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Make ordering simple and swift for your regular or recurring customers with our app. Reorder Master App lets your customers quickly reorder products from their favorite brands in less than 10 seconds for a great shopping experience.
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About Reorder Master

Allow your customers to re-order with a single click. Enhance your business with the enhanced engagement of your Customers!!

Instead of going through the process of adding the same products in their next purchase, let them re-order. All they have to do is click a reorder button in shopify from their order-history (my profile) page. If your product line contains items that need regular replenishment – such as how to sell supplements, replacement parts, pet products, home maintenance, etc – then Reorder Master is perfect for you!

Simple Re-order App, a free Reorder shopify app has come up with a facility of placing previously placed orders again, regardless of status at e-store. The app automatically places a button on the My Profile page, allowing users to re-order the items of an existing order, in a few clicks. Let customers quickly reorder products from their favorite brands in less than 10 seconds for a great shopping experience.

Reorder Master App lets you:
1. Give users the ability to reorder an entire order

Shopify Reorder Master App is meant to subvert that increasingly ingrained search shopping process for regular use items. Hit a button and get the last-placed order placed again!

2. Ability to update placed order

Buyers can pick undesirable products out of their basket, at the same time update the number of products to order.

3. Offer a basic discount for people who are ordering

Give a discount on repeat order with your Discount coupon via custom popup.

4. Choose the re-direct landing page

Set where the user has to be taken when the re-order button is clicked. Options available are the Shopping Cart Page or Checkout page.

5. Save order details

Reorder App saves products, shipping, and payment information for consumers so they can reorder products whenever they need them, on the go.

6. Allow users to exclude-include any items from the entire order

Include/exclude and increase/decrease the quantity of the products from the basket before adding into the cart.

Custom message field

Add a discount message to show when clicking on the reorder button or Icon.

Reorder Master App is great for:
  • Retailers selling basic, utility items like cleaning products, or toiletries, etc.
  • Merchants with subscription-based products
How does it work?

Instead of going back to the products page, login and place order of the products you wish to repeat the order, customers can now entirely re-order the whole products in just one click. Simply the buyer has to move onto My Accounts page, Reorder button appears next to each placed order and beside View button, click on Reorder button and just after this, it will redirect you to cart page.

Outstanding Features:
  • Separate "reorder" section
  • User-friendly configuration
  • Fits all Shopify themes
  • Responsive on all devices
  • Analytics integrated
  • Additional note option with reorders.

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