A High-performance Shopify theme is what you need to build your store no matter what your niche is. Shopify Booster theme customization package is filled with powerful eCommerce sales tools that can satisfy every merchant’s needs.

Booster Theme Shopify is perfect for any online store- jewelry, pet, kitchen, and CBD. If your business serves any of the above services, Booster Theme can match your Shopify store at ease. Interestingly, Booster theme gives an extended list of eCommerce sales features and tools that make your Shopify store highly customizable and functional.

Dynamic Booster Theme Features

  • Product Upsell & Cross-sell:
    Best for increasing average order value and saving on additional advertising cost
  • Facebook Messenger Chat:
    Direct customer communication to provide support and a seamless shopping experience
  • Sales Proof Social Notifications:
    Efficient to create social proof for sales created and encourage more sales
  • Direct to Checkout:
    Shortened customer buying journey and easy to skip the cart page
  • Advanced Product Filtering:
    Advanced product search by brand, size, color, and many more parameters
  • Built for Large Catalog:
    Efficiently suits large stores with a huge volume of products
  • Countdown Timer:
    This is a feature you can add to create urgency in your customers and drive them to the checkout page instantly. The countdown timer works in real-time, creating a fear of missing sense for Shopify buyers. You can place it anywhere across the product page, add to cart, and checkout page.
  • Create Additional Impulsiveness:
    Countdown timer gives you an added advantage to create a sense of urgency at a core level. Display urgency like- number of people surfing the product, stock left in inventory, and more.
  • Frequently Bought Together:
    Your product page can showcase related products bought together options by collections, tags, and type. Shopify Booster Theme gives you the ability to personalize your product and put them up for cross-sell or upsell. It is better for increasing the average order value.
  • Free-shipping optimized:
    Booster theme Shopify can sync with the Shopify checkout page to determine eligibility for free shipping on products purchased in your store. It can ensure fast checkout by offering automated free shipping items and turn your Shopify Buy Now button into a Free Gift Button.
  • Smart Mega Menu:
    You can make product search flexible and easy for your customers without having to create an impact upon the store speed. Also, you can add discounts inside your product.
  • GDPR Bar:
    It is easier with Booster Shopify theme customization to avoid any legal issues and give your customers the confidence to shop with you. GDPR cookie bar keeps your customer information safe and entices them to shop with you.
  • Currency Converter:
    Booster Theme has a Geo-IP-based currency converter. It can detect the country and convert all of your price value into appropriate currency. You can deal with more than 180 currencies internationally.

Booster Theme - Perfect for Diverse Shopify Needs

Your store built with Booster Theme can leverage extensive customization services from Shopify experts-HulkApps. Check what best fits your current needs.

Set Up the Mega Menu

As part of Booster Shopify theme customization, you can set up your menu in your store.

1. Go to the Shopify admin. Go to Online Store > Navigation.

2. Click the title of the menu.

3. To add to the header, you can choose a new menu to be your header or create from the existing menu. Use # to add a link to your menu.

4. Click the Add menu item.

5. Name your menu and add a link to the destination page.

6. Drag to and fro to place the menu as desired.

7. Click the Save button to save the menu.

You can customize your menu based on what items you need to run your store.

Your menu items can include-

  • Webpages
  • Collections
  • Products
  • Blogs or blog posts

Apart from menu customization, you can also customize your header logo, header strip message, support mail, and contact number too.

Customizing Home Page in Booster Theme Shopify

Booster Theme Shopify

1. Go to the Shopify Admin

2. Select Themes

3. Choose customize button.

4. From the main menu, you can select the Action Bar. If it is not added to the dashboard, you can get it from the Add Section. Click the button.

When looking for Shopify Booster Theme, there are multitudes of versions depending on the functionality you want for your store.

Change Menu Link Color

1. Follow the above process until the ‘select customize button.’

2. From Theme settings, select the color option.

3. Navigate to the Action Bar.

4. Choose your desired menu color.

HulkApps Shopify Booster Theme Customization Services

At any point of time, all Shopify merchants can handle issues with Booster theme downtime. Booster Shopify theme support is always available at hand for you.

However, as a merchant, you must know the Booster theme does not provide customization services. HulkApps Shopify experts have extensive experience in customizing your Shopify store. Choose customization services that include,

  • Setting up a footer
  • Setting up a timer countdown section
  • Configuring discounts and offers
  • Setting up payment gateways
  • Configuring checkout page

HulkApps Shopify experts utilize expertise to create custom designs for your store, which is aptly optimized for mobile devices to offer a seamless shopping experience for your users at any time of the day.

HulkApps has a flexible Booster theme Shopify customization package for your specific requirements.

Should you leverage Booster Theme or not, the decision you can make based on the booster theme review available.

Note - Booster License is mandatory to have an extended level of customization for your Shopify store. Buy a license today and have HulkApps Shopify experts to customize your store.

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Shopify Booster Theme Customization Package to Increase Additional Functionality

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Shopify Booster Theme Customization Package to Increase Additional Functionality

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