

Customization is not fantastic

Weebly's editor does not have great resources of eCommerce tools, making it difficult to build a powerful store on this platform. Aside from customization restrictions, it is slow to update its features. Also, merchants cannot find enough options in template categories. Unless one has great experience with CSS and HTML, it is tough to customize the site or make complex changes.

Shopify has a very simple backend to use and customize your preferences. All its themes can be customized using Liquid, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The same as its backend, the frontend looks awesome transforming user experience to a great length. Interestingly, with a beginner-level of Shopify development skills, anyone can build a supereasy store with high-functional product images and full-screen video - better optimzed for mobile devices.

Limited eCommerce tools for your online store

Weebly does not support small businesses or individual merchants to get started with an online store and sell fast. Compared to Shopify, the list of its eCommerce tools is not so comprehensive. However, eCommerce merchants can expect great basic level features that include shopping cart, inventory tracking, and coupon builder.

Another big concern with Weebly is that its analytics capability is not so powerful while its dashboard reporting suffers a hit too.

Shopify is a full-featured eCommerce framework with all the great tools you need to cater to your large store or even a small store's needs. Advanced payment flexibility with more than 70 methods and different currencies keep you ahead of the curve.

Get out of the illusion of cheap pricing

Weebly being a cheaper alternative to any eCommerce platform, it rapidly draws the attention of merchants in the very first place. However, to sell products, merchants must upgrade to paid plans. Pay more as you are intended to sell more than 25 products. More monetary challenges sweep over Starter and Pro Plan subscribers because they need to pay 3% transactional fees while also suffering for not having their checkout domain.

With any of Shopify's paid plans, merchants can sell unlimited products. Weebly is fairly-priced, but it does not get every merchant the flexibility of an SSL certificate which is standard in all Shopify's plans. All you need to do is upgrade to the Business Plan. Small businesses need a serious thought here.

Shopify Migration : Bursting the Myths

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Moving from Weebly to Shopify : Get to know your options

Shopify migration is a productive decision that gives you an edge in the eCommerce realm. Take the most advanced steps to make your business profitable.


Manual Migration

If you believe you have enough first-hand experience to work across Shopify migration and to migrate from Weebly to Shopify, you can make this move. Don't forget to complete the whole task hurriedly.


Assisted Migration

Assisted migration procedures take the lead since they help you perform a successful Shopify migration effortlessly. No matter, if you lack technical competencies, HulkApps makes it super easy for you.

Hire a Migration Team

What data can be transferred from Weebly to Shopify?

Shopify - Help


  • Rapid Shopify Recurring Orders
  • Pixel perfect
  • Mirror Design
Shopify - Help


  • Bulk upload
  • Manually Add
  • Copy Options
Shopify - Help


  • Migrate existing apps
  • Integrate New Apps
  • Custom App Solution
Shopify - Help


  • Copy over
  • Map With Customers
  • Set Order Status
Shopify - Help


  • Bulk upload
  • Notify Customers
  • Re-Activate Profile
Shopify - Help


  • Pages
  • Content
  • Media Files
Shopify - Help


  • Import reviews
  • Map With Products
  • Review App Integration
Shopify - Help


  • Speed improvement
  • 301 SEO Redirection
  • Webmaster - Analytics

Weebly to Shopify Migration- Pre-Migration Tips

Migration brings with it a whole lot of risks. One can avoid it by taking advantage of dedicated Shopify migration services. Check our migration tips prior to jumpstarting your project.


Content Transfer

It is imperative to get yourself acquainted with the general settings of Shopify in case you choose to migrate your Weebly website to Shopify manually. Remember, when transferring your content, they must be placed into CSV files.


Store access information

Before you begin the Shopify migration, ensure you have store access information. It includes store admin panel access, API password, and FTP access. Now, you can choose your plan and install Shopify.


Use 301 Redirects

URLs between Weebly and new platform Shopify can be different. Forget not to use 301 or permanent redirects. This forwards any ranking signals to the new Shopify site. Or else, you land your users to Pages Not Found or (404s).

Critical Post-Migration Tips

Switch Domain

Transfer your domain to Shopify by editing the DNS settings. When you are ready to switch from Weebly to Shopify, ensure the transfer happens during the lowest traffic time. Hence, run this switch at midnight.

Shut Weebly

If it is more than 30 days post-migration and you observe healthy traffic to your new Shopify eCommerce site, it is time to shut down the Weebly eCommerce website. If you neglect, the old checkouts may create fulfillment issues with the new site.

Make Shopify migration happen with HulkApps

HulkApps has successfully migrated customers to Shopify from a range of platforms and recognizes all the elements that make a successful migration possible. Our team features Shopify migration experts that will guide you through every step of the process, from a careful evaluation of your current data mapping to data monitoring on Weebly, ensuring that the migration is easy and error-free.

Let the migration begin!

Checklist for Migrating your online store to Shopify

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