Unleash the power of wishlist to increase sales and conversion. Allow customers to start saving their favorites to the feature-rich wishlist in Shopify for sharing and viewing later.

Key Features of the Shopify Advanced Wishlist App

Personalize every journey with our must-have Advanced Wishlist App

Shopify - Color picker

Revenue Analytics

Generate and export reports for the revenue your customers generate from wishlisted items. Easily keep track of the data and adjust your business strategy accordingly.

Shopify - Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel for conversion tracking

Conversion Tracking

Seamlessly integrate your Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel and keep track of your conversions and new leads, all in one place.

Shopify - Mobile friendly

Mobile Responsive

Enables your customers to easily add items to their wishlists on the go while looking and working seamlessly on all mobile devices and platforms.

Shopify - Public wishlist product count

Public Wishlist Counter

The app displays the number of people who have wishlisted the products. This encourages more customers to add items to their wishlists. In other words, it acts as social proof that the product is extremely popular, which can lead to increased sales.

Shopify - Language control for text

Easy Translations

Easily customize the front-end text to fit your store’s look and feel. With an easy-to-navigate settings menu, you can fully customize and adjust all the front-end text fields to represent your store’s aesthetics and provide necessary information for your customers.

Shopify - Wishlist items with each variant

Wishlisting Product Variants

This feature supports all product types: simple products, simple products with custom options, configurable products, grouped products, bundle products, downloadable products, and virtual products.

Shopify - Selective Display

Selective Display

When you install the Advanced Wishlist App in your store, the add to wishlist button appears on all your products.

Selective Display allows you to exclude the wishlist button from specific product tags!

Shopify - Automated reminders emails

Automated Email Reminders

Get an email notification for your out-of-stock wishlisted products when they are available again! Or receive an email notification as a reminder for the shopping list (wishlisted items) for a planned upcoming event (wedding, baby shower, birthday, etc.)

Shopify - Export/Import existing wishlist and customers in CSV format

Export/Import in CSV

This feature helps users to export/import wishlist items into a CSV file, and they can decide how the wishlist items are exported. They can export all products in the wishlists or export by product SKUs, customer email, or customer group.

Shopify - Multiple customisable wishlist boards to organize choices

Multiple Wishlists

Allow your customers to have multiple wishlists and easily organize their choices. With this feature, they can name their wishlists and use them just like Pinterest boards to make their plans for purchases more efficiently.

Shopify - Fully customizable wishlist page

Fully Customize Wishlist Page

We understand that it is difficult for our merchants to simply embed anything into their store, especially when displaying anything on their store's front end. To address this, we developed a simple method for embedding the app and customizing it within your theme settings.

Shopify - Guest wishlist

Guest Wishlist

When it comes to displaying your wishlist icons, you have several options. This app is available for both registered and guest users, and it merges the guest lists after login. As a result, there will be no more forced logins. Users can now add products to their Wishlist and then return later to save the Wishlist.

Shopify - Guest wishlist

Easily Move to Cart

When customers wish to add a wishlisted item to their cart to purchase it, the app provides a "Move to Cart" option that allows you to move the wishlisted item directly to the cart without wasting another second.

Shopify - Share your wishlist with friends, family, and colleagues

Share Wishlists

Collaborative teams or groups of people may benefit from the ability to share a wishlist of products they are interested in. With a couple of clicks, you can choose where to share your Wishlist on numerous social media channels, such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc.

Create wishlist notifications and notify users about their wishlist activity

Notification Popup

Wishlist pop-up notificiations allow you to create personalized notifications with dynamic product images and titles, that are customizable, giving merchants the option to decide its desired placement.

Wishlist URL on my account page

Link to Account Page

Automatically add a Wishlist App in customers "My Account" page with one-click from the apps admin panel, so customers can directly visit their saved favorites at any given time.

Big Brands That Trust the Advanced Wishlist App

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About The Advanced Shopify Wishlist App

Let your customer gather their favorite items under a single roof!

Advanced Wishlist helps your business in many ways. It allows your customers to collect all of their favorites in one place! They can collect and organize their favorite products so that they can compare them and make the decision that is best for them.

With Advanced Wishlist, there is a smaller chance for buyer's remorse and a bigger chance for increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Don't make your shoppers waste their time on your website looking for their favorite products, especially if they have already found them. Enable your customers the option to save their favorites to the Wishlist and never forget about them again. The best part is that they can easily access them and make the purchase without any hassle.

With Our Advanced Shopify Wishlist App, you can:
  • Wishlist your favorite item with a single click
  • Customize the look and feel of your brand and language
  • Add products to your Wishlist from anywhere. (Homepage, Collection, Product, Quick View, Related Products or Cart)
  • Create easy Wishlist button placement
  • Add each variant to the Wishlist
  • Display product count in Wishlist
  • Export/Import your Wishlist in CSV
  • Use it with any Shopify theme
  • Have extended support

We made this app to be used by stores that sell a wide variety of products to a wide range of customers. But, no matter how different customers are from one another, they all have one thing in common - they want the best for themselves. They want to make sure that they make the right decision before going through the checkout process. And the Wishlist app helps with it.

We made this app so that it doesn’t force customers to make a purchase. It allows them to navigate the site better and contribute to their overall experience.

Here are some of our tips on how to use this app:
  • Allow customers to name their Wishlists and make multiple lists. This will contribute to that personalized shopping experience.
  • Include share buttons so customers can share their Wishlists with friends and family. Who knows, maybe aunt Gretchen loves your products, but she never had the opportunity to find them and buy them. Now she can.
  • Plan your email and PPC campaigns around Wishlists so customers can take advantage of special deals.
  • Make a Wishlist option easily accessible on your website. Otherwise, what’s the point?
  • Check that your Wishlists are mobile-compatible because it’s never been easier to do so.

Oh, and another thing. The Wishlist App is proactive!

That’s right. Wishlist can do an excellent job for you even after the buyer chooses the product and puts it to the Wishlist.

In the case that the customer didn’t buy the product(s) from their Wishlist, you can set up the following reminder emails:
  • Auto reminder email. The customer will receive an email if the product is not purchased. You can set up the time between the customer adding the product to the Wishlist and receiving the email.
  • Restock reminder email. If the product the customer decided to Wishlist is unavailable at the moment, Wishlist can automatically send a reminder email the moment that the product is restocked.
  • Price drop reminder email. Maybe the customer wanted the product badly but couldn’t afford it? Make their day and notify your customers when the price drops. You can even manage the exact price difference between the original and new prices, which will trigger the email.
  • Low stock reminder email. Don’t miss the opportunity to make some sales based on FOMO. For years this has worked as one of the best sales practices, and there is no reason it wouldn’t work with your shop. Set everything up, so the email gets sent automatically when a product drops below “x” items available.

But that’s not all. Here is the list of all the things we didn’t mention:
  • Social Sharing Across Facebook, Twitter, Etc. To Grow Your Traffic and Conversion
  • Custom Page Wishlist Links
  • Globally Accessible Wishlist (Homepage, Collection, Product, Quick View, Related Products, or Cart)
  • Manage Wishlist for Guest Users. No More Forced Login
  • Language Customization
  • Powerful Analytical Dashboard
  • Google Analytics Event/Conversion Tracking
  • Detailed Wishlist Generated Revenue Report
  • Detailed Insights on Active Customers
  • Facebook Pixel Code Implementation
  • Advanced Email Customization
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Get more out of the Advanced Shopify Wishlist App/Use Cases

Different ways you can utilize the Advanced Shopify Wishlist App

Advanced Wishlist Integrations

Shopify - Shopify - HulkApps Mobile App Builder
Hulk Mobile App Builder Integration

The best thing about HulkApps must be the ecosystem we have created by correlating our apps together.

One of the best possibilities is creating an ecommerce store mobile app that can be connected with various apps like our Advanced Wishlist App.

Shopify - Shopify - HulkApps Mobile App Builder
Klaviyo Integration

Klaviyo integration enables you to automatically collect wishlist data for your Shopify store and you can create personalized campaigns & flows based on tracking events.

We support many triggers and some of them are: wishlist reminders, wishlisted low-on-stock items, price drop alerts, and more.

Shopify - Shopify - HulkApps Mobile App Builder
Social Media Integrations

Facebook - Sharing wishlists on the Facebook feed or story, with the option of tagging friends and family.

Instagram - Sending items on your wishlist to friends/family through DMs.

Twitter, Pinterest and email are among the many other possibileties where your shoppers will be able to share their wishlists.

Advanced Wishlist App in Numbers

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Frequently Asked Questions

Currently, we have four plans with different app usage quotas starting from 1,000 items, 10,000 items, 50,000 items, and up to unlimited items. The app will keep track of each wishlist activity and compare it to your app's plan limit. If there is a Wishlist allocation breach, the app will be disabled on your site until the plan is upgraded to include a higher plan.

If you exceed your total allocated limits, there will be no impact on your existing Wishlist settings. You will still be able to access your wishlist data. The wishlist button will continue to appear on your store's pages, but users will not be able to view items in their wishlists.

The “Multiple Wishlist” feature is available in our application. To enable this feature and allow your customers to create multiple wishlists, head to the application’s Settings tab > General settings > Enable the feature.

To enable this feature and provide your customers with the ability to share their wishlist, head to the application Settings tab > Layout appearance > Scroll down > Share button section > Click on Show/hide button

It is possible to update your customers in case of changes to the product they have on their wishlist. To enable this feature, head to the application Settings tab > Email settings > Enable the features.


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