Shopify Mobile App Builder Integrates WhatsApp Communication

Want to know the best places to buy coffee? How about searching through google (losing the way through loads of options) or, let's say, asking your favorite brand through their WhatsApp's customer service to narrow down the options for you quickly.

We all know the choice, we’ll pick. 

Whether you are offering products or services or both, for customers to find relevant information takes time, and this is the point where you risk losing your business altogether.

Although you might offer live support over the phone, emails, which is costly, plus it falls short of providing the best customer expectations. As consumers prefer to engage with a brand over private messaging channels than traditional channels. Therein, you need to be on the channels they're on.

To help you deliver those expectations, plus ensure customer satisfaction and long-term loyalty, we are proud to say that HulkApps launches Shopify Mobile App Builder integration with WhatsApp business solution.

Revolutionize user experience by extending your store

Shopify WhatsApp integration immediately connects your customers with your brand. This instant messaging app integration with your Shopify Mobile App Builder will instantly lead to qualifying opportunities for upselling and building deeper connections.

Additionally, with WhatsApp's presence in over 180 countries worldwide, the WhatsApp integrations with mobile app builder Shopify offer a high-value add to customers to communicate with your brand.

Why is WhatsApp integration with Shopify Mobile App Builder required?

  • You can make sure you are giving them the best experience each time, every time!
  • You can fulfill urgent requirements by helping your customers find the perfect piece of content without ever leaving the conversation.
  • You can immediately respond to queries or content feedback in your preferred way.

How to Activate the Integration?

Shopify WhatsApp integration will allow your customers to opt-in to receive notifications on things they want updates on – such as purchase receipts, shipping changes.

To enable the integration, all you need to do is to share your WhatsApp Business Account Number with our team. As you sit back and relax, our Shopify support team will get the Shopify WhatsApp integration done successfully.

Simple as it sounds, this integration will help you do cross-marketing by helping you drop in rich media – such as images–right into the conversation, plus answer the queries.

Efficiently win more deals by utilizing the
WhatsApp integrations with Mobile App Builder Shopify

Benefits of the Integration

  • You can leverage it as a customer service channel.
  • You can share updates and news and get qualified leads.
  • You can get product reviews at the customer's convenience.

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