Removal of Powered By Shopify text from Shopify themes

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While you store every detail from the header images down to the footer, text on your site is considered to how potential customers view your brand. Building a Shopify-powered online store allows you to build an online presence, despite your inventory size easily.

Every Shopify store displays the text “Powered by Shopify" in the footer by default. And the most asked question is a how to remove Powered by Shopify from a Shopify website. The text is meant to let you inform your store visitors that you run your site with the Shopify eCommerce platform. 

To provide your site visitors with an optimal shopping experience, that is, with the Shopify platform's high-powered, user-friendly options, you can remove the Powered by Shopify text from your footer page and password page. 

Whether you want to remove the text on the front page of your website or replace the content with something that builds more store credibility, connect with our Shopify experts to remove Powered by Shopify text.

Our dedicated Shopify customization team works hard to run your business smoothly without interruptions. Also, taking advantage of the removal of the Powered by Shopify text, we help our customers build customizations that will support growing your sales and services. 

Benefits with HulkApps Shopify service:

When you work with HulkApps, you get a passionate in-house team of Shopify experts to work your requirements. With transparency and a dedicated project manager assigned to work, you can easily manage every step of your customization request.

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What's included
  • Remove the Powered by Text via Edit Code
  • Remove the Powered by Text via Edit Language
  • Replace Powered by Shopify with your content

More about the removal of Powered by Shopify text

Whether it's the main menu or body of the page or footer, every factor of your store influences your customer in their purchase journey. Removing or editing the "Powered by Shopify" content will allow you to add your brand style.

While the "Powered By Shopify" does not affect how you streamline your operation, it showcases that your store is built using Shopify. And that might draw visitors away from your store and brand, especially the "Powered by Shopify" for a new store owner. If you want to DIY, read our blog on How to remove powered by Shopify with simple steps.

The removal of "Powered by Shopify" with HulkApps Shopify experts will reduce the trouble that causes a cluttered footer or user interface. The attractive looks and unmatched functionality from HulkApps Shopify customization service will make your online store more responsive while maintaining a professional design.

Whether simply tweaking or building a custom app, we intend to help established brands evolve and discover new opportunities to connect with their audience. Furthermore, removing the powered by Shopify text opens up better store creation opportunities.

Whether you want to remove the Powered by Shopify text via Edit code or Edit language, our Shopify experts can easily remove the Powered by Shopify tag. For assistance on editing a paid Shopify theme or free Shopify theme, contact our Shopify support team directly.

Final thoughts:

The display of "Powered by Shopify" text can be detrimental to the success of a blog or online store. Thus, connect with our Shopify customization experts to remove the "Powered by Shopify" label in your store's footer.

Beyond just working on removing Powered by Shopify text, our Shopify experts help you with Shopify theme customization, extensions, and adding custom functionalities. Our Shopify solutions are often built to help you expand your creativeness growth without running into issues.

Removal of Powered By Shopify text from Shopify themes

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It is the default text placed in every store by Shopify to let people know that you are using the Shopify platform.
You can remove the text by heading to the Edit Language option in your Admin setting and later search for the term Powered by and delete the "This shop will be powered by {{ shopify }}" and click Save. If any help is needed, do contact our support team. 
You can remove the text by heading to the Edit Language/ Edit Code option in your Admin setting and later follow the steps explained in our blog. If any help is needed, do contact our support team. 
In the Shopify Admin, select Edit Code and find the footer.liquid in the section folder. Later, search for Powered by, delete the entire line, and click Save. If you need any help, connect with our Shopify experts. 
You can remove the "Powered by Shopify" link from your footer by editing your theme code, finding the Sections folder, opening footer.liquid, and deleting the "Powered By" line.

Similar to the Debut Shopify theme, you can remove the powered by text by heading to Online Store > Edit Language and later searching for Powered by text in the search translations box.

From your Shopify admin, go to Edit language under Actions, and in the Search translations box, type powered and delete in the Powered by Shopify box and save. 

In the Shopify Admin, find the footer.liquid in the section folder, search for Powered by link, and delete the entire line to remove the powered by text.


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